“Fortune Teller”: how the series ended


The premiere of the Russian detective-mystical series with elements of melodrama “ Fortune Teller ” took place in February 2019 on Channel One. The director of the 32-episode project was Ilya Kazankov, and Yuri Stukalin and Alexander Drugov worked on the script. The plot, which lasted 2 seasons, tells about an unusual tandem that investigates complicated crimes.


More information about how the series “Fortune Teller” ended, as well as a summary of the plot and a description of the episodes, can be found in the material from AttireMag .

Brief story

The main character of the detective story, Lyudmila Nekrasova ( Ekaterina Olkina ), has a prophetic dream in which her sister Maria is found dead. The investigator does not believe the woman, explaining her words as excessive impressionability and some insanity. However, it soon turns out that she told the truth, describing the crime scene in detail after a prophetic dream. Maria was really killed and her body was left at a construction site. After this, Lucy is invited to cooperate with the Department of Internal Affairs, as her gift will be useful in the investigation of crimes. Viewers are interested in how the series “Fortune Teller” ended and follow the plot twists in the fate of each hero.

How did the 1st season of the series “Fortune Teller” end?

Police Major Alexey Potapov ( Mikhail Porechenkov ) is accustomed to relying on practical experience and a rational approach in his work. Lyudmila’s talent surprises him, but he intends to investigate the case on his own, without resorting to “otherworldly forces.” Still, intuition tells the man that he should listen to the tips of his new colleague and try to put them together into a single picture. Meanwhile, the main character wants to find the criminal and begins her own investigation.


When the killer is found and arrested, Lucy returns home. However, she soon has to return: the police ask for help, since they are unable to independently track down the intruder who kidnapped the granddaughter of the head of the department. Law enforcement officers are following the wrong trail. Potapov is outraged by the presence of a woman who does not understand anything about the work of investigators, but in the end Lyusya helps the police find the right path.

A still from the filming of the project. Photo: Channel One

Over time, the heroine learns to control her visions, and the clues become clearer. The bosses begin to doubt her subordinate’s superpowers, but she again helps uncover the trail of the intruders. As a result, thanks to her gift, tragedy was avoided. Potapov finally understands that Nekrasova can help in the investigation of complex cases. After this, the heroine is offered a job at the police department.

On her first day of work, the heroine is ready to begin a new investigation, but Potapov still believes that a “fortune teller” has no place in the department, and his fiancée, criminologist Marina ( Yana Krainova ), is sure that Lyusya is vying for her place. When detectives detain another criminal, the heroine is the only one who doubts his guilt. Potapov has to agree with the woman, as the evidence crumbles.


Lyudmila’s abilities lead to the fact that she begins to see tragedies that will soon happen to people strangers to her. However, it is impossible to help them, and this brings suffering to the heroine, so she wants to return to a “normal” life and leave the police. Suddenly Potapov realizes that he is not ready to let her go.

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Lucy’s gift helps find a clue in a new case, and Potapov is accused of replacing evidence stored in his safe and is arrested. Before this, the investigator tried to find out the circumstances of the crime committed back in the 90s, when his father died. Thanks to the efforts of a psychic, the charges against his colleague are dropped, but the man realizes that he faces even bigger problems in the future.

The main character is going through changes in her personal life: a guy named Max is in love with her. Meanwhile, the pressure on Potapov intensifies, and then he becomes the victim of an assassination attempt, but survives. After this, Alexey recruits a colleague to investigate the death of his father, and Lyusya manages to discover a clue. It turns out that Nekrasova’s friends, including her boyfriend Max, may be involved in the new series of crimes.


Therefore, the heroine loses her job and begins her own investigation, eventually managing to get on the trail of the killers. In the finale, she returns to the police, but is unable to forgive Potapov for his suspicions. Later it turns out that the reasons for this man’s behavior are not so obvious. Season 1 of the series “Fortune Teller” ends with Lyudmila agreeing to Maxim’s offer to fly to Paris.

