Wine Therapy for Hands is a new dynamic idea. The brand of cosmetics Cosmomedica by doctor Kondrasheva does not stop growing and developing. This time, he delighted customers with the opening of the flagship Medi-Spa store in Malaya Bronnaya. In the new space, you can not only purchase brand products and get advice but also treat yourself to facial and hair care procedures performed using Cosmomedica by doctor Kondrasheva cosmetics. The creator of the brand, Elena Kondrasheva, is a cosmetologist with 20 years of experience and a biochemist. This experience has allowed her to create cosmetics that satisfy any customer’s needs. Elena recommends starting with miniatures in order to find the perfect care for your needs at a minimal cost.

New cosmetics brand SKIND8

Australian cosmetics brand Skind8 is now available in Russia. Skind8 cosmetics are based on natural ingredients extracted in Australia. At the moment, there are only three products: the iconic pink clay mask, cleansing milk, and moisturizer. These are basic products for daily facial care, but other product categories will be added to Skind8 very soon. The brand is suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans – all components of the products are not derived from animal cells. The purity of the compositions is one of the important parts of the brand philosophy. Wine Therapy

Now there are only three products in the brand: the iconic pink clay mask, cleansing milk and moisturizer.  These are basic products for daily facial care, but other product categories will be added to Skind8 very soon.

A new conceptual direction of yoga from DEvi Club

A new conceptual direction of yoga was presented at the women’s yoga studio DEvi Club. Eva yoga appeared at the intersection of psychology and physical improvement, pursuing the main goal: to prove that every girl is beautiful and worthy of her self-love, acceptance, and admiration. This is achieved through a special format. Wine Therapy

“Eva-yoga is a completely new author’s direction, thanks to which all the fair sex will be able to build relationships with themselves and their bodies through acceptance and love. In the classroom, we always want to teach guests to see themselves as beautiful as others see them, and not be afraid that something will not work out, ”comments Ella Kazaryan, founder of the women’s yoga studio for physical and mental health DEvi Club.

Wine therapy Caudalie for hands and feet in “Fingers”

This spring, the spa menu of the Fingers chain will be replenished with anti-aging treatments for hands and feet using the cosmetics of the world-famous French brand Caudalie – the Wine Therapy: Antioxidant Spa Treatment complex. The complex “Vinotherapy: Antioxidant Spa Care” in “Fingers” is based on the professional Vinotherapis body care line. Spa ritual helps to nourish even the driest skin, improves metabolism, smoothes fine wrinkles, and makes the skin soft and tender. Vinotherapist products contain only natural ingredients: organic shea butter, brown sugar crystals, and, of course, polyphenols, grape seed oil, and red grape extract. The Caudalie spa treatment lasts 20 minutes and can be done on its own or after a manicure and pedicure. Wine Therapy
Wine therapy Caudalie for hands and feet in “Fingers”

Hydrodynamic therapy Affinity in the salon “Sensavi”

Among the new products of the Sensavi Beauty Institute is Affinity hydrodynamic therapy. The method allows you to fight the signs of aging, treat acne, couperosis, and rosacea, remove pigmentation, and correct scars, and stretch marks. The nano-nozzles of the device are equipped with ultra-fine holes through which liquid (a weak solution of glycolic or lactic acid) is supplied under pressure directly into the pores, without violating the integrity of the skin. Next, microcurrent therapy is carried out, which increases the skin’s ability to recover and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands. As a result, inflammation disappears, and the skin becomes smoother, hydrated, and younger. Wine Therapy



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