What weather awaits us in April 2024: forecasts and signs

What weather awaits us in April 2024: forecasts and signs

Spring continues to come into its own, and its presence is felt more and more every day. When planning a vacation and planning a travel itinerary for the next month, residents of Russia should take into account the climate picture of the region where the trip will take place, as well as the warnings of weather forecasters.

Weather forecast for April 2024 – in the material Attiremag .



The beginning of the period for Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region will be characterized by cloudy and cool weather. Under the influence of the anticyclone, weather forecasters do not predict precipitation in the first days of the month. The air temperature at night will fluctuate from 1 °C to 6 °C, during the day it is expected to reach 11 degrees above zero. In the second half of the period, more sunny and clear days are expected in the capital; the air will also warm up to 13 °C during the day, and at night the temperature will not drop below 4 degrees Celsius. In recent days, light and short-term rains are expected in some areas of the city. The hydrometeorological center promises that the air in Moscow and the region in mid-spring will heat up to 16 °C during the day and 9 °C at night.

Saint Petersburg


The weather forecast for April 2024 reports that the second month of spring will delight residents of the Northern capital with clear and sunny days. However, there is still a possibility of changes in atmospheric pressure. Precipitation and cloudiness are forecast to be low only in the last few days. The air temperature will not drop below zero even at night, and its average will be 3 °C – 8 °C. During the day, the thermometer will show from 5 °C to 13 °C. But the arrival of climatic spring in St. Petersburg and the surrounding districts and regions is expected only towards the end of the period and the beginning of May.

central Russia


For the population of most cities in Central Russia, the second month of spring will be clear and sunny. The beginning of the period in some areas is characterized by temperature changes and an unstable climate picture; precipitation in the form of short-term snowfalls and rains is still possible. Meteorologists also warn about possible changes in atmospheric pressure, which could affect the well-being of some residents of the region.

But from the middle of the period, temperature indicators will maintain a tendency to gradually increase and establish above-zero temperatures. In early April, frosts are still possible at night, but from the second decade the temperature will not drop below 5 degrees Celsius. During the day, the thermometer will show from 7 °C to 15 °C, depending on the location and distance from the south. Short rains are expected at the end of the month in the Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk and Ryazan regions. The probability of precipitation increases in the evening.



In Siberia, weather forecasters promise a small number of sunny and favorable days, the rest of the time the sky will be cloudy and cloudy. In the first half of April, moderate precipitation in the form of rain and snow is also possible in the region. The temperature can drop below zero at night; during the day, measuring instruments will show from 4 to 8 degrees with a plus sign. A warming trend will emerge towards the end of the period.



The weather in the Urals in the middle of the season will delight you with the arrival of long-awaited warmth. In the early days, frosts down to –2 °C are still possible at night. But from the second decade the values ​​will increase. At night, instruments will show no lower than 4 °C, and during the day in some areas up to 12 degrees above zero is predicted. Average values ​​will be from 3 °C to 7 °C. The number of cloudy days is expected to be greater than clear, with about 10 precipitation expected per month. The average wind speed will be about 4 meters per second.

Far East


The weather forecast for April 2024 warns residents of the Far East about an unstable meteorological picture. In mid-spring, heavy precipitation in the form of rain and sleet, brought by cyclones, is possible in this region. Temperature changes and night frosts are predicted with a high probability, so it will be possible to talk about the arrival of real spring only closer to the end of April – beginning of May.

Volga region


Meteorologists in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Samara and other regions are not preparing Russians for unpleasant climate surprises. Precipitation in the form of rain is expected in the third ten days of the month, but the number of clear and spring-like warm days will prevail. The air temperature will fluctuate between –1 °C – 12 °C; from the middle of the month there will be a tendency towards warming and the establishment of clear and sunny spring weather.

Southern regions


In Rostov-on-Don and other cities of the Southern region, April promises to be warm and sunny like spring. Frosts are not expected, at night the thermometer values ​​will not drop below 5 degrees, and by the end of the month the air will be warmed to 10 °C even at night. Already from the middle of the period in the daytime, measuring instruments will show 13 °C… 17 °C, and in the last ten days warming is expected to reach 20 degrees, so it is worth thinking about changing or updating your wardrobe. In Anapa, warm and clear spring weather is also predicted, typical for this season.

Forecasters do not promise precipitation in the form of rain and snow, and the number of cloudy days is expected to be no more than five. The air temperature at night will not drop below 7 degrees Celsius, and during daylight hours the instruments will show up to 17 °C. A similar picture is predicted by the Hydrometeorological Center for the rest of the Black Sea coast, as well as in Sochi, only with the difference that the average indicators will be 2-3 degrees higher. The water in the sea will warm up to 9-12 degrees, but there will not be much time left before the opening of the swimming season and the appearance of conditions comfortable for a beach holiday.



The weather in the North-West of the country in the middle of the season does not prepare unexpected and large-scale unpleasant surprises and anomalies for residents of this region. The arrival of climate spring will be felt gradually every day, but one should not hope for a stable meteorological picture throughout the region. Night frosts are still possible in the northern part, and temperature changes in Kaliningrad and other areas near the sea remain a common occurrence.

Precipitation in the form of snow and rain is also likely in the first and second decades of the month. The Hydrometeorological Center warns coastal residents about possible showers and thunderstorms during this period. The weather forecast for April 2024 states that towards the end of the period, warming in the region will become more noticeable, but the sky will remain cloudy, and the number of clear and sunny days in the month will be no more than five.

Bonus: weather signs

  • Clear April nights lead to morning frosts.
  • There is a lot of birch sap in April – expect a rainy summer.
  • Birds build nests on the sunny side – summer will be cold.
  • The sun at sunrise in April is red – expect a change in the weather.
  • April thunder, when the snow has not yet melted, means a cold summer. And evening thunder with a north wind promises a hot and dry summer, as well as a cool autumn.

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