Where to Find Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3

Where to Find Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Last Light Inn serves as the primary location for Act 2. Nestled deep within the Shadow Cursed Lands, it offers opportunities to connect with both familiar faces and newcomers alike. One of its most notable features is that it remains impervious to the shadow curse plaguing much of this region. Additionally, serving in a regional capacity as headquarters for The Harpers organization under Jaheira’s leadership further enhances its significance.

In this wretched land, the inn serves as a central point for weary travellers to seek respite. Numerous Tie fling refugees from Emerald Grove have found solace here. Besides provides comfortable lodging and restful accommodations, Dammon’s emporium trades with merchants seeking unique treasures while offering several intriguing interactions with other non-player characters in our midst.

An Inn is presently sheltering Isobel, a cleric who serves Selune. But unless you intervene promptly, she will fall prey to an attack and abduction from the cult of the Absolute – it’s imperative that you safeguard her in order for her rescue.

Located in the midst of the Shadow Cursed Lands, The Last Light Inn enjoys protection under Isobel’s blessings and is a secure destination featuring numerous significant personalities. Here you can comfortably trade goods, relax, engage with NPCs plus much more without any concerns about succumbing to Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadow Curse.

Locating the Last Light Inn: An Adventurous Pursuit

It is crucial to locate the Last Light Inn, however it will prove to be quite a challenge. In order to discover this establishment during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you must embark on an arduous journey from either the Underdark or Mountain Pass – for those who seek adventure and are daring enough.

Where to Find Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3

As you enter the Underdark, make your way to the area known as Underdark-Beach. It can be accessed while completing Avenge Glut’s Circle side quest and finding a boat on the shore. This vessel will take you to Gyrmforge but beware! The beach is swarming with enemies including members of cult of absolute so ensure their elimination before boarding.

Upon arrival in Gyrmforge prepare for an array of quests such as Free True Soul Nere where freeing or killing a cultist grants access his Illithid Parasite.

You can either finish these quests or ignore them and proceed towards the west from the boat. There, you will come across a sizable metallic entrance.

NPCs discussing Shadow Cursed Lands will be present near the metal door. Use the elevator to proceed further into these lands, but note that doing so means progressing to Act 2. Therefore, ensure all pending tasks and quests are completed or gather any items before proceeding ahead.

Once you arrive at a temple situated in the Shadow Cursed Lands, seek out Elminster Aumar, who is a character located there. Interact with him to advance Gale’s companion mission entitled “Wizard of Waterdeep”. Afterwards, exit from the temple and explore through the shadowlands.

Mountain Pass: An Alternative Route to Discovery

To get to the Last Light Inn situated in the Shadow Cursed Lands, one can traverse through Baldur’s Gate 3’s Mountain Pass. The route involves starting from Risen Road and encountering Githyanki Patrol before heading further Northwest towards Trielta Crags waypoint.

Where to Find Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3

This area is being patrolled by a few level 6 undead foes, so it’s advisable to employ the assistance of Smite spell. This particular skill can be acquired and utilized by any cleric in your party. Alternatively, you may choose to evade them altogether with the Invisibility spell- particularly on Astarion who has excellent sneaking abilities.

Once he steps foot into the Shadow Cursed Lands, the entire party will be instantly teleported there. To access the Shadowed Battlefield, simply head in a northwest direction.

Journeying Across the Shadow Enchanted Regions

Take a moment to wander and you may stumble upon distressed beings, such as Kar’niss. Assist them in warding off obscurities and they will guide your way towards the final respite – The Last Light Inn.

When journeying through the Shadowlands, it’s advisable to be equipped with a torch. This will aid in warding off any potential harm caused by the shadow curse and enhance visibility amidst darkness. Subsequently, you may come across a Moon Lantern that serves this purpose or choose to dispel the Shadow Curse altogether.

To get to the Last Light Inn in Baldur’s Gate 3, head southwest from where you’ll encounter the Harpers – an opposition faction fighting against the cult of Absolute. As they’re your allies, rescue them and then trail behind to locate this inn. Another way is by heading Northwest if taking Mountain Pass.

Upon your arrival, you shall encounter Jaheira outside the inn. Inherently distrustful of you initially, she eventually warms up to your company. As a character recurrent in the Baldur’s Gate franchise, those familiar with prior installments will undoubtedly recall her presence vividly.

Where to Find Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3
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