Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Get Her Across the Maidan”

Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Get Her Across the Maidan”

The painting “ Get Her Across the Maidan ” is dedicated to historical events that unfolded in the recent past. The political thriller shows the fate of people who are caught in the millstone of global upheaval. The main roles were played by actors whose names rarely appear in the credits of other projects, but whose work is worth following.

The actors of the series “Get her across the Maidan” and how their personal lives are shaping up are in the material of AttireMag .

Oleg Nazarov


The gray-haired hero of an advertising campaign for one of the Russian mobile operators, a graduate of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a model, Oleg Nazarov , arrived in Moscow from Magadan. The actor admits that he has no professional education, but in his work he relies on the experience of his colleagues. The artist does not talk about his personal life, but it is known that he is still not married.

Oleg Nazarov. Photo: Kino-Theater

In 2018, Nazarov participated in the project “Married to Buzova.” In the first issue, Oleg admitted that he had recently experienced a breakup with his girlfriend. Olga Buzova categorically accepted this information. Her plans did not include healing other people’s emotional wounds, so she refused the applicant at the very beginning of the TV show.

The actor of the series “Get Her Across the Maidan” has his own ideal of femininity. He believes that his soulmate should be sincere and natural. The young man is repulsed by flattery and falsehood. He doesn’t like unkempt girls either. The artist is loyal to family responsibilities. Believes that everyone should do what they can.

Victoria Solovyova


Victoria Solovyova , who played the role of Rada, at one time did not advertise her relationships with men, so the most incredible rumors swarmed around her. The girl was credited with an affair with Nikita Mikhalkov , for whom she played in the film “Sunstroke” . But the actress herself made it clear in her interview: she does not perceive a man from a creative environment as her companion. In her opinion, actors are not a reliable support for women. They are not ready to provide support for their wife and are constantly “hovering in the clouds.”

Victoria Solovyova and Ivan Startsev / Photo: @solovyovaviktoriya

Victoria’s marriage became known in 2021. Solovyova got married to businessman and lawyer Ivan Startsev. At the time of the wedding ceremony he was 38 years old. A St. Petersburg entrepreneur, the owner of a door production plant, raised two sons after a divorce from his previous wife. The couple met at the Lenkom Theater, where Ivan came to a performance with the participation of Solovyova. He fell in love with the actress at first sight.

The couple became parents in early 2023. Victoria gave birth to a boy. Within 2 weeks she returned to work. At first, my husband helped with my son, then my grandmother and nanny.

Alexander Taranzhin


Alexander Taranzhin is a non-public figure. The artist graduated from the Sverdlovsk Theater Institute, after which he moved to Smolensk and then to Moscow. Fans do not know anything about his wife and children. The actor with a charismatic, noble appearance does not use social networks and does not publish personal photos.

Alexander Taranzhin. Photo: Kino-Theater


Olga Zaitseva


Olga Zaitseva became a mother for the first time at the age of 23. She starred in the film “Duel” while pregnant. But the actress never advertised the name of the boy’s father, although she said in an interview that he was actively involved in Artem’s upbringing.

Olga Zaitseva. Photo: Kino-Theater

Later, Zaitseva, who played Yulia Timoshenko , announced that she was in a “civil partnership.” In 2017, she gave birth to a girl. Today, the actress of the series “Get Her Across the Maidan” spends all her free time with her family. Together with her children and her common-law husband, she travels around the world.

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Alexander Lymarev


Actor Alexander Lymarev , who played a hero named Saint in the series, shows particular constancy in his personal life. His wife was the girl Maria, with whom he had been friends since the 9th grade. She is an artist, graduated from the S. G. Stroganov Academy. The couple has not yet gotten married, but does not consider this an obstacle to being happy. The couple postponed the solemn event until they became parents.

Alexander Lymarev and wife Maria. Photo: @alex.lymarev

According to Lymarev, Maria gives him confidence in his own abilities. She can support in difficult times and knows how to put her husband in a positive mood. Such unity of souls is dear to Alexander.

Alexandra Musaeva


Alexandra Musaeva, who played the role of Katya Trubnikova, is tight-lipped about what concerns her personal life. It is known that the girl is not married. The artist prefers to talk about her hobbies and interests than to talk about relationships. The girl knows 3 languages, including English and Estonian. Alexandra loves to play the guitar and sing. The actress of the series “Get Her Across the Maidan” played basketball and swam in her youth. She can throw knives.

Alexandra Musaeva. Photo: Kino-Theater


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