“Healers of Souls”: how the series ended

“Healers of Souls”: how the series ended

The Russian melodrama “Healers of Souls” was created in the audience’s favorite genre. The film is dedicated to helping man’s four-legged friends. It not only tells a romantic love story, but also shows touching stories related to animals.


How the series “Healers of Souls” ended and a brief description of the 4 episodes of the project is in the material of Attiremag .

Brief story

Traumatologist Oleg Romanov ( Anatoly Rudenko ) by chance becomes a doctor at a veterinary clinic. The young man is inspired by a new business; he likes to help four-legged pets. Alina ( Elena Polyanskaya ), whom Romanov likes, works here.

Still from the TV series “Healers of Souls”. Photo: Kino-Theater

But on the way to happiness, the couple has to overcome an obstacle. The animal clinic becomes a place where people meet and part, where destinies unite. There is a place for love and betrayal, duty and victory over difficulties.


How did the series “Healers of Souls” end?

The main character Oleg Romanov, a former trauma surgeon, quit the clinic and began to work by vocation – as a veterinarian. He considered the first cases of emergency animal care as a temporary activity. But the tailed patients inspired him with their gullibility. The young man decided to devote his life to this business.

The doctor takes his work responsibly. He appears at the hospital before everyone else, does not refuse to go out at night for complex cases, agrees to risky operations, and nurses patients himself. Romanov’s popularity among patients is growing, which can be seen in the number of appointments.

A girl named Alina works next to Oleg. Romanov falls in love with his colleague. She inspires him to new professional exploits. Dasha ( Lyubov Khatskevich ) and Anton (Andrey Piskarev) are planning a wedding. They go to the girl’s parents to discuss some details of the celebration. The bride dreams of a luxurious holiday, which seems inappropriate to her family.


Anton plans to become the head physician of a hospital branch, for this he decided to step over his father-in-law Valery Borisovich (Igor Klimov). The first thing he did was ask a senior colleague to reschedule the operation at an earlier time for the reason that the patient was his childhood friend.


Soon Valery Borisovich finds out that Anton took money for moving on the schedule. This episode of Soul Healers ended with the doctor forcing his employee to write a letter of resignation. Dasha arrives home and realizes that her fiance’s things are nowhere to be found. But she is only happy about this turn of events.

Still from the TV series “Healers of Souls”. Photo: Kino-Theater

Anton decided not to give up. He submitted his own candidacy in the competition for the vacant position. Valery Borisovich was dissatisfied with the behavior of his employee.

In the veterinary hospital, in addition to treating animals, meetings of lonely people take place. The man who found the poodle met his owner. An affair began between them.

Oleg is trying to get closer to Alina, who also likes the doctor. He fixes her car key fob and invites her to visit. But at this moment Romanov’s friend Lyusya (Tamara Mantsurova) runs into the room, thanking him for his help in his work. The girl throws herself on her friend’s neck, and Alina experiences pangs of jealousy.

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Lucy starts working with Oleg. But she sees that her friend is suffering from unrequited love for Alina. Lucy decides to help Romanov and sends his girlfriend a note with a declaration of love from him. Alina comes to the clinic and sees Oleg there, who also cannot sit at home.

At the end, buyers appear for the building where the veterinary clinic is located. They are going to purchase this premises, but the owners of the office refuse the businessmen. At night the hospital is set on fire. The episode of the series “Healers of Souls” ends with Romanov’s security dog ​​catching the criminal in hot pursuit.

The doctors decided to hold the arsonist until the police arrived. As a result, each hero tries to contribute to putting out the fire. All the animals inside are saved. In the finale, the fire is extinguished, and Alina, in a fit of joy, kisses Oleg. They stay together.

Did you know that…

  • As the lead actress Elena Polyanskaya admitted, she liked the script, in which the accents were correctly placed. At first, her character had long hair, and only at the request of the actress herself they changed her image by giving her a haircut.
  • Before working on the project, the artists completed an internship at a veterinary clinic and learned to use medical instruments.
  • The project for the Russia-1 channel was created by Star Media. The launch was announced in October 2021. Filming of the series “Healers of Souls” completed in 2022.
  • The second title of the film is “Tail Lovers.”
  • The work was carried out in the town of Dolgoprudny near Moscow.




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