Lose weight without cravings

Lose weight without cravings

Lose weight without cravings

Lose weight without cravings you can think about food. These strategies can help. When it comes to losing weight, food cravings are the biggest problem. They literally attack you and destroy all successes. How to successfully fight cravings.

You have made the decision to lose weight and are motivated. But all of a sudden you can only think about food and are you really hungry? Food cravings are quite insidious and sabotage any dieting effort. Lose weight without cravings

Above all, the appetite seems to have no limits – gummy bears, chocolate, chips or fast food are suddenly incredibly delicious. And that, even though you’ve eaten enough and varied food throughout the day? This is a typical food craving.

We will show you what binge eating is all about and what your body is signaling to you with it. We also have tips for you on how to stop cravings for healthy foods or, best of all, avoid them directly.

This is how you lose weight without cravings

So that you don’t get hungry in the first place, we have the following tips for you:

  • Eating Regularly: Regular mealtimes prevent long gaps between meals. Your body will quickly get used to the fixed times and with it the feeling of hunger.
  • Drink water: Thirst is often confused with hunger. To avoid this, the first thing you should do when you first feel hungry is drunk a glass of water. Water has no calories and most people don’t drink enough on average.
  • Regular Exercise: After weeks on the couch, the hunger for some exercise is huge. Although exercise burns calories, it curbs appetite in the long run.
  • Tea against appetite: Tea can curb appetite, especially green tea and peppermint. The hot drink provides warmth and liquid and suppresses the appetite for unhealthy snacks. 
  • Proteins instead of sugar: Sugar leads to a roller coaster ride of blood sugar and thus to cravings. A high-protein diet provides your body with plenty of energy without messing up blood sugar levels. Instead of eating a crepe, opt for chicken, beans, and quark.
  • Self-Reflection: If you feel the need to snack, observe yourself and try to figure out why. Have you eaten too little during the day, are you stressed or do you have grief? Make sure you stick to your fixed meals and try not to be tempted by emotions.

Healthy snacks against cravings

Everyone sometimes has the urge to eat some treats. Some foods can curb this urge to eat:

  • Rolled oats: The miracle flakes are super quick to prepare and with a little honey and fresh fruit they are incredibly tasty – and filling!
  • Grapefruit: Whether sliced ​​or pressed, grapefruit is very healthy and the bitter taste curbs the appetite for sweets.
  • Chewing gum or brushing your teeth: If you haven’t eaten in a long time, chewing can increase hunger. Immediately after eating, however, it gives you fresh breath and the taste prevents a sweet dessert.
  • Water: It cannot be stressed enough. Water quenches appetite and has no calories. You often forget to drink enough.

This is why cravings arise

Appetite for certain foods can have a variety of causes. Thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger. We then treat ourselves to a snack instead of a drink. 


Snacks like candy bars raise our blood sugar levels. Our body responds by releasing insulin. The blood sugar level drops again and we get the feeling of low blood sugar again and treat ourselves to another snack. Lose weight without cravings


Hormones also influence our hunger and appetite: In the case of lack of sleep, stress, and frustration, hormones are released that stimulate our appetite. 

On a stressful day, we are so distracted that we don’t let our hunger have a say. Only when we come to rest does hunger show up – but then with all our might. There is no more time to cook healthily.

After a hard day, our minds like to trick us into thinking we have to reward ourselves with unhealthy food. However, frustrating eating is harmful to health, and fitness, and the consequences of losing weight.


Cravings for very specific products can indicate a nutrient deficiency. The body senses the lack and tries to compensate for it with appetite. The urge to eat chocolate can be due to the magnesium in raw cocoa. An appetite for cheese can indicate a lack of calcium, salt, or vitamin B12. In this case, you only have to exchange unhealthy snacks for healthy food that contains the appropriate nutrients. Lose weight without cravings


A persistently insatiable appetite that is bothering the affected person should be clarified by a doctor. The cravings can be due to a mental or physical disorder.

People with eating disorders or depression often experience food cravings. Many people with migraines also experience food cravings as a harbinger of a particularly severe headache.

Physical disorders can also affect appetites, such as thyroid disorder, a metabolic disorder, or diabetes. Lose weight without cravings

You should consult a doctor if you experience the following signs:

  • Constant hunger pangs, high-calorie intake, and still weight loss
  • Persistent feelings of stress, nervousness, or depressive mood
  • Constant feelings of hunger together with intestinal problems
  • Cravings before severe headaches and blurred vision appear
  • Induced vomiting after a food craving
  • Severe overweight
  • Daily food cravings

Cravings show up in a number of ways


The occasional craving for chips and other salty treats isn’t a cause for concern just yet. However, a constant craving for salty foods could be due to adrenal disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a thyroid disorder. In addition, a lack of minerals and trace elements can affect the appetite for salty foods. A mineral deficiency can be caused, among other things, by heavy sweating, many unhealthy meals, lack of sleep, and long breaks from eating.

The craving for cheese is particularly noteworthy: if there is a calcium deficiency, the appetite for cheese increases.


When our body is hypoglycemic, we crave sweets. With the treats, we quickly drive our blood sugar levels up and have calmed our bodies for a short time. In addition, our body releases the happiness hormone serotonin when we eat sweets, making the chocolate bar even more tempting.

In addition to the food cravings caused by low blood sugar, there are simply bad habits. Anyone who eats chocolate every night does not suffer from cravings but has trained in a bad habit. Lose weight without cravings

interpret signals from the body

Although food cravings are annoying, they can give us information about what our body needs and what it is lacking. We have put together a list for you that you can use to classify your hunger for unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthy products.

cravings up what the body needs Healthy craving snacks
Sweets (gummy bears etc.) glucose Bananas, nuts, (little) dried fruit
cake glucose Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products
Fried food (fries, schnitzel, etc.) energy, fatty acids Bread with avocado, fish (e.g. mackerel)
Cheese Vitamins A, B12, Calcium, Energy, Electrolytes Cheese (no cheese preparations!), broccoli, salmon
Fast food (pizza, burgers, etc.) salt, energy Vegetables, hummus, nuts, boiled eggs
meat iron, vitamin B1 Legumes, pumpkin seeds, broccoli
apples Vitamin C, liquid Apples, citrus fruits, water with lemon juice
snack food Salt Olives, salted bread
potatoes vitamin K, potassium Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Rice

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