The story of Lyudmila from Moscow, participant in the 2nd season of the show “Waited”

The story of Lyudmila from Moscow, participant in the 2nd season of the show “Waited”

In the 3rd episode of the 2nd season, Lyudmila Dyachenko became a participant in the show “ Zhduli ”. A woman came to a project on the U TV channel to tell viewers about how she decided to put her life into a long standby mode.

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Lyudmila’s fate


40-year-old Moscow resident Lyudmila Dyachenko told her story. She came to the capital from the village of Kubansky, which is located in the Krasnodar Territory. The woman works as a concierge in an apartment building and lives here, but her personal life has not worked out. Her parents Natalya and Alexander have been happily married for more than four decades. Lyudmila also has a younger sister, Tatyana, she is 38 years old and has three children.

At the age of 15, Lyuda met Igor Lapshin, they began dating. The girl was waiting for a guy from the army, then they lived together. Lyudmila dropped out of school and soon became pregnant. However, the chosen one did not wait for the heir to appear, declaring that the child was not his, and soon married another girl. Later, Igor recognized Daniel’s son, but did not improve relations with his mother. Her parents helped the young mother raise the boy.

Lyudmila Dyachenko on the show “Waited.” Photo: TV channel “Yu”

A few years later, Lyudmila Dyachenko met a man named Vladimir, he turned out to be 3 years older than the girl. They began to live together, and 6-year-old Daniil stayed with his grandparents. However, the couple’s family life did not work out due to the lack of a stable income and a permanent job for the chosen one, as well as his addiction. Lyudmila and Vladimir constantly quarreled, and their parents helped them financially. The woman still hoped that her husband would settle down and start a normal life. She gave birth to his son Alexander, 3 years later – a daughter, Valentina, and after another 5 years, a son, Kirill, appeared.

The parents of three children never registered their relationship with the registry office. Lyudmila says that her husband often used physical force against her, once even breaking his arm. Later the family moved to Lyuda’s parents in the Krasnodar region. The woman worked several jobs to feed her children. In 2019, the couple decided to separate, but remained to live under the same roof, since Vladimir had nowhere to go.

After this, the heroine of the program met Valery Makarov on a social network, who turned out to be 5 years older than her. Initially, it was friendly communication through correspondence and by phone, and then the relationship became more trusting. The man admitted that he had 4 previous convictions and spent a total of 19 years in prison. At the time of their acquaintance, Valery had been free for a year and lived in Moscow. He invited the lady to visit to meet in person.

She did not immediately accept the invitation, because first she wanted to get rid of excess weight. In 3 months she lost 30 kg, but starvation almost led to tragedy: the woman once lost consciousness and suffered a broken leg, after which she spent several months in bed. The parents began to look after their daughter, then she told them about her new novel. Mother and father reacted negatively to the news, since their youngest daughter already had a bad experience with a prisoner.

Tatyana married a man who was serving a sentence for murder. But after 3 years, she decided to file for divorce, realizing that waiting was too difficult. In 2021, Lyudmila finally decided to go to the capital to see Makarov. The heroine’s father was against it and even stopped communicating with his daughter, but she did it her way. The woman left the younger children with their father and eldest son, who was then 18.

Lyudmila hoped that she would return home with her lover, but in the end she decided to stay in Moscow and settled in Valery’s apartment. She began working as a concierge in the same building where they lived. The couple got married in September, and 3 months later the man suddenly died after he fell on the street and ended up in intensive care. Lyudmila had to move to the concierge’s room, since she did not want to return to her parents. They never made peace with their father; the woman communicates only with her mother and two younger children.

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Meeting the convict


On social networks, Lyudmila Dyachenko met a 32-year-old man named Sergei Skurlatov. Soon the interlocutor admitted that he was serving his sentence in the Chita colony. The woman was not embarrassed by the fact that Sergei had already served 4 years, and he had to wait another 11 years for release. She talked about herself and the children, and after some time the man began talking in letters and telephone conversations about his feelings and plans for starting a family. Skurlatov proposed to his chosen one, she intends to agree, but before that she dreams of making peace with father and son Alexander.

It is known about Lyudmila’s chosen one that he was born in the Irkutsk region. The boy was raised by his father, as his mother abused alcohol. But when Sergei was 10 years old, his father died, and the boy began to live with his grandparents. The young man received his first sentence – 3 years – at the age of 14, when he got involved with bad company. After his release, he soon went back to jail. In 2017, Skurlatov came out and began a relationship with a woman named Irina. But a year later the man found himself involved in a fight that ended in the death of another man. His lover left Sergei and blamed him for what happened, after which he received a new sentence for murder.

Lyudmila’s friend, Alexey, said that he did not believe in the prisoner’s feelings and was sure that he was using the woman for material gain. And friend Maria from Novosibirsk supported the participant in the program and agreed to send her money so that she could go home and talk with her family. The woman’s mother was shocked by her daughter’s decision to join fate with the convict. The eldest son also said that he was categorically against such a marriage, and the father replied that he did not want to see this man in his home. The younger children were happy about their mother’s arrival, the middle son acted distantly, and the sister reacted with restraint, but also did not support Luda.

The woman wanted to know more about her betrothed and was going to talk to Sergei’s niece, Snezhana, who keeps in touch with him. A relative spoke about the man’s cohabitants and noted that he did not use drugs. One of the man’s former passions gave him a negative description: she said that he drank and did not work anywhere. In the thematic community, Lyudmila also did not find support from women who found themselves in a similar life situation.

Lyudmila Dyachenko on the show “Waited.” Photo: TV channel “Yu”

The heroine again went to Moscow, where she met with one of the “waiters,” Irina, who told a story about an unsuccessful relationship with a convict. Psychologist Ekaterina Svyatkina also tried to help the heroine understand her thoughts and experiences. Lyudmila nevertheless decided that she would agree to marry Sergei. She bought a wedding dress and went to Chita, staying in a hotel there. However, then it turned out that Sergei fell ill with pneumonia, and all their plans were disrupted.

After the project


Lyudmila Dyachenko decided to stay in Chita, settled with the wife of her lover’s cellmate, and got a job in a supermarket. She went on a short date and did not change her intention to marry the convicted man. She told her family about this over the phone, but the family still did not approve of this choice. Despite this, the couple still signed in the colony after the project. Lyudmila admits that now she does not regret her action and will wait for her beloved husband from prison, with whom she later hopes to create a strong family.

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