“Waiting for the Sun”: how the Turkish series ended

“Waiting for the Sun”: how the Turkish series ended

The Turkish series “ Waiting for the Sun ” was released in 2013 and became a launching pad for many young artists in the country. The story of love and betrayal, jealousy and fidelity is told in easy language and ends with a happy ending.


How the series “Waiting for the Sun” ended and a brief description of the 54 episodes is in the material Attiremag .

Brief story

The main characters of the story, Demet (Ebru Aykac) and her daughter Zeynep ( Hande Dogandemir ), live in a small town where the mother has her own shop. With this money they eke out a modest existence, but one day their lives change after the arrival of a female friend, Zhale (Deniz Türker), in the city. She works in Istanbul, at the university, where she invites Zeynep to come and study. Mother and daughter decide to take advantage of this chance for a new life. The main character gets a job at a university.

How did the series “Waiting for the Sun” end?

At a new place, Zeynep meets classmates, including the spoiled Kerem ( Kerem Bursin ). An unspoken war begins between them. The girl arranged it so that the young man’s car got painted, for which he decided to take revenge on her.

“Waiting for the Sun”: how the Turkish series ended
Still from the series “Waiting for the Sun.” Photo: Kinopoisk

Zhale begins to experience serious health problems. She hides this information from her loved ones. Zhale’s friend orders a dress from Demet. The main character falls into the hands of Kerem’s cronies. She is left alone, with her hands tied, on the ride. Suddenly a fire breaks out, which was not part of Kerem’s plans.

The girl gets out of the ambush and goes to her opponent’s home. But after a quarrel with his parents, he runs out of the house, and together they go by car. Zeynep almost died several times during the evening because of Kerem and remained angry with him.

The main character studies with Ceyhan (Emre Kınay), whom Demet met in her youth. After one of the school days, the girl’s mother and the teacher meet. But due to a quarrel with Kerem, he is fired. Zeynep takes his side. Melis (Yagmur Tanrisevsin), Ceyhan’s daughter, is trying to find dirt on Zeynep.


The girl manages to return the teacher to school. But Kerem is upset: his parents are going to send him to the USA to study. After the physical teacher appears, the parents’ plans collapse.

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Zeynep participates in competitions on a yacht. But Melis gets there and wants to harm her rival. After some time, the girl disappears from the ship. Kerem starts searching for Zeynep. He understands that if he doesn’t find her within 24 hours, he will have to tell his mother everything. The teenagers find a ruse, and classmate Yagmur (Merve Hazer) calls Demet and says that she has a daughter.

Zeynep is there. Kerem starts dating Melis. But everywhere he meets a visiting classmate. Together they prepare a cake for Jale, who went to chemotherapy. Melis is offended by Kerem, but after a quarrel they stay together. Jalet decides to go to the USA to undergo treatment. Barysh is looking for the truth about his family.

Zeynep organizes an auction for the poor at school to help her friend Yagmur. But Kerem receives a video with the girl’s secret and puts it on public display. Yagmur wants to take revenge on the guy. There is a reshuffle in the team: Kerem takes the place of Barış (Ismail Ege Şaşmaz), who was injured. His father dies; Demet is blamed for his death. The woman is detained. Near Barış’s house, Kerem sees a suspicious man. He pursues the stranger, but he calls Ahmet (Hasan Şahinturk), who orders the matter to be completed.

“Waiting for the Sun”: how the Turkish series ended
Still from the series “Waiting for the Sun.” Photo: Kinopoisk

Barış wants to confess his love to Zeynep. The couple begins dating, but the guy does not dare to have a serious conversation. But the couple quarrels because of Begum (Nilai Deniz). Zeynep decides to break off relations with Barış. Jahan finds out that he is Zeynep’s father. The girl receives a gift from Barish. Kerem took part in choosing the gift. She realizes that she is in love with him, and the feeling is mutual.

