“Completely different”: how the Turkish series ended

“Completely different”: how the Turkish series ended

In September 2023, the 16-episode series “Completely Different” started. The project can be found on media content platforms called “A Completely Different Person” and “A Completely Different Me.” The Turkish drama immediately hit the list of hits, and the producers completed the love story of Kenan and Leila with an open ending.


A brief summary, description of the brightest moments and how the series “Completely Different” ended – in the material of Attiremag .

Brief story

The plot centers on the story of the relationship between prosecutor Leyla Gediz ( Hande Erçel ) and TV presenter Kenan Ozturk ( Burak Deniz ). The rapprochement of young people occurred after the murder of a businessman. From the first episodes it is clear that a man very similar to Kenan is involved in the crime. It turns out that the guy has a split personality, and Dogan has become his dark alter ego. As a result, the main characters took up the investigation, the result of which was unexpected for all the main characters.

How the series “Completely Different” ended

Each hero was directly or indirectly involved in the events of 30 years ago.


Episode 1

In episode 1, a witness to the crime pointed to Kenan, whom he saw on the television screen. By coincidence, the TV presenter turned out to be the son of the chief prosecutor Turan Ozturk (Cem Davran). Leila invited the witness to an identification parade, but unexpectedly he refused to testify.

“Completely different”: how the Turkish series ended
Still from the TV series “Completely Different.” Photo: ” ” Kino-Theater ” “

In this episode it was also revealed that the main character has a tense relationship with her parents. The discord in the family was caused by the integrity of the girl, who put her brother in prison for driving while intoxicated and killing a man.

As it turned out, the family of the chief prosecutor has its own secrets. Kenan’s father sought advice from a psychotherapist and tried to find out about the heir’s split personality. As a child, the son was sure that Dogan lived inside him. Now the parent was worried that the disease could worsen. It also turned out that the TV presenter is the adopted son of the Ozturk family.


Episode 2

In episode 2, Dogan remembered the fire in the orphanage. Dogan chose as his next victim a man who was allowed into the children’s bedroom at night. Dogan sent the manifesto to Kenan so that he could read the message live. But the TV presenter refused to participate in the intrigues of the criminal.

Kenan voiced his position on air. The main character attacked the guy with reproaches for interfering in the investigation. However, the TV presenter did not make excuses, but kissed the prosecutor. Dogan was ready to take such a desperate step, but not Kenan.

Meanwhile, Leyla’s father Ekrem Gediz (Muttalip Mujdeci) was tormented by the mistakes of the past. And Turan learned from Idris (Menderes Samancilar) that Dogan had returned. Now the chief prosecutor will have to choose – to imprison his son or cover up the crimes of the heir.

Episode 3

In the morning, Kenan could not remember the events of the previous day. Leila summoned the TV presenter for questioning to find out how the main character is connected to the murders. The girl also wanted to discuss the kiss that happened the day before. But, as it turned out, Kenan did not remember Dogan’s actions. The TV presenter suspected he had mental health problems and turned to a psychologist for help.

Leila discovered that the killer was connected to Kenan. The girl specifically named the address of the hospital where the next victim was lying. Dogan went to finish what he started, but did not have time and hid from the police.

Unraveling the case, Leila came up with a story from 30 years ago in which her father was involved.

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Episode 4

The victim fell silent forever, but Leila was caught in a fire in an orphanage in September 1995. On air, Kenan asked witnesses to the incident to come forward.

Idris begged Dogan to lie low. However, the criminal did not listen and kidnapped Leila’s father. This episode of “Completely Different” ended with Kenan waking up in his own car and, as always, not remembering anything.

Episode 5

In episode 5, Kenan and Leila met with a journalist who told the details of the burning of the orphanage. However, as soon as the man wanted to share the secret because of which the children suffered, someone killed him. And in the evening the main character found out that her father had disappeared. Ekrem managed to escape, but Dogan caught up with the man in the forest. Leila noticed this.

Episode 6

Dogan had to help the girl take her parent to the hospital. The father wanted to tell his daughter the truth about the events of 30 years ago. But Shahinde’s mother ( Gulchin Khatykhan ) decided to protect the heiress from a terrible story. The woman sent anonymous threats to her daughter so that Leila would give up the dangerous business.

“Completely different”: how the Turkish series ended
Still from the TV series “Completely Different.” Photo: ” Kino-Theater  “

Meanwhile, the main character was still tormented by memory lapses, which the man was unable to explain. The psychotherapist who worked with the TV presenter asked the parents to tell the truth.

And in the love line, Leila and Kenan cannot hide their feelings from each other. The TV presenter kissed a girl for the first time.

In the episode finale, Kenan’s mother Nevin (Berrin Arisoy) told her son the truth about his birth and issues with personality disorder.

Episode 7

As it turned out, Nevin made revelations for Dogan, whose identity was completely suppressed in childhood. The boy suffered psychological trauma due to a fire in the orphanage. Kenan was created to oust Dogan.

Ekrem came to his daughter to confess to the arson. But two important witnesses were murdered in the courthouse. As a result, the father never discovered the truth and decided to figure it out on his own.

Dogan followed the trail of Leyla’s father, but Ekrem became suspicious and ran away. The pursuer left behind a watch with Kenan’s initials on it. And Turan met with Idris and asked not to disturb the heir. At the end the conversation turned into a fight.

Meanwhile, Kenan and Leila moved away because their social position obliged them to hide the affair. In order not to lose his beloved, the TV presenter announced his resignation. This scene from Totally Different ended with Leila and Kenan, against the odds, running into each other’s arms.

Episode 8

In episode 8, details of the fire in the shelter became known. Leila was approached by the girl Elif, who had escaped from her kidnappers. The fugitive spoke about her involvement in the tragedy at the Saygyn orphanage, which changed the appearance of orphan girls during plastic surgery.


