“Shaman”: how the series ended

“Shaman”: how the series ended

The premiere of the Russian melodrama “Shamanka” took place in 2024 on the Domashny channel. The main characters experience a personal transformation that changes their worldview and brings new love.

How the series “Shamanka” ended and a brief description of the 4 episodes of the project is in the material of Attiremag  .

Brief story

Young businesswoman and psychologist Nastya Streltsova ( Maria Kozakova ) is successful in her business. In addition to a management position in a construction company, she owns a successful flower shop and teaches at a university. The girl is preparing for her wedding with her colleague, deputy Viktor ( Stanislav Erdley ). But the relationship between the young people does not work out.

Still from the TV series “Shaman”. Photo: Kino-Theater

The girl complains to her mother about strange dreams, and her parents advise her to visit Aunt Katya, a street organ, to whom Nastya was taken as a child to get rid of panic attacks. In the village, Streltsova is immersed in new circumstances that change her fate.

How did the series “Shamanka” end?

Nastya Streltsova’s life is scheduled day by day for months in advance. The girl plans to do everything in her work and personal life. Her wedding becomes a project through which she plans to increase the loyalty of others. The groom Victor is against this attitude towards their feelings. He doesn’t want a grand celebration and would prefer a more modest wedding ceremony. The young man assumes that Nastya is indifferent to him and is doing all this for the sake of self-PR.

Victor begins to flirt with the secretary, but Streltsova’s jealousy is alien. She is calm about her groom’s flirting at work. The man lacks patience and decides to break up with the girl. Nastya is depressed. She already has trouble sleeping at night, and her dreams are like delirium. The parents are concerned about their daughter’s condition. This episode of the series “Shaman” ends with them inviting her to go to the village to visit the shaman Baba Katya, who cured her as a child.

It turns out that the witch died long ago. But before her death, she announced that a girl would appear in the village who would become her successor. Pyotr Alekseev ( Alexander Vasilevsky ) looks after the old woman’s house . Previously, he was engaged in business, but later decided to change his life and moved to the outback. He started a farm here and is engaged in cheese making. He is against the construction of a project in this place, which is being led by Nastya Streltsova. The man wants to preserve the authentic appearance of the area.

In Petro, Nastya recognizes the man with the gun whom she often saw in her dreams. Despite the hostility, the girl becomes close to a local farmer. He teaches her the basics of magic, because he learned a lot from Baba Katya. Nastya needs to learn all the secrets of treating people: her mother is sick, and traditional medicine is powerless. Peter helps her create a medicine that will put her mother back on her feet.

Still from the TV series “Shaman”. Photo: Kino-Theater

But Nastya gets a call from her boss who needs help with a new project. Victor also understands that without Nastya a lot of things don’t work out. He wants to return the girl and start all over again. But each hero now has different goals.

Streltsova receives a call from the hospital that the girl’s mother is in critical condition. Anastasia goes to the clinic. Her manipulations help the parent recover. Nastya is reconsidering her life. She quits her job and the psychology department, where she lectured. Streltsova leaves her fiance. She wants to follow her desire – to live in the village with Peter.

But construction begins in the village, contrary to Nastya’s calculations. Her boss restored the project and entrusted its supervision to Victor. Peter is shocked, he assumes that it was Nastya who decided to return to her previous occupation. He himself prepares Baba Katya’s house for the arrival of his beloved. This episode of the series “Shamanka” ends with Streltsova urgently finding an error in the documents and turning the excavators back.

As a result, the girl decides to take her mother from the city and move to live in the village. Peter tells her that he plans to sell his cheese factory and restore the destroyed houses. Nastya has a better solution. In the finale, she sells her apartment in Moscow and uses the money to return the cheese factory to Peter. In the end the couple remains together.

Did you know that…

  • The project was included in the ratings “Best Russian melodramas of recent years”, “Best Russian series about love”.
  • The film was created by the White Balance studio. Filming of the series “Shaman” ended in 2023.
  • The screenwriter of the film was Svetlana Frichinskaya, who previously presented the project “Bhound”.
  • Maria Kozakova suggests that her heroine had a magical gift since childhood, despite her skeptical nature.

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