“Start over”: how the series ended

The Russian melodrama “Start Over” was presented on the Domashny channel in 2024. The film was about the fate of the heroine, who managed to enter the same river twice and become happy.

How the series “Start Over” ended and a brief description of the 4 episodes is in the material of AttireMag .

Brief story

The main character, a successful architect Natalya Kolevanova ( Evgeniya Weiss ), works in the capital in a prestigious company, where the boss Kirill ( Viktor Mikhailov ) appreciates her professionalism. He also likes the girl as a woman, but Natalya rejects the boss’s advances.

“Start over”: how the series ended
Still from the series “Start Over.” Photo: Kino-Theater

She is happily married to Ilya. But one day a girl meets him in the company of a young companion. A couple walks through the park with a baby stroller. This is how Kolevanova finds out that she now has no family. Each hero begins his own life. The girl decides to change her fate and for this she goes to the city of her childhood.

How did the series “Start Over” end?

Chief Kirill is also going to Kaminsk with her. He explains his business trip by saying that he needs to communicate with his new client. But in fact, the manager wanted to be alone with the girl he likes.

In her hometown, Natasha has business ahead of her. Her aunt Antonina Petrovna (Alla Malkova) is going to issue a deed of gift for her niece. To do this, she invited her to stay for a while.

Kirill checks into a hotel, where he meets its owner Galina ( Inna Sopina ). She likes an impressive entrepreneur from the capital. But the best room, in which Kirill is located, does not reach the level of a suite in all respects. Cold water immediately disappears from the tap. Moreover, in the dining room he is served a tasteless lunch.

“Start over”: how the series ended
Still from the series “Start Over.” Photo: Kino-Theater

But Kirill was determined to survive all the trials in order to take the chance and get closer to Natalya. But the girl is busy with her problems. She hasn’t seen her aunt for 15 years. Antonina Petrovna helped the girl survive the death of her parents in an accident.

In her youth, Natasha dated Alexey Chubarov ( Rodion Galyuchenko ). The girl became pregnant from him, but at that moment she was already in Moscow, where she was entering university. She told the guy about this, but he did not believe that his beloved remained faithful to him. For Natasha it was a heavy blow. The pregnancy turned out to be ectopic. She had surgery and lost the opportunity to have children.

In the city of her youth, Kolevanova spends all her free time with Kirill. He confesses his love to her and calls her back to Moscow. Natalya cannot leave: her aunt admits that she has cancer. This episode of the series “Start Over” ends with the girl deciding to stay with Antonina Petrovna to help with the treatment.

A boy, Matvey (Arseniy Legkov), periodically comes to see Aunt Natalya. He lives nearby, and Natalya immediately finds a common language with him. The boy talks about how his mother is in the hospital and his father is working on shift. Matvey is being raised by his grandmother. But she is also busy at work, and they see each other only in the evening and early in the morning.

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Natasha becomes friends with the boy. He is walking with a dog that recently appeared in their house. The girl helps him open his own YouTube channel, where the guy talks about raising a dog. Their relationship helps Matvey feel more confident.

At the hospital, where Natalya comes with her aunt, she meets a boy and his grandmother. In the woman, the girl recognizes Alexei’s mother and understands that the boy is Alexei’s son. She understands that the child’s mother is lying in the ward. The woman is being cared for by nurse Larisa, who has long had her eye on Alexei. After Tatyana died, Natasha remains with Alexei.

Natalya understands that she will not be able to build a relationship with Alexei. She agrees to marry Kirill. They start living together. This episode of Beginning Over ends with the couple returning to Moscow. But thoughts about Alexei and Matvey do not let her go.

Alexey learns that the girl was unable to give birth in her youth and that his mother corresponded with Natalya and asked her not to return to the city again. Alexey realizes that he continues to love Natalya.

Still from the series “Start Over.” Photo: Kino-Theater

In the finale, he refuses to marry Larisa. Alexey goes to the capital to see Natalya. He appears at her wedding, where he offers to leave with him. At the end of the film, the girl goes with her lover. She stays with him. As a result, they go together to their hometown, where Matvey is waiting for them.

Did you know that…

  • The film was directed by Kira Angelina. Previously, she filmed the films “Rewrite Love” , “Bridesmaids”.
  • The project was produced by AVK Production.
  • Filming of the series “Start Over” ended in 2023.


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