Who is Kraven in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Who is Kraven in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Who is Kraven in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

New to the  Marvel’s Spider-Man universe  for PlayStation, Kraven’s mark on the franchise is felt throughout the newest game. But who is Kraven the Hunter, how tall is he, and what role does he play in  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  ?


Insomniac ‘s Marvel’s Spider-Man series  has taken its fair share of Peter and Miles’ rogues gallery: Doctor Octopus, Shocker, Mister Negative and Rhino (among others). However,  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  has added even more villains to its roster. While the dangerous Venom symbiote plays a leading role, none is more ferocious than Kraven the Hunter. As one of the best hunters in the world, he craves a good fight that will challenge him. His influence on  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  is one of the biggest the series has ever seen. So who is Kraven in the comics and what happens to him in the game?

As expected,  this guide covers everything related to Kraven the Hunter in the comics and  Marvel’s Spider-Man series  ,  including  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  , so to avoid spoilers, I suggest playing the games or watching walkthroughs before reading. Our own Chris Carter rated   Marvel’s Spider-Man   a 9 in his glowing review, praising Insomniac’s strong direction and fun ride through New York City.


Who is Kraven the Hunter in the comics?

Who is Kraven in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Sergei Kravinoff  , or Kraven the Hunter,  is a professional mercenary  and, well, hunter from Russia. Gifted in the art of combat, he strives to find the strongest opponents. He taught his methods to dozens of other hunters, including his half-brother Chameleon and the dangerous Grizzly. His height of 6 feet  towers over others and makes him stand out among his pride. In terms of weapons, he uses a variety of knives and crossbows at close and long range.

Thanks to his advanced hunting skills, he has developed a kind of animal instinct. He pursues his goals and learns about their strengths and weaknesses. Naturally, his affinity and hatred for Spider-Man is quite strong. Kraven is also a founding member of the villainous group The Sinister Six. A film adaptation of the character starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson (  Kick-Ass, Bullet Train  ) is scheduled for release in August 2024.

Who is Kraven in  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  ? (Spoilers)

Who is Kraven in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Like his comic book counterpart, Kraven the Hunter from  Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  is a force to be reckoned with  . In the game, he is played by Jim Pirri, and his determination to find a worthy opponent leads him to New York. It is there that he slowly but surely hunts his “prey”. Anyone who poses a threat to him will be taken care of immediately, even if things go wrong. With the help of several items found at their base, Mary Jane discovers the deaths of several characters.


It proves to be a real test for the Spider-Men as they show the most promise. Later in the game, we learn why Kraven is so eager to find his equal:  he is dying of cancer  . He has nothing to lose, and he goes for broke, taking no risks and exploiting everything possible. He does come close to killing the Spider-Men, especially with Peter, as he mortally wounds him midway through the game. However, the fully developed Venom defeats the assassin, resulting in a gruesome demise.

While Kraven may no longer be in  Marvel’s Spider-Man series  , his determination motivated the Spider-Men to become stronger. His destruction of some of Spidey’s biggest enemies could make the streets a little safer; although this may result in even bigger baddies coming out of the woodwork. The end credits give some idea of ​​what to expect, the main one being Norman becoming the dastardly Green Goblin. However, Kraven was a formidable opponent in all aspects of the character.


Who is Kraven in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?
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