Why Tom Holland Defends His Relationship With Zendaya

Tom Holland

Why Tom Holland Defends His Relationship With Zendaya

Tom Holland and Zendaya clearly have on-screen chemistry in the Spider-Man movie trilogy, and that’s apparently spilled over behind the scenes as well. The couple was involved in a real relationship, which reflects what was on the first screen, for about as long as they played Peter and MJ together. However, the couple is very protective of their real relationship, and Tom Holland recently revealed why, because they see it as something separate from their public life that they want to protect.

When you’re famous, it’s hard to keep anything secret about your personal life, but Tom Holland and Zendaya did their best to hide their life together from the spotlight. In a recent conversation with THR, Holland clearly avoided talking about Zendaya in general but explained why they don’t want to talk about it much. Holland said…

Our relationship is something that we are incredibly protective of and want to keep as sacred as possible. We don’t think we owe anyone, it’s our business, and it has nothing to do with our career.

When celebrities live in the spotlight, it can be difficult to keep any part of their lives a secret, but many try. Eva Mendes discussed the fact that she does not arrange celebrations with Ryan Gosling because they are trying to keep their personal lives secret, despite the fact that most of what they do professionally is done publicly. Holland and Zendaya seem to think the same way. Although they know that their careers attract public attention, their relationships are not part of it, so they want to keep them behind closed doors.

And I must say that Tom Holland and Zendaya have done a wonderful job of keeping their relationship a secret. While there were rumors about the couple’s romance, for quite some time after the first Spider-Man movie, neither of them spoke publicly about whether there was a relationship at all, and they did not appear in public. the way that made such a relationship clear. Even after Holland and Zendaya publicly confirmed that they were together, otherwise they didn’t become much more open. Sometimes Zendaya talks about Holland’s culinary skills, or Holland uses a cute nickname to refer to his soulmate, but that’s the limit of things.

Tom Holland is right. Although he and Zendaya may have met on set, their personal life is their personal life and they should be able to keep it private if that’s their choice. The fact that their careers make them public figures does not mean that fans will know literally everything about them.


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