The story of Ekaterina Chipysheva, participant in the 2nd season of the show “Waited”

The story of Ekaterina Chipysheva, participant in the 2nd season of the show “Waited”

A participant in the 4th episode of the 2nd season of the “Waited” project , Ekaterina found her love unexpectedly for herself. On the path to happiness, she needed to make a lot of effort: in addition to her own doubts, she had to persuade her relatives, who at first were against the relationship between her daughter and the convict.

How the fate of Ekaterina Chipysheva turned out, her personal life is in the material of Attiremag .

Catherine’s fate


Ekaterina Chipysheva is 27 years old, she is a blogger with an audience of thousands. The girl lives in the village of Dubrovka, Chelyabinsk region, with her 4-year-old daughter Taisiya. Her parents also live nearby. Mom Irina Yankina is 48 years old. She works as a salesperson in a store.

The participant in the show “Zhduli” never saw her own father Valery Bondarenko. When Katya was 4 years old, her mother married Anatoly Yankin, who served as a policeman. He is now retired, he is 58 years old. In the marriage of her mother and stepfather, Katya’s brother Timofey was born, he is 21 years old. He is 6 years younger than his sister.

Ekaterina Chipysheva, participant in the show “Waited.” Photo: Yu-TV

After school, Katya entered Yuzhnouralsk University in Chelyabinsk, where she received a degree in accounting. In her 3rd year, the girl began working part-time as a sales manager at a frozen food company.

Its leader turned out to be her future husband Igor. He had a serious, silent character. The guy immediately invited her to move in with him. Katya agreed. After 4 months she became pregnant, and the couple married.

Soon the husband began to drink and make trouble. This did not suit his wife. In September 2021, she went to live with her parents. Her mother did not support her. But a year later, the daughter officially filed for divorce from Igor Chipyshev.

Meeting the convict


During the divorce process, her friend Tanya asked if she could give Katya’s phone number to her brother Sergei. The guy saw Ekaterina Chipysheva on social networks and decided to meet her. But he is in prison for robbery, and this is not the first time. The young people began to communicate by telephone.

He always called in the evening, when his daughter Tasya was already asleep. At first they communicated as friends. Katya realized after 2 months that she missed Sergei. The life of the heroine of the story has changed. This went on for another six months, after which she went to the meeting. At first, both were embarrassed, but 3 hours of communication flew by.

Catherine began to visit him more and more often. And soon he asked for a long date with a girl. He was allowed to spend 3 days in an apartment-type building with his beloved. Katya took her daughter with her.

Ekaterina baked a cake and wanted to give it to her chosen one with candles, since it was Seryozha’s birthday. But the visitor was forbidden to bring candles. Then she stuck a match into the cake. This act touched the guy. He proposed to the girl and gave her a ring made from a milk cap. Catherine replied that she agreed to become his wife, but she needed her family to approve her future life partner.

A still from the show “Waited.” Photo:  Yu-TV

She told at home that Sergei was already serving his 3rd term for theft and robbery. In the latest case, he has another 1.5 years to wait. The parents did not accept their daughter’s choice. But Catherine insisted on her own.

She got ready to go on a date again and talked about it at home. The mother found out that Katya was taking her daughter to meetings. The woman suggested that Igor could take the child away from her for this.

At home the situation became tense. No one believed the repeat offender, and even his sister Tatyana began to dissuade her friend. But Ekaterina Chipysheva decided that she had nothing to lose. Ideally, she wants to marry Sergei and live with a big family. The girl turned to the “Waited” project to sort out these issues.

Her boyfriend Sergei Raiser is 29 years old. He was born in the village of Lazurny, Chelyabinsk region. Sergei’s mother Olga Anatolyevna Kablukova works as a nanny in a kindergarten. She is now 61 years old. She met Sergei’s father Vladimir Raiser at the age of 29. At that time, she had two daughters from her first marriage, Tanya and Natasha.

The man worked as a driver at the plant. He and his son had a trusting relationship. He paid attention to sports. Together with Seryozha they went to hockey games. But one day my father was hit and killed by a car. The boy had a hard time with this loss; at that time he was 9 years old. Sergei slipped in his studies, and then fell into bad company.

At the age of 19, he was imprisoned for stealing a chainsaw. The young man served a sentence of 1 year and 9 months. Upon release, he got a job as a welder in an auto repair shop. He was 23 years old. But the guy returned to that company again. For stealing a TV he was given 2.5 years of strict regime. He was sorry.

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In 2020, he got a job as a welder at a crane factory, where he worked for a year until the new landing. Despite his past, Sergei regrets it. Mother supports her son. After meeting Katya, he wanted to change his life and began to seek parole.

Katya was afraid that Igor would pretend to take Tasya away. She discussed this issue with other “waiters.” The girl made an appointment with a lawyer. The lawyer reassured her. It is not so easy to deprive the mother of a child of her rights. A lot of hard evidence is needed, in addition to one meeting in the IC. Another thing is that the husband could use this case to his advantage.

The girl went to her grandparents. Galina Ivanovna Ponomarenko is 72 years old, Vladimir Fedorovich is 73. They are against such a son-in-law. Everyone asks their granddaughter to return to Igor. But Katya admitted that she does not love her ex. The girl feels lonely with him. Sergei is looking for ways to transfer to a penal colony with mandatory correctional labor.

Catherine turned to Timofey. He supported his sister. The brother promised to talk with his parents and find out about Sergei’s contacts with friends from the past. After talking with their son, the parents softened.

Catherine decided to introduce both families. The guy’s mother turned out to be a nice woman. Olga Anatolyevna said that her son is hard-working, although he ended up in the wrong company. She admitted that after her husband’s death she spoiled her only heir.

Katya had already chosen a wedding dress when she learned from Timofey that Sergei had not stopped communicating with past comrades. The girl got upset and turned to other “waiters.” One of them invited her to meet. During the conversation, she said that her beloved never gave up bad habits and after marriage he took up his old ways.

A still from the show “Waited.” Photo: Yu-TV

The girl turned to a psychologist and worked through her fears about the future. She was also worried about her daughter’s condition. It seemed to Catherine that she had abandoned the girl, to which the psychologist told her that this was not so.

Katya asked Sergei to tell everything honestly. He promised to provide a transcript of calls for the year. On the date, the girl became convinced that Sergei only called her, his mother and his sister.

At a family meeting regarding the wedding with Sergei, the grandmother told her granddaughter that the whole family supported her, but if the relationship did not work out, then Ekaterina would have herself to blame.

After the project


After all the appeals, Sergei achieved work in a colony settlement. They began to see Ekaterina Chipysheva every day. The couple planned to get married six months after the project. They exchanged rings. At that point, Riser had only a few months to wait until his release.

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