Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Camera! Motor!”

Behind the scenes: what is known about the personal lives of the actors of the series “Camera! Motor!"

On March 4, 2024, the comedy series “Camera!” started on TNT. Motor!”, which took viewers to the colony-settlement of the 90s. According to the plot of the project, the main character Kolya Videnin, due to an absurd accident, ended up behind barbed wire and was forced to cut down the forest. However, the talented boy found something he liked in the taiga and began making his own versions of Hollywood films.

Actors of the series “Camera! Motor!” and their personal life behind the scenes – in the material Attiremag .

Pavel Rassomakhin


Pavel Rassomakhin played the role of failed video director Nikolai Videnin . The actor was married twice. The first chosen one was the artist Ksenia Kondratova. The young people dated for a long time, and in November 2016 they had a wedding, to which close people of the couple were invited.

Pavel Rassomakhin with his wife. Photo: @rassomakhin_pavel

However, this union did not last long. Soon the young people separated, which was the reason for the divorce that was not made public. There were no children in the first marriage.

And in mid-2023, a wedding photo with Oksana Khaidakina was published on Pavel’s microblog. The girl was a plastic assistant in the play of the Rassomakhin brothers.

Now on the microblog, the star husband often publishes footage with his other half. However, Pavel does not share the details of his personal life.

Askar Nigamedzyanov


The role of a pickpocket nicknamed Sparrow was played by Askar Nigamedzyanov . The road to profession for the actor of the series “Camera! Motor!” turned out to be long. The talented young man tried his hand at the theater entrance exams four times. But the young man was refused, explaining the decision by his unusual appearance and short stature. The masters believed that it would be difficult to find a role with such a type.

Askar Nigamedzyanov. Photo: @as_ng25

Rejected by educational institutions, Askar continued his development in the studio of Konstantin Khabensky . The actor once drew attention to a talented boy in the audience. This instilled self-confidence, and Nigamedzyanov enrolled in a course with Dmitry Brusnikin , who taught him to appreciate atypicality and perceive features of appearance as an advantage.

Now Askar, in addition to acting, is interested in poetry. There are plans to make videos with my own works. The performer also dreams of working with Zhora Kryzhovnikov , Boris Khlebnikov and Daria Zhuk . Nigamedzyanov also dreams of revealing himself as a versatile actor.

Askar’s personal life is unknown. In the interview, Nigamedzyanov did not mention his soulmate, and the artist’s microblog is dedicated to creative moments.

Irina Vybornova


Irina Vybornova was reincarnated as a canteen worker and the only woman in the colony. Actress of the series “Camera! Motor!” known to theater audiences.

Irina Vybornova. Photo: ” Kino-Theater “

The performer’s works can be seen at the Gogol Center. The artist’s work was noted by the Moscow government. In 2011, the performer was awarded the medal “For Services to the Fatherland”, II degree. In the 2019/2020 season, Vybornova was nominated for the Golden Mask Award for best supporting role in the play “Petrovs in the Flu.”

But Irina does not advertise her personal life. It was not possible to find out whether the celebrity is married.

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Alexander Oblasov


The role of the deputy head of the colony, nicknamed Falsetto, was played by Alexander Oblasov . Actor of the series “Camera! Motor!” I arranged my personal life on the second try.

The performer’s first wife was Olga Ozollapina , from whose marriage a son, Yuri, was born. The couple went through a lot together, but they put an end to the relationship. The reason for the change turned out to be an acquaintance with Elena Gruk-Chernova on the set of the series “ Free Letter ”.

Alexander Oblasov and Elena Gruk-Chernova. Photo: @aleksandroblasov

The divorce from his wife was painful for Alexander, but the artist could not leave his beloved. For some time, Oblasov felt guilty about his ex. However, soon all the troubles were left in the past, and Ozollapinya found happiness next to the psychologist Yegor Gamayun.

And Elena and Alexander got married in August 2019. Now Oblasov is happy next to his second wife. The artist admitted that he likes to give flowers and gifts to the lady of his heart. The couple also share a love of travel. Alexander maintained contact with his son from his first marriage, and the heir often accompanies his parent on travels.

Dmitry Kolchin


In the role of the head of the colony Nazarov – Dmitry Kolchin . The actor is married. The other half was designer Larisa Martynova. The acquaintance with my life partner took place in a tent camp on the banks of the Volga.

Dmitry Kolchin with his wife. Photo: @dimakolchin

Two children were born into the family. The eldest heiress, without her father’s patronage or advice, chose KVN . Together with the team, the daughter went through several stages of the children’s league tournament, to the delight of the parent.

For some time, the actor traveled to work from Samara. The family did not want to move to the capital, since in their hometown they could drink morning tea and look at the Volga, and also walk the child to school. The Kaveen owner’s circle of interests also included fishing and a bathhouse, which are difficult to organize in a metropolis.

Now the artist remains in Moscow during filming of the project. Relatives come to visit, and Dmitry flies to Samara sometimes three times a week.

Sergey Belyaev


One of the main roles was played by Sergei Belyaev. The artist is known not only for his work in cinema. Viewers remembered the bright creative person from the humorous projects “ Comedy Battle ” and “ These are Miniatures ” as part of the duet “Seryozha Belyaev and Victor”.

Anastasia Tsibizova and Sergei Belyaev. Photo: @elnastasiya

Actor of the series “Camera! Motor!” married to Anastasia Tsibizova , whose love story began in his student years. The family has three children growing up. The eldest heiress of the couple, Serafima Belyaeva, has already made her film debut. The daughter’s work can be seen in the multi-part project “ Millionaire from Balashikha ”.


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