“Turn of Fate”: how the series ended

“Turn of Fate”: how the series ended

The premiere of the Twist of Fate project took place on the Domashny channel in March 2024. The film was directed by Valery Ibragimov. The production was carried out by Magnum-Film LLC. The plot is dedicated to a love story that turned out to be stronger than time and obstacles.


How the series “Twist of Fate” ended and a brief description of the 4 episodes of the project is in the material of Attiremag .

Brief story

Sofia Morozova ( Sofia Khandamirova ) is successfully building a real estate business. Her boss, Marat Dolin (Vasily Turkin), after another successful deal, proposes to the girl, but she is not happy. In a dream, a businesswoman sees a happy family, her children Lisa (Arina Savostyanova) and Seva (Artem Bocharov), her husband – her first love Konstantin ( Alexander Vasilevsky ). This plot is repeated over and over again. Returning to her hometown, she meets Kostya’s family, who turn out to be just like she saw in her dream. The main characters are given the opportunity to start life anew.

How the series “Twist of Fate” ended

Sonya Morozova is happy, but there is still something missing in her life. She has built a successful career, she has a rich fiancé, Marat Dolin, who wants to increase her total capital and marry her. But she continues to dream the same dream, which becomes a second reality for the girl. One day she meets with an accident and falls into a coma.

A still from the TV series “Twist of Fate.” Photo: Kino-Theater

In this state, Sonya lives for several days, being in her sleep. Konstantin is her first love. But Sophia left him before the wedding and went to Moscow. In the dream they have a family, two children Lisa and Seva, who are growing up as obedient and smart children.

To find the answer to the question of why she dreams of these people, Morozova goes to her small homeland. Here she meets a brother and sister who were born in the marriage of Konstantin and Yana. The woman died long ago, and Kostya is trying to find a new mother for his heirs. His girlfriend Zhanna (Katerina Volk) does not like children. She doesn’t show this to her fiancé, but she hints that they need a nanny.

Sonya agrees to stay with the children of her former lover. She takes time off from work to stay in her hometown for a while. Lisa and Seva get used to the girl and see her as their friend. Her relationship with Konstantin is also improving, which Zhanna does not like. She urges the groom to get married.


At a construction site, Konstantin begins to have problems due to the composition of the soil, which turned out to be unsatisfactory. Construction is suspended. Jeanne’s father, Constantine’s boss, is dissatisfied with this result.

Before the holiday, Konstantin goes shopping with the children and Sonya. Here he tells the children that he will soon marry Jeanne. Lisa is offended. Sofia calms her down.


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Kostya’s friend Anton (Sergei Sharovatov) is making a plan to remove him from his position. He communicates with Zhanna’s father and says that he can solve the problem. Among other things, he plans to become the son-in-law of a businessman.

Kostya is going on a trip with Zhanna. The children are upset, Sonya informs him about this. She quarrels with Kostya, and he decides to cancel the trip. This episode of Twist of Fate ends with the boys going on a hike.

Anton tells Kostya’s fiancée that her fiancé knew Sonya in his youth and they had an affair that ended in separation. In the forest, the former lovers lose Lisa. They quarrel, remembering past grievances. After the girl is found, they spend the night together. Sophia is not going to interfere with Konstantin, she packs her things and prepares to leave.

At home, Zhanna feels bad. Konstantin shares his thoughts about Sonya with Anton. A friend tells his fiancee about this. He wants to take Kostya’s place in business and marry the manager’s daughter.

A still from the TV series “Twist of Fate.” Photo: Kino-Theater

A fight breaks out between friends, and the bloodied Konstantin goes to Sophia. She helps him clean up and decides to stay with him. The girl goes to Moscow, where she sells her apartment and breaks up with Marat. In her hometown, she invests money in Konstantin’s business.

Anton and Zhanna are trying to destroy the relationship between Sophia and Konstantin by providing him with a photo of the girl and Marat. This episode of Twist of Fate ends with the young men arguing and her leaving him.

In the finale, together with her friend Morozova, she opens a bakery. Her children Lisa and Senya continue to visit her. At the end, Konstantin returns to Sophia. They stay together. Anton proposes to Zhanna. In the end, each hero finds his own happiness.

Did you know that…

  • Sofia Khandamirova believes that in life you need to stay in the present, and not try to revive the past. Ultimately, her heroine wants to be happy and does everything for this.
  • Alexander Vasilevsky is happy for his hero, who never stopped loving Sophia, and this story ended well for them.
  • The Russian melodrama was included in the exclusive line of the Domashny channel “Through Tears to Happiness.”
  • Filming of the series “Twist of Fate” completed in 2023.


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