How did the 2nd season of the series “Fortune Teller” end?

Alexei intends to propose to Lyusa, but she understands that if they are together, a tragedy will occur. The vision prevents the heroine from concentrating on her work, but soon the man’s mystical abilities appear, since he witnessed the crime and did not prevent it. The main character does not understand why his beloved is trying hard to destroy their feelings. With the help of his colleagues, the man is going to catch her in a lie.

However, then the detective begins to investigate a new case. Potapov manages to get on the trail of the criminal, but his colleague sees that the man is not guilty. Nekrasova begins her own investigation again, and Alexey becomes increasingly convinced that he is being deceived. Meanwhile, the department’s leadership is changing. With the help of Colonel Sergei Korablev ( Marat Basharov ), criminologist Marina plans to take revenge on Lyusya and Alexei. The main character nevertheless decides to tell why she staged this whole performance.

Still from the series. Photo: Channel One

Marina continues to plot, and Potapov becomes an object of surveillance. During the new investigation, the man manages to make inquiries about a certain person named Mikhail Spassky, whom he personally does not know. It turns out that it was he who organized the surveillance of Potapov. Soon the main character realizes that an unknown man is also watching her. She is scared and asks her friend Marta to find out who Spassky is. The information received turns out to be quite interesting.

The main characters no longer hide their feelings for each other. Marina, meanwhile, is going to get her rival fired, believing that Potapov will come into conflict with Korablev and he will get rid of this couple. However, the situation is changing, and now Marina and Lyuda are forced to act together. Potapov may become a victim of a new crime, and the man’s future fate depends on the coordinated actions of his rivals. As a result, Marina still manages to provoke a quarrel between the major and the fortune teller.

Later, the main character decides to find ways to reconcile, but sees Alexei and Marina together and writes a letter of resignation. But then it turns out that there was no betrayal. Moreover, Marina needs Lyudmila’s help in investigating a case related to her friend Vika and a dangerous maniac. In the next episode, the detective and the fortune teller enter into an open conflict: each of the heroes is confident that he is right and does not intend to give in. Meanwhile, journalist Helen ( Anna Zaikova ) is looking for dirt on Korablev.

Korablev decides to fire Nekrasova, in whom he sees a threat to his career. Helen becomes a victim of an attack and loses the fruits of her labor. The major comes into conflict with the management, but a new employee named Sablin has already been hired to replace Lyuda. The main character uses her gift to return to work. Potapov learns that Spassky is looking for a killer to fulfill a new order. Later, the enemy of the protagonist is going to frame the general by forging evidence of his guilt.

Still from the series. Photo: Channel One

Helen becomes a victim of kidnappers, Lyusya sees her at a fresh grave, and Alexey becomes an eyewitness to Spassky’s murder. Major Potapov and Mikhail Ignatievich are under suspicion. Finding the killer is not an easy task, as he is one step ahead of the police. In the end, Lyuda accepts Alexei’s offer to live together, but agrees to move after the general’s anniversary celebration. At the celebration, the clairvoyant realizes with horror that she initially misinterpreted an old dream: Potapov will become a victim not on the wedding day, but precisely at this event.

Lyudmila is wounded and ends up in the hospital. Marina puts forward the version that the target was the fortune teller, and not the major, so the victim is still in danger. The series “Fortune Teller” ends with the tragedy being prevented and the criminal being eliminated. However, the name of the customer remained secret. In the finale, Potapov realizes that the traitor works in their department and plans to find out his identity.

Did you know that…

  • Filming of the project took place in 2017 in Moscow and the Moscow region.
  • The film became the acting debut for singer Diana Arbenina , who starred in the role of athlete Elina Baibakova.
  • The broadcast of the 2nd season in September 2020 on Channel One ended ahead of schedule, after the release of the 7th episode. Viewers never knew then how the series “Fortune Teller” ended and why it was taken off the air. Then they started showing another tape instead. In 2021, the project returned to the screens and was shown in full.




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