The story of Anya from Rostov-on-Don, participant in the show “Mom at 16”

The story of Anya from Rostov-on-Don, participant in the show “Mom at 16”

Anna from Rostov-on-Don became a participant in the show “Mom at 16” in the 3rd episode of the 1st season of the program. The girl grew up in a large family and dreamed of leaving her parents’ home as quickly as possible and starting an adult and independent life, and she came to the project of the U TV channel to tell her story.

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Anya’s fate


17-year-old Anya was born in the village of Khomutovskaya, Rostov region. The small village is located an hour’s drive from the regional center, and every resident here knows everything about their neighbors. The heroine’s family lives in a large house, runs a household and grows vegetables. The girl considers herself “advanced” and sociable, follows fashion and leads an active lifestyle. Every weekend Anya goes to Rostov to spend quality time. The heroine dreams of going there to live separately from her parents.

Anna has a very difficult relationship with her father Ivan: the 37-year-old man is too strict with her and forbids her a lot. The man receives disability benefits and does not have a permanent job. 33-year-old mother Yulia treats her daughter differently; Anya considers her her closest person and best friend. After the birth of her son German, Yulia became a housewife; the child was diagnosed with a developmental defect. In total there are 5 children in the family: there is also the eldest Ivan and younger sisters Angelina and Lilya.

Anya from Rostov-on-Don on the show “Mom at 16”. Photo: TV channel “Yu

At school, the participant in the show “Mom at 16” did not have good relationships with her classmates; the girl began to feel like an outcast due to the fact that her parents could not afford to buy her trendy things and a smartphone of a popular model. Therefore, she decided to go to Rostov, where she found free training courses for nurses: the girl had dreamed of this profession since childhood.

Pregnant at 17


While walking in the park, Anna met a 16-year-old guy named Evgeniy, who is studying at college to become a pastry chef. She immediately liked the young man and they began to communicate. In Zhenya, Anya saw the person who doesn’t care what clothes she’s wearing or what brand of phone she has. The guy also had to deal with bullying at school because of his shyness, so the young people quickly managed to find a common language and began to spend a lot of time together.

They started going to cinemas, visiting museums and various exhibitions. But soon the carefree student life ended. The heroine of the program decided to introduce her parents to her chosen one, and later he introduced his beloved to his mother Maria, who works at the Rostov Perinatal Center. The guy doesn’t have a father, and his relationship with his parent can hardly be called close and trusting. The acquaintance with relatives on each side took place in a tense atmosphere.

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In order not to waste time traveling from home to her place of study, Anna was allowed to live in a room in a city communal apartment, which their family inherited after the death of her grandmother. After classes, the girl began working part-time as a nurse in a dental clinic. Zhenya began to often stay with his beloved at night, and after some time Anna found out that she was expecting a child. A participant in the show “Mom at 16” said that the guy refused to use protection, and also said that he would be happy if Anya became pregnant.

Soon the girl realized that she had a delay, and tests confirmed her fears. Evgeny reacted positively. The young people went for an ultrasound, where they found out the due date and that the pregnancy was progressing normally. The couple told their relatives about everything. Zhenya’s mother was outraged by the behavior of the lovers. Anya’s family reacted negatively, but then the father, for the first time in his life, supported his daughter and even promised that he would help the young. The guy proposed to his beloved, she agreed.

But dreams of a luxurious wedding had to be put on hold because Evgeniy could not find a job. The girl’s mother advised us to postpone the registration at the registry office and try to live together first, to see how the guy shows himself. Anna did not like the fact that the news about the pregnancy soon became known to all residents of the village; everyone began to discuss her personal life. She decided to arrange an engagement party with a feast, a wedding dress and a photo shoot so that her former classmates would envy her.

Anya from Rostov-on-Don with her husband on the show “Mom at 16”. Photo: TV channel “Yu”

The guy’s mother refused to come to the village and celebrate the holiday, as well as to meet Anya’s parents. At the first screening, we were able to find out the sex of the child, but the expectant mother decided to organize a gender party with the participation of all relatives. The couple asked for a loan from Maria for the event. It turned out that a girl would be born, but the holiday was ruined due to the behavior of Anna’s father. The expectant mother soon had to quit her job due to poor health.

However, Evgeniy never found a source of income; the couple began to quarrel due to lack of money. They decided to go to the village to visit Anya’s parents. Ivan took Zhenya with him to work part-time and began to teach him everything. Over the phone, the guy told his mother that he had dropped out of school, and this news upset her. Soon, Maria was still able to come to Khomutovskaya to meet Anya’s family and talk about plans for the future and the wedding. With Ivan’s help, Zhenya managed to get an official job. At the second screening, Anna learned that she would have a son, not a daughter.

The couple decided to rent out a room in Rostov in order to receive additional income and purchase everything necessary for the baby. According to Anya’s idea, Zhenya decided to buy a goat so that there would be milk for sale for the unborn child. The guy once again invited his chosen one to marry her, and she again agreed. They went to Rostov to buy a dress, but there was not enough money for everything. The parents agreed to help the young people and divided the costs in half. On the wedding day, many guests gathered at the bride’s house, and Zhenya’s mother also came to the celebration.

After the painting in the registry office, the celebration continued in the restaurant, everything went as Anna had dreamed. Soon the heroine of the program went to the Rostov maternity hospital, her husband decided to attend the trial. Doctors said that emergency surgery was required, and some time later Anna gave birth to a son, whom the couple named Mark. On the day of discharge, all the relatives came to greet the young mother; Zhenya’s mother also left work for a short time to see her newborn grandson.

After the project


After the project, the participant in the show “Mom at 16” and her husband stayed with their parents in the village, who gave them a large room. Now Maria has begun to visit more often, and their relationship with her son has improved. Anya’s husband got used to the child and began to help feed him and bathe him. But Evgeniy never managed to find a common language with his wife’s father, so the couple increasingly thought about moving. Anna decided not to sit idle and signed up for massage therapy courses in order to work in this profession when her son grows up and goes to kindergarten. And Zhenya plans to become a welder in order to bring more money to the family and find separate housing.

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