Three basic monetary laws of the Universe. Psychology

monetary laws

Three basic monetary laws of the Universe. Psychology

There are three basic monetary laws of the Universe. Many people do not believe in the existence of subtle energies and that they can be accessed. And this is not surprising, because no one taught them to “communicate” with these substances. Meanwhile, experts are sure that it is in the subtle energies that the “keys” that open the “gates of abundance” are hidden.

monetary laws

When experts talk about subtle matters, they mean that invisible force that surrounds people. The Aryans call it “od”, in China, this force is called “qi”, in India – “prana”. Thanks to this force, the universe is formed, and there is life on Earth. Everything that surrounds us – reservoirs, clouds in the sky, forests, mountains – is nothing but a manifestation of this force. And material goods (jewelry, banknotes, coins) are no exception, they are a visible embodiment and a specific manifestation of subtle energy.

The energy of material wealth can be learned to manage. To do this, you must enter into resonance with it. And in order to make your task easier, you first need to understand the three universal monetary laws that this energy obeys.

monetary laws

Law No. 1 “The energy of material goods is obedient to attention”

It directly depends on concentration and attentiveness which energy – wealth or poverty – will prevail in our lives. After all, attention is a prerequisite for establishing control over your desires, thoughts, and actions. Attention management is a psychological “self-education”, which is a key link in attracting monetary energy.

More often allow yourself to think about material goods, to imagine how money “flows into your hands.” Don’t be shy in your dreams, don’t be ashamed of your desires. After all, unfortunately, most negative myths, superstitions, and prejudices are associated with money, so people have embarrassment about their “money” desires. And what is the result? But it turns out that it is the wrong attitude to material wealth that gives rise to a joyless existence filled with deceit, greed, greed, theft, poverty, and poverty. monetary laws

Why is it possible to love your car or apartment/house, but be ashamed to love money? You bought them for money, or someone bought it for money and gave it to you. There is nothing shameful in the love of money – you just love the energy and opportunities that they give you. monetary laws

If you don’t love money, why should they love you and why should they be attracted to a person who doesn’t love them?

Law #2: Give with a light heart

Law No. 3 “Any of our promises will return to us”

In practice, the third law is interpreted as follows: you activate your concentration and attention on some object (material good), after which a certain type of subtle energy, like a magnet, attracts reciprocal attention into your life, that is, the energy doubles. Our concentration in this case is likened to a magnifying glass, which is able to fix money rays in one place (point). In other words, in order to start attracting material wealth into your life, you need to become a kind of “magnet” for them.

Remember that each person has their own unique reason for blocking the flow of monetary energy. Maybe this is a generic program, passing from generation to generation. And, perhaps, this is an attitude acquired in the present life, which is based on one’s own negative experience. And this reason must be eliminated from your life so that money can flow to you freely.

Money is the same resource (energy) as your health. If you take care of your health and try to improve/increase it, then why can’t you do it with money?

There are Egregors in the Universe. Egregor is a large energy field created by a group of people. The oldest and most powerful on earth are the egregors of religion (each religion has an owl egregor) and the egregor of money. Money egregor loves active and enterprising people. This is the case when water does not flow under a lying stone. monetary laws

If you want to really make friends with a money egregor, go to action. Ask your boss for a raise or raise your price if you are self-employed. The money egregor resonates with bold desires and decisive actions, attracting new flows of money in your direction.

1. Bargain at every opportunity – find out about discounts, ask for discount cards in the store, free shipping, etc. 

2. Visualization.

Make and visualize a list of everything that you will buy with this money. If this is an apartment, then provide in detail its location, decoration, furniture, an extract from the USRR in your name for the ownership of this apartment, etc. And so it is with everything you want.

Actions to attract your money dream to you. If you want an apartment – open sites with offers for the sale of apartments and study those offers of apartments that you dream about. Find people who offer the product you need. Check that they are not scammers who usually offer too low a price. Study the prices, choose the best price, and calculate how much you need to save to buy the product you like, preferably in the form of a table. 

3. Collect “magnets” for money and use them – money cards with cash back, discount cards, bonus cards, loyalty cards, and any other options to get a discount. It is useful to open savings or replenishment accounts in banks.

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