When will Warzone 3 be released?

When will Warzone 3 be released?

When will Warzone 3 be released?

With Modern Warfare 3 becoming the next game in the iconic franchise, the CoD news cycle has changed and Infinity Ward is looking to improve every aspect of its game.


This includes Warzone. There are changes coming that could indicate that there will be a whole new war zone for players to experience.

Will Warzone 3 be released?

Warzone 2.0 premiered alongside Modern Warfare 2 2022 last year, and while it wasn’t as widely successful as the original Warzone, it still offers some of the best battle royale gaming experience.


With so many people playing only Call of Duty for Warzone in recent years, it’s only natural for Infinity Ward to shift most of its focus on the new CoD back to Warzone. This has received significant attention in the blogs dedicated to Modern Warfare 3, as Warzone and the changes that players can expect had an entirely separate blog.

As shown in the video above, players will be taken to the all-new Urzikstan map, which will release on November 10, 2023 along with the full version of MW3.

So technically Warzone 3 is coming out on November 10th, but Infinity Ward isn’t exactly calling it Warzone 3. They’re only going back to Warzone.


Regarding the details of the new map, they noted the following.

“Located in Western Asia on the eastern border of the Black Sea, Urzikstan plays an important role in the Modern Warfare series. Bordering the Adal Republic – a location on the Al Mazra map in Call of Duty: Warzone – Urzikstan only recently emerged from under the thumb of dictator Roman Barkov thanks to a joint operation by the CIA, SAS and the Urzikstan Liberation Forces, founded by Farah Karim after the escape from Tobrak prison.”


When will Warzone 3 be released?
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