The end of spring is just around the corner: what weather is expected in May 2024 according to forecasts


Forecasters called the spring of 2024 strange. This trend will continue until the beginning of summer. Global changes do not threaten the regions, but still the last month of this time of year will be unkind.


Weather forecast for May 2024 – in the material Attiremag .



Most of May on the Russian Plain will be at the mercy of natural vagaries. According to forecasters, seismic activity in the Sea of ​​Japan will worsen the climate situation. At the beginning of May, the thermometer can drop to –2 °C. In Moscow, sleet and rain are forecast. In the Moscow region there is snowfall in places. Daytime temperatures will warm up to 5-9 °C.

But from the 9th, according to the Hydrometeorological Center, it will become warmer. Although frosts are still possible at night, which will also affect the Ryazan, Vladimir, Tver, Smolensk and Kaluga regions. On Victory Day the temperature is expected to be 14°C, but rain is possible.


From the 10th the air in the capital will warm up to 19 °C. The following days will be warm like summer, and the temperature maximum will reach 24 °C.

Saint Petersburg


The weather forecast for May 2024 in St. Petersburg rarely pleases with truly spring warmth. In the early days the thermometer will rise to 5-9 °C, and in the middle of the month light precipitation is expected, which will alternate with clearing.

Forecasters warned that temperature fluctuations could reach up to 7 degrees per day. By the end of May, the air will warm up to 21-24 °C, which will be above the climate norm for this region.


In remote corners of the Leningrad region it will be windy and cloudy in places. However, as June approaches, summer-like warm, sunny weather will set in.

North-West region


For residents of the Northwestern region of Russia, the weather forecast for May 2024 will develop in an unexpected way. Residents of the Murmansk region and Petrozavodsk will experience temperatures above the climate norm. Presumably, prolonged showers with thunderstorms are expected at this time.

Volga and Chernozem regions


The end of spring will be unkind for residents of the Volga and Black Earth regions, where the thermometer will rise to 12-14 °C. In Kazan during the holidays there will be an unusually low temperature of 12 °C. In the second half of the month it will be a degree warmer. No precipitation is expected. However, residents of Tatarstan will experience high humidity – up to 55%.

It will be warm and sunny in the cities of the Volga region. Temperatures will be in the range of 17-27 °C. In Samara on Victory Day it is warm, up to 19 °C, and without precipitation. At night without frost – 10 °C.


Summer weather will set in in Nizhny Novgorod in May. During the day up to 20 °C. However, northerly winds are expected throughout the month, which will bring cold temperatures (14 °C). Temperature fluctuations at night and during the day will be 5-10 °C. Overall, almost half of the days will be sunny.

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central region


In the central part of the country there is a chance of precipitation in May. Residents of Voronezh will need an umbrella. The air will warm up to 23 °C by the end of the month.

Krasnodar region


Presumably, the record holder during the May rainy season will be the coast of the Krasnodar Territory. In Anapa, tourists can expect cool nights in the range of 15-17 °C. But the average temperature in the sun closer to summer will be 30-32 °C. About a third of the days will be partly cloudy. Meanwhile, weather forecasters do not predict global changes and promise that the city will remain warm and dry. At the beginning of May, the water will warm up to 13 °C, and by the last days of May the water area will warm up by 9 degrees.

In Sochi, the average temperature will be in the range of 16–28 °C. At night the thermometer can drop to 8 °C. The water will warm up to 15 degrees. However, in the last days of spring the sea will become warmer and will delight you with a comfortable maximum of 26 °C.

South of Russia


And in the south of Russia, the weather forecast for May 2024 promises a cyclone that will bring heavy downpours. Rostov-on-Don, Kuban, Crimea, Stavropol and the North Caucasus are expecting precipitation that will last for a month. The region is also prone to hurricanes.

Far East


In Primorye and Khabarovsk Territory, according to forecasts, up to 80 mm of precipitation is expected. Temperatures start at 14 °C and will rise to 20-21 °C by the end of the month.

Siberia and the Urals


May 2024 will delight Siberians with confident warmth. In the first ten days it will rain and the temperature will rise to 11 °C, and in the last days of the month the region will transform and warm up under the rays of the sun at 18 °C. In Udmurtia the maximum will be 15 °C and will be dry.

And in the Urals, the daily maximum will reach 20 °C by the end of the month. Weather-sensitive people should prepare for turbulent days on May 15-17. On the 20th, northwest winds with gusts of up to 6 m/s are expected in the region.

West Russia

It will be warm and sunny in Kaliningrad. By the middle of the month, the thermometer is expected to reach 17-19 °C. In the second half of May it will become 5-6 degrees warmer. However, do not forget about the Baltic breeze, which will make the air on the coast cooler. The probability of precipitation, according to the weather forecast for May 2024, is minimal here, but the sea will remain cold and will not warm up more than 13 °C.

Bonus: weather signs

  • According to folk superstitions, precipitation and fog in May promise a fertile year.
  • If it is cold in the last spring month, expect a rich harvest of bread.
  • May was also used to determine what the beginning of summer would be like. Rains in May promised a dry June.
  • Many folk signs are associated with dates. Frost on Luke Day, the 5th, will bring another 40 frosty nights into the fall. If it rains on the 24th, then expect a wet summer. Cucumbers were planted on Sidor borage (May 27). The cold weather on this day promised a mild summer.


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