Kenan asked Leila for the opportunity to speak with the victim. In the conversation, Elif gave the TV presenter the address of the clinic where there were girls who needed help. As a result, when Leila returned, Kenan was no longer there. Afterwards, the prosecutor was informed that it was not possible to take the doctor alive because someone got ahead of the police and brutally dealt with the criminal.

Meanwhile, Leila’s father found out who the watch belonged to. The parent tried to protect his daughter from a relationship with Kenan. However, Dogan acted proactively and kidnapped Ekrem. The main character stated that he would eliminate everyone involved in the fire in the orphanage.

A fight ensued between Ekrem and Dogan, as a result of which Ekrem died. Turan guessed about his son’s involvement in the tragedy.

Episode 9

Dogan recorded a video for Kenan and said that they are two parts of the whole. Idris was concerned about Dogan’s behavior and asked Nevin to find a solution to the problem.

It later turned out that Dogan was not the culprit in Ekrem’s death. As it turned out, Leila’s father survived the fight with the guy and went out onto the road for help. As a result, Ekrem was killed by Nevzati’s people, who were involved in the kidnapping of girls from the orphanage.

In the end, Leila followed the trail of her father’s killers. This Totally Different storyline ended with Layla being attacked by masked men. The girl was kidnapped and taken to an abandoned building. Dogan, who decided to prove his innocence in Ekrem’s death, saved Leyla.

Episode 10

Kenan decided to propose to Leila. However, plans were changed by a video recording of Dogan, who told the truth about the diagnosis. In the finale of the series, Nevin and Turan asked their son to leave his beloved and undergo treatment in Switzerland.

Episode 11

Five months later, Kenan could not stand the separation from his beloved and ran away from the clinic. The man told his adoptive parents that he planned to find his biological mother and father. Turan turned to Idris for help, and he brought a photo of his mother.

“Completely different”: how the Turkish series ended
Still from the TV series “Completely Different.” Photo: “Kino-Theater  “

Towards the end of the season, a new character appeared in the series – Musheref (Yeshim Gul Akshar). The woman lost her son, who probably ended up in a shelter. The mother turned to Leila for help.

In the finale of the episode, Kenan, Musheref and Turan met in the corridor near Leila’s office. It became clear that Kenan’s mother was Musheref.

Episode 12

Turan did not dare to tell his adopted son the truth. During the investigation, it turned out that Kenana was kidnapped by Idris. The criminal had to kill the heir so that the fortune would go to Uncle Sadyk, but the man took pity on the child.

Episode 13

Turan told Leyla that his son is an adopted child. The main character guessed that Kenan is the son of Musheref. However, Turan refused to help his colleague and suggested conducting an investigation on his own. Leyla’s search led her to a flash drive with Dogan’s revelations. As a result, the girl learned the details of Kenan’s illness and the crimes that he committed during moments of memory loss.

Episode 14

The girl told Turan that she was aware of Kenan’s mental problems and intended to prove Dogan’s guilt. The chief prosecutor removed the main character from the case.

Meanwhile, Idris told Dogan the truth about Uncle Sadik, who wanted to take possession of the inheritance by deception.

Contrary to the warning, Leila met with Kenan and in the conversation became convinced that in front of her was a completely different person. The girl decided to follow Dogan, who set a trap for Sadik. Thanks to Leyla’s intervention, Dogan was unable to kill his uncle.

Episode 15

At the beginning of the series, the main character arrested Dogan and Sadik. Idris managed to escape and told Turan that his son had been detained. Kenan returned to the prison cell and did not remember how he ended up at the police station. As a result, Sadyk withdrew the application against his nephew. Turan took his son home, where he told him who his birth mother was.

Still from the TV series “Completely Different.” Photo: ” Kino-Theater

Meanwhile, Sadyk wanted to remove his nephew. Dogan asked Idris for help. Idris, in order to give the guy a chance to save himself, came to Leila to confess. This is how the girl found out that Dogan was the criminal who killed the victims involved in the tragedy at the shelter.

In the end, Turan tried to protect his adopted son and told the truth about Kenan Musheref. The mother also learned that it was her uncle’s fault that she lost an heir.

This episode of “Completely Different” ended with a confrontation between Kenan and Dogan. The TV presenter decided to commit suicide.

Episode 16

In the final episode, Dogan turned out to be stronger and went to his adoptive parents for help. Leila found out from Idris the details of the crimes and the involvement of Turan. The girl arrested the chief prosecutor.

Musheref decided to hide the heir abroad. But Dogan first wanted to get even with his uncle, whose house the police were on duty.

Leyla detained Dogan. Kenan appeared, who provoked Leila to shoot and, in fact, ended Dogan’s life. The girl fired a bullet at her lover, and he fell into the sea. The body was not found.

The series “Completely Different” ended with Leila leaving her job four months later. Leila was left alone and decided to leave the city. When the main character was waiting for a taxi, a man walked near her and dropped a note with the words “We will never be two strangers to each other.”

Interesting Facts

  • The series was filmed in Istanbul and Cappadocia.
  • The finale of the project departed from the formula “they will be together happily ever after,” and the beautiful love story turned out to be tragic. Although the writers gave a hint of a bright future for the couple.
  • After it became known how the series “Completely Different” ended, fans of Turkish melodramas were at a loss. Many did not understand the ending and felt that the denouement was shown briefly, but questions remained about the plot. Viewers expressed hope for the continuation of the story of Kenan and Leila.
  • According to unconfirmed reports, filming of season 2 will end in August 2024.
  • In an interview with Burak Deniz after filming a dramatic project, he noted that he would like to play in the film adaptation of the Russian novel “Crime and Punishment”, and Hande Erçel would choose the role of Anna Karenina .



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