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The 7 best video game remakes of the last decade, ranked from worst to best

The 7 best video game remakes of the last decade, ranked from worst to best

Undoubtedly, the remakes are, in a prevailing way, the order of the day. Many of my most desired video games are new versions of works from other times, such as Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space. Since the last decade, these new adaptations have been growing up. It is for this reason that I want to rescue those who are, for me, the seven best remakes of the last decade. best video game remakes

The top, as the headline indicates, will start from the lowest positions to the highest. Let’s start.

Best video game remakes in the last decade

Before continuing, I would like to specify and emphasize one point: the video games that appear on this top, as well as the various positions they occupy within it, based y substantiate under my criteria and preferences subjective. However, if you do not agree on a point, you can always indicate it by arguing it in the comments.

Also, I have not been able to play all the remakes there have been and to have. I will only include in this ranking (as is logical) those that yes I have played. best video game remakes

7- Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy best video game remakes of the last decade

The commendable respect and appreciation with which Vicarious Visions treated and preserved the original work was, without a doubt, one of the great reasons for the success of this remake. The wildly tough yet incredibly rewarding challenges are still there. And also, as expected of this type of production, the renewed graphic and sound section suits ‘like a glove’ to the video game. best video game remakes

But, nevertheless, it must be pointed out that this reverence of the study towards the original work is, precisely, its greatest virtue y flaw. The limitations that it had, for example, the Crash Bandicoot of Naugthy Dog were, in the same way, also transferred to this new version. A better balance between fidelity and innovation would have made Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will occupy a position highest in este ‘top’.

6- Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia Definitive Edition best video game remakes of the last decade

I will not lie to you: after the disappointment that Mafia 3 caused me, I had some misgivings about what I could find in this remake by Hangar 13. And it is that the first Mafia It is an extremely iconic and emblematic video game of its time. However, the resulting work was, to say the least, satisfying.

The recreated atmosphere of the 1930s is taken care of to the millimeter with immense care and meticulousness. In the same way, the gameplay has been updated, refined, and polished with a highly satisfactory result. a remake solid well built and preserves the essence of the original. best video game remakes

5- Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Remake

After the successful Resident Evil 2 Remake, many of us were eagerly awaiting and longing for this remake of the late ’90s classic. However, Capcom made many difficult-to-understand decisions that torpedoed it.

The elimination of certain areas or sections caused the title to have an even shorter duration than the classic already had. However, this does not mean that its staging is worthy and of great quality. It’s a remake well built to which certain decisions did not sit well with him, but which continues to overflow with great work, presenting the best version to date of Nemesis. best video game remakes

4- Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow Of The Colossus Remake

Despite Bluepoint Games had done great previous work, it was with this remake of Shadow of the Colossus that his popularity skyrocketed. And it is that the titanic task they had in hand was not easy: to bring in it’s best version one of the classics most enduring in the history of video games is, at least, a company delicate y espinosa.

And despite all of the above, Bluepoint he got it. It preserved the purest and primary essence of the title of Team ICOsafeguarding all its interior and singularity for, at the same time, vitaminarlo in all its other facets. The result speaks for itself: a lofty title praised both by professional critics and by users themselves. best video game remakes

3- Demon’s Souls

Demon Souls Remake

We enter the top 3 of is particular ranking. And we do it with the most recent work of Bluepoint. After the magnificent work done with Shadow of the Colossus, the developer got down to work (once again) with another classic; one that spawned a franchise that immeasurably influenced to the entire video game industry.

Staying fervently faithful to the original, Bluepoint provided a small glimpse of the capabilities of Sony’s new console: PlayStation 5. With almost non-existent load times, and graphics as stunning as they are amazing, Bluepoint once again rescued a work to bring it to his best version to date.

2- Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Almost touching first place, we have one of the best Resident Evil of the last decade. And it is that Resident Evil 2 Remake represents, for me, one of the greatest examples of how to rescue a classic and bring it to our times.

Removing the fixed cameras from the original and replacing them with a third-person view pissed off purists. However, taking into consideration the industry schedule and current standards, the time is up. giving the reason to this Capcom decision. It is not only one of the best ‘remakes’, but also one of the best survival horrors today. best video game remakes

1- Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Vii Remake

I know that many will not agree with placing Final Fantasy VII Remake at the top of this ‘top’. And it is that, for reasons that I will avoid mentioning, it is difficult to classify it as a remake. However, I see so many good decisions and a result so superb and fabulous which I think should be.

Square Enix It wasn’t just limited to redoing the title from scratch with prodigious graphics. It also introduced one of the most solid and fun that I have seen in an ARPG. Splitting the game into several installments is something that didn’t sit well with many fans, but it’s also understandable if they wanted to bring back the 1997 classic in its best form, with the budgetary expense that this implies. 


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The 7 best video game remakes of the last decade, ranked from worst to best
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