8 interesting facts about Vasily Utkin that you might not know

Vasily Utkin

On March 19, 2024, the sports community lost football commentator Vasily Utkin . According to preliminary data, the journalist’s heart stopped as a result of thromboembolism. Fans also drew attention to the celebrity’s excess weight.


What fans remember about the legendary voice of spectacular matches and interesting facts about Vasily Utkin – in the material Attiremag .

1. Unfinished higher education


Vasily Utkin never received higher education. The future journalist studied at a pedagogical university and planned to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. However, Vasily never received a philologist diploma.

After the fourth year, the young man was accepted into Andrei Politkovsky’s “Politburo” project, then the student moved to the “Red Square” team. Later he took up the niche of hosting a weekly sports program.


2. Own football club


An interesting fact about Vasily Utkin: the journalist gained popularity in the mid-90s, when he hosted the “Football Club” program. Later, the TV presenter admitted that he did not want to do the project. However, the young student was given a choice: either he takes on a new business, or the show will end up on the shelf.

Vasily created an “informational and everyday” program. The presenter was not afraid to express his own opinion about Russian football and boldly assessed the work of venerable specialists.

Vasily Utkin. Photo: Dmitry Golubovich / “ Championship  ”

In Utkin’s characteristic manner, attacks on players and coaches were often evident. The categorical nature of the commentator added charisma to the project. Although Vasily was often wrong, which helped the audience to feel that the journalist was a desperate football fan. Despite the revolutionary approach, fans were drawn to Utkin and eagerly awaited the next release.


In the mid-2000s, Utkin was twice awarded the TEFI Award in the “Best Sports Commentator” category. In October 2015, the journalist moved to Match TV. However, by the end of the year Vasily left television. And in May 2017, the celebrity announced her retirement from her career as a football commentator.

In the same year, Vasily Utkin became the owner of the Egrisi football club. The team played in the 3rd division of the amateur Moscow league. Vasily explained that he does not conduct training with the players, but simply provides conditions for training. In the amateur system, Egrisi became one of the participants in the Media League.

3. Acting talent


Vasily Utkin is remembered as an actor. His artistic career began in the 90s with Roma Zhukov’s video for the song “First Snow”. It is known that the journalist was friends with the performers of Quartet I and worked in the performances of the creative team. In the comedy ” Election Day ” Utkin played the governor, and in the second part of the project – an official.

Vasily also starred in cameos in the film “ What Men Talk About ” and the TV series “ Difficult Teenagers ”. And in 2016, “Yandex.Navigator” spoke in the commentator’s voice.

4. Favorite writer


Vasily Utkin’s favorite writers turned out to be Dostoevsky , Nabokov and Gogol . Another iconic prose writer was Dovlatov .

And the strongest impression in my youth was made by Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “The Heart of a Dog.” The commentator compared his feelings from what he read to snow sliding off the roof.

Among the interesting facts about Vasily Utkin, it should be added that the journalist had a deep relationship with the works of the classics. The presenter observed the difference in Camus’s style. And in the comments to the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas , he noted that the main character perceived the leitmotif of the work – revenge – as a duty.

But in his own articles, Vasily Utkin noted that he wrote as he thought and did not adhere to a certain style. Over time, the commentator changed, and, accordingly, the images with which the journalist thought also underwent transformations.


At the same time, Utkin did not want to become a writer, despite his philological education, because, as the journalist admitted, he did not know how to invent stories.

5. Tragedy of personal life


Little is known about Vasily Utkin’s personal life. In the late 90s, the commentator was married to a model named Natalya. The wedding was modest. The relationship lasted a year and then ended in divorce.

Utkin’s most notable romance broke out at the beginning of the 2000s. The chosen one was journalist Natalya Pakueva , who worked in the “School of Scandal” program. Vasily stole the beauty from his colleague. The couple experienced a crisis in their relationship, broke up, and then decided to rekindle their love. But they failed to improve their personal life. The girl went to football player Sergei Ignashevich .

Later, Vasily shared that it was not he who took the initiative in the breakup, he called himself a “monogamist,” and during matches with Ignashevich’s participation he tried to be emphatically polite to the player.

Shortly before his death, the journalist complained of loneliness and claimed that he was accustomed to this lifestyle, although excess free time was a problem for him.

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6. Kiss with Natalia Vetlitskaya


The selection of interesting facts about Vasily Utkin continues with the intrigue with Natalya Vetlitskaya .

At one of the parties, Vasily thought that he had approached Irina Lukyanova , the lead singer of the group “ Brilliant ”. Utkin invited the woman to dance, then had a friendly conversation and asked about her husband. And at the end of the evening, the couple sang several songs and kissed. And only in the morning Vasily received a call from a friend who clarified how closely Utkin knew Vetlitskaya.

Vasily Utkin. Photo: ” MK “

The journalist explained the piquant moment due to his workload, when he had to voice the show “Hunger”, rehearse the play “Election Day” and prepare for the new football season.

7. Address like Sherlock Holmes


The last years of his life Vasily Utkin lived in the Moscow region. The estate was located an hour and a half drive from the capital. The commentator took out a mortgage for a three-story house in 2003, and 11 years later the loan was repaid. Utkin bought a ready-made mansion and did the interior design himself.

Vasily Utkin called the cutest house number on the site 221B, like Sherlock Holmes . Initially, the land consisted of two territories, but then the plot grew together, and the estate ended up in the territory with the letter B.

8. Raccoon


As a child, Vasily Utkin loved books by Gerald Durrell . The young reader was impressed by the story about noses, which turned out to be close relatives of raccoons. Later, the journalist was puzzled by the purchase of a nose, plunged into the topic and found out that raccoons are more interesting.

So, in 2013, the commentator got a raccoon. Football fans came up with a name for the animal – Cesar Azpilicueta. But in the end the pet remained nameless. The journalist explained that the tailed friend, according to experts, will not get used to the nickname.

In April 2022, the journalist said that he was living separately with his pet because the animal turned out to be too mischievous to live in an apartment.

The selection of interesting facts about Vasily Utkin ends with his love for his pet. The journalist considered the raccoon to be a smart creature and often admired the animal. And when the tailed one came out of the enclosure, it climbed into the owner’s pocket and was sure to find something tasty there.


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