Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Undercover Taxi”


In March 2024, the 16-episode crime film “ Undercover Taxi ” started showing on Channel One. The director of the project was Stanislav Shmelev. The plot tells about a secret police experiment, and the main characters constantly find themselves at the epicenter of events. Viewers follow what is happening on the screen, and are also interested in the details that remain behind the scenes.


Read more about how the personal life of the actors in the series “Undercover Taxi” is shaping up in the material from Attiremag .

Dmitry Vlaskin


Dmitry Vlaskin starred as Alexei Turbin . The first changes in the performer’s personal life occurred when, while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, he met Anna Kuzenkina. The girl studied on a parallel course, and mutual sympathy developed between them. Soon the lovers got married. However, the first attempt to start a family was unsuccessful; the actor’s marriage broke up three years later. And soon Vlaskin began a new love story.

Dmitry Vlaskin with his wife Anna Begunova. Photo: @dmitryvlaskinofficial

The other half turned out to be actress Anna Begunova , who is familiar to the public from the TV series “ Kitchen ”. In 2018, the lovers got married. The couple did not advertise this event; the holiday took place in a narrow family circle in a calm atmosphere. Before this, Dmitry’s chosen one was already married and gave birth to a son, Fyodor. Vlaskin managed to find a common language with the boy, they became friends. In an interview, Dmitry admits that he considers his stepson his best friend and teaches him to play football and hockey. Later, the family also had a common child, daughter Lukerya. The actor notes that he loves both children equally.


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Victoria Maslova


Victoria Maslova appeared in the image of Inna . The owner of a spectacular appearance never experienced a lack of male attention, but the romances that happened did not lead to serious continuations. Now the performer prefers not to disclose details of her life that do not relate to creativity and work in interviews.

Victoria Maslova. Photo: @‌viktoriyamaslova_official

Therefore, fans know nothing about Victoria’s family, her children and husband. On social networks, the actress of the series “Undercover Taxi” shares moments from filming, shots from travel and photo shoots.

Kirill Grebenshchikov


The character named Vasetsky was played by Kirill Grebenshchikov . The actor has been happily married to his wife Olga for many years, whom they met in their youth. After a short romance, the couple got married. The celebrity’s significant other leads a non-public lifestyle, preferring to remain in the shadow of her star spouse. Grebenshchikov admits that he does not like to talk about his family and wife in interviews, so he briefly answers such questions. In 1994, the couple became the parents of their daughter Polina.

Kirill Grebenshchikov with his wife Olga. Photo: VKontakte

Having matured, the celebrity heiress went to study at VGIK, and later became interested in photography. The father notes that when choosing his daughter’s profession, he tried to avoid pressure from his side, leaving Polina the right to decide the issue on her own. The actor of the series “Undercover Taxi” prefers to spend his free time in the company of close people: he and his wife and daughter travel a lot, and also relax at their dacha, which is located in a picturesque and cozy place.

Tatiana Cherdyntseva


The role of Olya went to Tatyana Cherdyntseva . On the love front, the artist has harmony and idyll. The acquaintance with her future husband Alexander Chubinets took place in 2016 on the set of the project “ Messing’s Apprentice ”. Cherdyntseva felt uncomfortable in a big foreign city, where she had no friends or acquaintances. And Alexander was there at this difficult moment, helped me get comfortable and find a new company. Friendly communication began, which soon developed into romantic feelings.

Tatyana Cherdyntseva with her husband Alexander. Photo: @tatyana_cherdyntseva

In 2019, the lovers got married in St. Petersburg and took out a mortgage on an apartment in Moscow. The marriage proposal came unexpectedly: the lovers met after a long separation, and Alexander decided that there was no point in waiting any longer. Tatyana was not ready for this event, but without much hesitation she agreed, because she did not want to lose her loved one. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Bali. Cherdyntseva admits that she is grateful to fate for meeting her soulmate; harmony and happiness reign in their relationship.

Sergey Intyakov


Sergei Intyakov played Yuri Suslov in the series. Since 2015, the performer has been happily married to Evgenia Reva. After they got married, the wife took Sergei’s surname. In 2020, a son was born into the artist’s family, whom his parents surrounded with love and care.

Sergei Intyakov with his wife. Photo: @sergeyintyakov

The actor of the series “Undercover Taxi” prefers not to advertise other details of his personal life.



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