“Manyunya” Narine Abgaryan: let’s get to know the main characters of the story

“Manyunya” Narine Abgaryan: let’s get to know the main characters of the story

Narine Abgaryan is a unique author who even talks about sad things with a smile. The writer perceives literary talent as a temporary gift and is sure that, having achieved success, it is more important to remain human. Thanks to the sincerity of Abgaryan’s works, not only children, but also adults loved them.


The heroes of the story “Manyunya”, their names and characteristics are in the material of AttireMag .

Brief story


The main characters of the story were the girls Narine and Manyunya. They met in 1979 in a music class. The right to friendship was approved by the strict woman Rosa, to whom the main character introduced her friend Narine. This is how close communication between the Katz and Abgaryan families began.

Narine Abgaryan. Photo : Wikipedia

The girls found themselves in comical situations, fell in love, became infected with lice and burned their grandmother’s pantaloons. And next to the children were loving adults who helped them understand the intricacies of life.


Main characters


The author’s works lack action-packed plot moves, but at the same time, each hero of the story “Manyunya” turned out to be endowed with childish naivety, which allows him to treat life’s twists and turns with a bit of humor.


Maria Shats is the daughter of engineer Mikhail Shats and Galina. Parents are divorced. She lived with her father and grandmother. I rarely saw my mother. The parent remarried.

At the beginning of the story, the age is approximately 8-10 years. Resourceful, kind, cheerful, talkative, chatty, energetic, proactive, amorous. He gives himself over to the feeling until he is disappointed in the object of his adoration. Shows tactlessness in conversation. She is plump in appearance. On the covers of books and in the series of the same name, she is depicted as a girl with curly red hair. At some moments a combat forelock appeared on the head.


She studied at a music school.


Narine Abgaryan is the eldest daughter of the family. In appearance, she is tall and thin. Nosy. Large foot size. Due to its growth rate it is clumsy. She supported her friend in all her endeavors, for which she received punishment along with the main character of the story “Manyunya”.

She studied at a music school.


Rosa Iosifovna Shats is Manyuna’s grandmother. Housewife. She was a great cook. Characteristics: caring, grumpy, flirtatious, harsh in her statements. It was with pleasure that I took care of not only my granddaughter, but also her friend, as well as the Abgaryan family.

A still from the TV series “Manyunya”. Photo : Kinopoisk

She liked to threaten with original violence. The harshest word was considered “O Lord, God!”, which in its destructive impact was compared to the consequences of a drought in a small African country.

Close people felt protected next to the main character and adored Ba. Fan of traditional medicine. I used the recipes on my son and granddaughter.

Minor characters


Secondary characters are people close to the main characters.


Oleg is the husband of Aunt Sveta’s sister. Waiting for Narine and Mani to be ugly with hairy ears. The image of the character actually resembled in appearance the type of the main character of the film “ Pirates of the 20th Century ”. Blue eyes, wide forehead, dimple on the chin.


Aunt Nadya is Narine’s mother. Countrywoman Ba. Gets along well with Rosa Iosifovna. Teacher of Russian language and literature. According to the description, resourceful, reverent, loving, active. In verbal duels with her husband, she always emerged victorious.


The secondary heroine of the story “Manyunya” moved quickly and skillfully handed out slaps to the heiresses. I improved in this parenting skill and learned to extinguish conflicts in the bud. I missed life in my hometown.


Uncle Yura is a dentist. Father of four different-sized daughters. The character is hot-tempered and stubborn. Didn’t admit mistakes. The description lists him as a great family man and friend. Sole of company. The image of the secondary hero turned out to be the only one who could resist Ba. The character’s opinion was taken into account by Rosa Iosifovna.


Uncle Misha was the son of Ba and the father of Manyuni. In moments of anger, the mother called the heir Moishe or by his first name and patronymic. Engineer at a relay factory. Characteristics: kind, lonely, friendly.


Karine is the second sister in the Abgaryan family. A hooligan who was given the nickname Genghis Khan. The parents never figured out why such a child was sent. I dreamed of a motorcycle.

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the main idea


Narine Abgaryan’s work is written in the genre of an autobiographical story. The plot is about growing up. Thanks to the adventures of the main characters, children learned why playing with matches is dangerous, what happens if you pick up a fallen chick from the nest, and what pain the first unrequited love brings.

A still from the TV series “Manyunya”. Photo : Kinopoisk

In the story, the author touched upon the problems of falling in love, the injustice of the “big world,” vulnerability, and the connection between generations. The main conflict of the work is the relationship between fathers and children.

The main point of the story is to accept events as they are. The book also showed how to smooth out difficult moments thanks to a sense of humor, not to despair and to remain yourself. The work leads to the conclusion that the main thing in life is friendship and support of loved ones.

How old are the girls in the story “Manyunya”

At the beginning of their acquaintance, the girls were about 8 years old, although the main characters studied at different schools and attended various lessons in the music school.

What is Manyuni’s real name?

Real name: Maria Mikhailovna Shats.

Are there real prototypes for Manyuni’s characters?

The stories described in the book actually happened. The prototypes of the main character were Narine Abgaryan’s friends: one from childhood, the other from her student days. In life, the first one turned out to be calmer than the second. The author chose not to dwell on Mary’s further fate.

It is known that the prototype of the main character lives in the USA and protects her personal life from prying eyes. But the woman was pleased with the success of the book. Karine also lives in America. Narine’s two younger sisters remained in Armenia.

What does the story teach

The book teaches responsibility for one’s actions. The topics of independent choice and decision-making based on one’s own moral principles are also touched upon.

How does the story “Manyunya” end by Narine Abgaryan

During the official introduction, Ba found out that Narine’s mother Nadya is a fellow countrywoman. The girl passed a strict selection process from Rosa Iosifovna, which helped the Abgaryan and Shats families get closer.

A still from the TV series “Manyunya”. Photo : Kinopoisk

The friends also had their heads shaved after contracting lice. Then Manyunya fell in love and was disappointed. As it turned out, this was not the first unrequited feeling of the main character. Once the friendship began, there was no time to fall in love.

In the final part of the family, Abgaryan and Schatz went to Adler. In this story, Manyunya hid a turtle in a suitcase, Karine crippled a neighbor’s boy. The author remembers the trip for the multinational friendship between families.

Interesting Facts

  • Narine Abgaryan created Manyunya for adults. But in the end, the children liked the work and became a book for family reading.
  • In an interview, the writer admitted that she adhered to the principle of “not a day without a line.” At times the author overcame herself. Abgaryan is sure that if she stops, she will relax and at some point stop doing it.
  • In the writer’s work, the heroes of the story “Manyunya” at times began to dictate their terms. The characters turned out to be the opposite of what the writer intended.
  • In one interview, Narine admitted that she would like to see a cartoon based on “Manyuna”.
  • In the fall of 2021, the series of the same name started. The main character of the story “Manyunya” Narine, performed by Karina Kagramanyan, turned out to be energetically close to the author. Karine’s image also turned out to be similar to the prototype.

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