Our Team

Jone Dute


He is a young man who likes to examine new technologies, is a computer lover, deals with 3D modeling in his spare time and is also an active editor. 🙂
Email: jone@attiremag.com



Lucifer King

Editor of Attiremag, who is interested in technology and science, does a lot of research on these subjects and tries to improve himself.
Email: lucifer@attiremag.com




Jack Henery

His specialty consists of android tech and news about movies and serials. Jack news is completely authentic and comes with chronological references.

Email: jack@attiremag.com



Lucas Willim

Hopelessly addicted to Fortnite, Lucas is the perfect critic of games and tech especially mobiles. His perfectly critical behavior pattern compels him to write games and mobile phone reviews which have generated a loyal audience.

Email: lucas@attiremag.com