A conflict arises between Axel and Kerem. They place bets on the teams’ match. If Kerem’s team wins, Axel will not receive anything, otherwise he will go on a date with Zeynep. There is a hitch in the game. Typhoon’s daughter (Gökhan Atalay) disappears.

During a date, the main character slips sleeping pills into Axel’s glass, but he switches the drinks. The companion hides the fallen girl in a container. Barış and Kerem go in search of their friend. After her girlfriend is found, Kerem sets out to get even with Axel (Ozan Osmanpasaolu). They fight, Kerem wins, but Axel decides to take revenge on him.


Zeynep is going to confess to Barış that he does not love him. But the guy gives her the gift that Kerem chose for him. Melis became interested in Axel. He begins to court her, but the girl starts dating Kerem again. The guys are quarreling. The episode of Waiting for the Sun ends with Jalet returning to town.

Melis becomes close to Zeynep. She asks her classmate to help improve her relationship with Kerem. The girl begins spying on her lover on social networks in order to identify possible rivals. She finds someone else’s earring from the guy. Zeynep still continues to pursue profit.

Ceyhan reveals to Zeynep that she is Melis’ sister. The girl demands an explanation from Demet. Mother and daughter are quarreling. Kerem is planning to go to the USA, which his parents do not like. The young man’s father is preparing a gift for him. But at the prom, Melis has an accident.

The main character runs away from home, after which she finds herself in an unfamiliar place. But an unknown person brings it to Kerem’s house. She meets with her father to talk. The girl learns that her chosen one knew this truth about her, but hid the information. Ceyhan ends up in the hospital, he is on the verge of death. Kerem, despite Zeynep’s confession, does not cancel the trip.

At school, quarrels begin between classmates. Without Kerem, Axel makes his own rules, which Barış and Zeynep do not like. Melis finds out about Kerem and Zeynep’s affair and becomes furious. The guys sort things out.

Can begins the hunt for Kerem. Axel’s sister likes the guy. The protagonist’s rival himself is going through a crisis with his family. The main character and her mother invite him to live at their home. Kerem is furious with jealousy. Axel realizes that he is falling in love with Melis.

Melis’ parents are going through difficult times. They are getting divorced. The girl stops eating due to nervousness and falls ill. She understands that she does not love Kerem.

Still from the series “Waiting for the Sun.” Photo: Kinopoisk

During graduation, a fire breaks out at the school. The main character falls into a fire trap, from where Gunes, Kerem’s twin brother, saves her. Axel’s father dies at the hands of Kerem’s father. He is arrested and convicted. The episode of the series “Waiting for the Sun” ends with the fact that during the investigation it is discovered that the murder of Barysh’s parents was also his doing.

Barysh got a job at Kerem’s mother’s company and achieved great heights in his career. He sympathizes with Begum, Axel’s sister. Güneş underwent surgery on his face. Axel, who started a fire at the school, also went to prison and served there for 2 years.

Demet stayed with Ceyhan, who continued to work as a coach. The woman opened a studio. They often take Ceyhan’s son away from Tülin (Gökçe Yanard). Melis and Zeynep made peace.

At the end of the film, Axel asks Melis and Kerem for forgiveness. They become friends. The guy starts dating Zeynep’s sister. They decide that they will be together.

Can was about to leave Istanbul, but because of his love for Yagmur, he changes his mind. They become husband and wife. In the finale, they already have two children, and the girl is expecting a third baby.

Zeynep and Kerem will also end up together. This couple is getting married. They have a daughter. Kerem’s father goes to prison. Güneş joins his family.

Did you know that…

  • The series was filmed at Mayer College, which has already become a favorite location among Turkish filmmakers. Later, work on the project “Offended Flowers” ​​was carried out here.
  • Filming of the series “Waiting for the Sun” ended in 2013.
  • The meaning of the name of the project refers to the situation in the family of Kerem, who lived without parental love, lost his older brother Gunesh, whose name translates as “sun”. His return and the beginning of a relationship with Zeynep mean a new life for each hero.


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