The three wives of Boris Grachevsky: about the personal life of the head of Yeralash

The three wives of Boris Grachevsky: about the personal life of the head of Yeralash

On March 18, 2024, the founder of the film magazine “ Yeralash ” would have turned 75 years old. The director was considered a cheerful optimist, but the artistic director managed to find family well-being only on the third attempt.


Details of the personal life and wife of Boris Grachevsky are in the material of Attiremag .

First wife Galina Grachevskaya


He met his first wife, Galina Grachevskaya, shortly after serving in the army at the Central Film Studio of Children’s and Youth Films named after. Maxim Gorky . The student at the capital’s university was a year younger and did not immediately pay attention to the handyman who raved about cinema. But the boyfriend was persistent, and the girl’s heart melted.

They got married in 1970. At first they lived in a barracks on the outskirts of the capital, but with the advent of their son Maxim Grachevsky, the couple moved to the wife’s parents in a communal apartment. Seven years later, a daughter, Ksenia Grachevskaya, was born into the family .


In 1974, Grachevsky became the artistic director of Yeralash. The director received all-Union recognition: the audience adored him, his colleagues respected him. But as soon as her daughter grew up, Galina got bored. The husband did not have enough attention from his wife. Galina calmly perceived the achievements of her life partner. And in some moments she could show indifference to the work of her chosen one.

From the outside, the relationship seemed ideal, but after 35 years of marriage, a divorce followed, which came as a surprise. Boris Yuryevich did not name the specific reason for the breakup, but mentioned the loss of interest and indifference to him as an artist. He also said that “love is dead.”

Galina and Boris Grachevsky. Photo:

The set point did not break the connection between two close people. Grachevsky claimed that he continued to respect his first wife and would not allow Galina to be offended, despite the separation. Boris Yuryevich left the first family a dacha, three apartments, and garages. After the divorce, the creator of Yeralash tried to support his ex financially.


The separation of the parents hit the heirs hard. Daughter Ksenia was categorical and refused to communicate with her father. After the division of property, the girl planned to take the position of director of Yeralash, but Boris Yuryevich did not approve of this decision.

Ksenia Grachevskaya explained her adherence to principles by family disagreements that arose even before the divorce. The heiress said that her mother tolerated her parent’s antics. And after photos of the director with ladies who were old enough to be daughters appeared in magazines, it became disgusting. Ksenia stated that she was not ready to forgive her father.

Until the last days, Ksenia was never able to establish communication with Boris Yuryevich. The star grandfather was unfamiliar with his grandson. In one of his last interviews, Grachevsky admitted that he had come to terms with the position of the heiress.

Son Maxim maintained neutrality after the divorce and even helped his parent save a newsreel from closure in the 90s. Later, the father made efforts to help the heir solve business problems.

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Second wife Anna Grachevskaya


For five years after the divorce, Boris Grachevsky lived alone. And since 2010, it became known about a young companion Anna Panasenko , the age difference with whom was 37 years. In the same year, the director married a girl.

The acquaintance took place in 2008 at the pre-premiere screening of the film “ Hipsters ”. Anna danced rock and roll in a retro dress. Later we started talking. In the conversation it turned out that the new acquaintances were united by a love for the work of Leonid Andreev .

The romance was fast paced. Boris Yuryevich called his chosen one a gift of fate and considered her a cheerful and kind girl. At first, the age difference confused the lovers, but then it stopped bothering the couple. Anna and Boris Yuryevich felt comfortable together. Grachevsky made his favorite casting director of the life project.

Anna and Boris Grachevsky. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / “ “ KP ” ”

In 2012, Boris Grachevsky’s second wife gave her husband a daughter, Vasilisa, and two years later the couple separated. The husband insisted that Anna return her last name.

In comments about the separation, Anna reproached her husband for interfering with his career growth. And the director, according to rumors, complained that the chosen one disappeared in clubs, and left her daughter with her mother and husband. About his second marriage, Boris Yuryevich said that betrayal, lies and meanness cannot be forgiven.

Ekaterina Gordon handled the divorce proceedings . The spouses came to a civilized agreement and agreed on alimony. The father bought the ex and heiress an apartment on the outskirts of Moscow. Anna remained Grachevskaya.

After the divorce, it was rumored that Boris Grachevsky’s second wife settled well and received a surname that opened many doors. However, in the interview, Anna tried to justify herself and explained that she was left with a small child in her arms and did not want to run around with documents to change her name. In addition, when crossing the border it would be possible to avoid formalities and there would be no need to explain why mother and daughter have different surnames.

After the death of the director, Anna Grachevskaya left a touching post on the microblog, in which she thanked her husband for her daughter.

Third wife Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya


The love story with his third wife Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya began at the “Smile, Russia” festival in Astrakhan. In 2015, the couple appeared at the premiere of the director’s film “Between the Notes, or Tantric Symphony of Love.” Boris Yuryevich introduced his companion. It became clear that the new girl was a lady of the heart.

In February 2016, the lovers got married, and six months later they had a wedding, where only close people were invited. In 2018, Grachevsky was diagnosed with skin cancer. The young wife forced her husband to turn to specialists and helped him cope with the disease.

The director’s personal life in his third marriage was developing well, and Grachevsky glowed with happiness and spoke with delight about his wife. In April 2020, the couple became the parents of their son Philip. The relationship in the couple was harmonious, Boris Yuryevich planned to raise his younger children. Thanks to Ekaterina, Grachevsky wanted to live and see an heir in art.

Fate decreed otherwise. On January 14, 2021, Boris Grachevsky passed away.

Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya and Boris Grachevsky. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / “ KP  ”

After the death of the “father” of the children’s film magazine, Boris Grachevsky’s second wife admitted that in his third marriage, the former was truly happy. Anna kept in touch with Catherine. There has never been a war between women.

Only 1.5 years later, Boris Grachevsky’s third wife came out publicly. The appearance of the widow provoked rumors about Belotserkovskaya’s new romance. The woman had to rebut the gossip and remind her that she would remain true to her commitment to never marry. “ Borya lives in my heart forever! No matter how much a person seeks his happiness, he finds it once and for the rest of his life ,” Ekaterina shared her revelations.

In October 2023, the director’s widow said that she wanted to give her son a brother or sister. This opportunity exists thanks to biomaterial that was frozen during the life of the spouse. “ I want my son to grow up in a big family ,” Boris Grachevsky’s third wife shared her plans.

At the end of 2023, Belotserkovskaya and her son moved out of their country house. The widow admitted that it was scary to be alone in the mansion; it always seemed as if her husband was walking around the house. And living outside the city with a child without a car is inconvenient.



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