“Wild”: how the Turkish series ended


The premiere of the 26-episode Turkish melodrama “Wild” took place in September 2023. The director of the project was Çağatay Tosun, and Hilal Yıldız worked on the script. The plot of the film tells about a guy who grew up on the street, and then unexpectedly found a family and learned the shocking truth about new relatives.


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Brief story

At the center of the story is the story of a guy Yaman (Halit Ozgur Sary), who was born into a rich and influential Soysalan family. However, while still a child, the main character became a victim of kidnappers, and then he was abandoned on the street. His childhood and youth passed in need and poverty. Nevertheless, the guy did not become embittered, did not become cruel. On the contrary, Yaman in his life puts above all else the well-being of his friends, for whom he is ready to go to great lengths, since he considers them the closest in his life.

Still from the series. Photo: “Magnificent East”

After 17 years of separation, the hero will meet his real family and return to his home. However, in reality, the situation for each hero does not turn out the way they imagined in their dreams. It’s not easy to become one of those people with whom you haven’t been close for many years, even despite your blood relationship. Fans of the genre want to know how the series “Wild” ended, whether Yaman and Ruya will end up together, and therefore follow the development of storylines with interest.


How did the series “Wild” end?

Since childhood, finding himself in the cruel and gloomy “street world,” the main character was forced to learn to survive in difficult conditions and fight for a place in the sun. One day, Yaman meets an attractive girl named Ruya (Simay Barlas), who was born and raised in a family of wealthy and influential parents. Young people fall in love with each other, but they understand that there are many obstacles on the way to their joint happiness. In addition, Yaman dreams of helping his friend Umut, who is confined to a wheelchair.

A new acquaintance turns into a strange adventure into which the main character finds himself drawn. He enters the Soysalan family’s house, where he beats a guy and accidentally injures a woman. Soon the guy realizes with horror that these strangers may turn out to be his close relatives, whom he has not seen for many years. The family waited all these years for the return of their son Ali, hoping to learn at least something about the lost child.

Yaman agrees to give his hair to Neslihan’s mother (Dolunay Soysert) for a DNA test. However, father Serhan (Yurdaer Okur) refuses to call the guy son and hires people to beat him. Soon the hero finds himself in the house of his newly found relatives, his father has to put up with his presence. His brother Alaz (Bertan Asllani) is not happy about the young man’s return either ; they end up quarreling and a fight breaks out. Later, relations began to improve, the family gave the hero a phone and a car, and also reported that his friend Umut began treatment in the hospital.

Still from the series. Photo: “Magnificent East”

Later, the guy thinks about finding out the name of his kidnapper, who separated him from his family at an early age. An overheard telephone conversation becomes the clue. The hero understands that Rui’s relative, Uncle Ilker, as well as someone from his family are involved in the case, but he does not remember the details. Later, suspicion falls on Serhan , and Neslihan fears that the young man will find out that he is not his own father. Then it turns out that Caner Soysalan’s uncle may have been involved in the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, doctors are unable to help Umut: the operation is too risky, but another specialist, Dr. Güven, gives hope that everything will work out. Yaman is arrested for beating Ryuzgar , but is soon released. The guy understands that Alaz did it and intends to tell the police about it. Shebnem , Rui’s mother (Shebnem Hassanisoughi), tells Serhan about Caner’s murder . Yaman learns from his father that his brother is in love with Ruya. Ryuzgar is discharged from the hospital, he and the protagonist’s sister Chagla are planning a wedding, but Yaman gets in their way. The girl then tells her family about the pregnancy. As a result, the wedding was not destined to take place due to the terrible act of the groom.


At this time, Umut’s life is in danger, Güven saves him. Chagla’s condition is also being normalized. Ryuzgar secretly enters the Soysalan house, and a day later Ruya informs Yaman and Alaz about his death. The main character gets rid of the body, and Ryuzgar’s father Adil looks for his son and reports what he saw to the police. Güven does a DNA test because he suspects that Yaman is his son. The main character hides Ruya. It soon becomes clear that the killer is Chagla. Serhan decides to take the blame upon himself. Neslihan admits to Güven that Yaman is his son.

Chagla intends to commit suicide, but her brothers and mother save her. Umut can already stand on his feet. Yaman thanks Güven and asks him to leave, but he decides not to. Neslihan tells her husband who Yaman’s father is. Rui Metin’s father is released from prison. Yaman makes peace with his beloved, and at this time Umut is hit by a car and dies. Güven intends to investigate this case, in which Serhan is probably involved. Rui’s parents reconcile, and the main character manages to find the person involved in Umut’s death. After his funeral, the Soysalan family learns the name of the protagonist’s real father.

In a long conversation, Neslihan explains to her son why she married another man. Serhan is trying to win the children over to his side. Under the influence of drugs, after celebrating the New Year, Alaz commits an irreparable act, the main characters get into an accident. Serhan plans to shift the blame to Yaman, but he finds out about this plan. The key character eventually manages to bring Serhan and Alaz to light. Neslikhan is unable to forgive her husband for his meanness, and he sets a trap, but in the end he himself becomes a victim.

Still from the series. Photo: “Magnificent East”

Yaman overhears a conversation, from which he learns about the relationship between his close friend Asya and Alaz, after which he beats his brother. Photos of Güven and Neslihan appear in the press, Serhan arrives at his rival’s house with a weapon. Güven is blamed for the murder of Grandfather Eşref, but the main character is sure that this is the work of Serhan. Alaz speaks out in defense of his father, and he is released from arrest. The son says that he knows everything, Chagla overhears this conversation. One of the episodes of the series “Wild” ends with Ruya helping the main character prove the guilt of the real criminal.

Serhan’s driver tells how everything really happened, Güven is released. Yaman goes to save his mother, but there he realizes that Shebnem is to blame for everything. Together with his friends, the hero finds evidence, the killer and Serhan are arrested, but they shift the blame to Metin. The main character’s friends hide the man, but he is found to have mental problems. Alaz helps Ruya and her father, but this almost leads to tragedy. The main character manages to save the girl, and her parent voluntarily dies when he is arrested.

Shebnem asks Neslihan for forgiveness, but she does not believe her. After Serhan’s conversation with Yaman, the main character’s parent is beaten. The guy at the end makes another mistake when he greets Deniz, Güven’s son, with hostility. After the reading of Eshref’s will, it turns out that Yaman owns all of his inheritance. He wants to give it to his mother, but she is against it.

Denise wants to frame her brother, his plan works. The main character sorts things out with Ruya, they break up. Alaz and Yaman then join forces. The episode of the series “Wild” ends with the appearance of a stranger, who turns out to be the daughter of the person Yaman is interested in. She intends to take the life of this guy, but he manages to escape. Alaz is sure that this is the lucky ticket that they managed to pull out. In the finale of episode 26, the hero comes to her house, and she kisses him in front of everyone present.

Did you know that…

  • The project was filmed in 2023 in Istanbul.
  • Actor Halit Ozgur Sari is known to viewers for his roles in the TV series “My Brothers, My Sisters” and “ Resurrected Ertugrul ”.
  • Actress Dolunay Soysert is familiar to fans of the genre from the projects “Don’t Let Go of My Hand”, “ Magnificent Century ”.


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