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What did Miss Moscow 2023 look like

Miss Moscow 2023

What did Miss Moscow 2023 look like before all the plastic surgeries – are you ready to see it?

What did Miss Moscow 2023 look like before all the plastic surgeries – are you ready to see it? The capital hosted the annual Miss Moscow 2023 beauty contest, the main crown of which was Angelina Brezhenskaya, a 25-year-old resident of Saratov. Miss Moscow 2023

The victory of the girl caused very big questions. In particular, her appearance. Angelina has such a great love for plastic surgery that she has completely changed herself. With the naked eye, you can see the nose and chest made, the injected fillers in the cheekbones, lips, jaw and, of course, Botox in the forehead. The girl was so carried away by “improvement” that she made herself visually older and began to look more like a Barbie doll

“Too many explicit operations. How was she even allowed to participate in the competition”, “Hmm, beauty contests are not the same”, “Naturality used to be valued, and now operations,” they wrote on the network. Miss Moscow 2023

After the competition, interest in Brezhenskaya’s persona grew sharply, and with it, curiosity – how the model looked before all operations. The task of finding old photographs proved to be difficult. Telegram channelMashI found several pictures that I immediately shared on the network. Miss Moscow 2023

They found pictures of Angelina taken as a child. On them, the future model with highlights on her head and in a pale pink shirt posed near a tree. It is clear that the girl has grown and changed, but such strong changes as now are simply impossible ( see also: “Total shame”: Miss Universe 2023 was criticized for an outfit, as if from an adult store ).
After the portal published a photo of Brezhenskaya when she was a little older. The girl was photographed with her friends in the back seat of the car. By that time, her hair had become longer and slightly darker, and her face had acquired softer and more accurate contours.
Apparently, the natural beauty of Angelina did not suit her at all, so she decided on drastic measures in the form of operations and various beauty injections.
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