Temple Of Eiglay

Temple Of Eiglay

The Temple of Eiglay can be found inside the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring and joins into the large region. After kill the boss, temple can be reachable.

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to access of Temple of Eiglay in Elden Ring considering the cheat codes you are required to turn on and the NPCs you need to interact with. Moreover, we’ll also be describe the several ways to open the elevator shortcut in the field.

Temple Of Grace Elden Ring

To go to the Temple of Eiglay, you must first go to Volcano Manor. This may be accomplished in two ways: chat to Rya on the Atlus Plateau, who will take you there, or walk there. Because the latter is far more difficult, we recommend sticking with the former. Use the map below to get a better sense of the surrounding region.

Speak to Tanith In Volcano Manor

As you explore Volcano Manor, you will notice a mystery NPC named Tanith standing by a fireplace. When you interact with her, she will give you the Drawing Room Keys. This item is required to access several doors throughout Volcano Manor.

Go To Godskin Noble

Tanith will also invite you to join the Manor if you complete Tanith’s questline. Completing the quest line, however, is not essential to reach the Temple of Eiglay. You may find him by just walking through the manor.

Exit Tanith’s room and proceed straight into the room on your right. You will notice an illusory wall painting here. To pass through, strike it once. Enter the hallway behind it and go to the next chamber.

A flight of stairs will be visible to your right. Use them to descend; in the room below, you will encounter a Bloodhound Knight. You have the option of engaging him or simply running by him. There will be another door on the right side of the room. Use it to exit and go to the steps in front of you to reach Prison Town Church.

Church In Prison Town

This is the core region of Volcano Manor, and to the right is a bridge that you must activate to get access to Godskin Noble’s boss arena. Make a right and continue the way around the wall until you reach a set of stairs.

The trail splits into three directions at the steps. Take the bridge straight in front of you to a building where a Man-Serpent guards a closed entrance to access Godskin Noble. Go to the right, where you will see a ladder, and climb it until you reach the rooftop.

Traverse the roof until you reach the other end. If you glance below, you’ll notice a platform. Enter the chamber after jumping down upon it. In this chamber, you will encounter an adversary that you can either kill or avoid.

Make your way to the window on the left side of the room. Jumping out of it will take you to the next graceful location.

Temple Of Eiglay Site Of Grace

Jump to the bottom section but be careful because it is filled with lava. Continue east until you find a set of stairs on your right. As you climb, you will come to a rocky plateau with another Man-Serpent. To access the Temple of Eiglay, take the lift at the other end of the platform.

Make careful to activate the bridge shortcut before entering the temple/boss arena with Godskin Noble. If you fail to defeat him, this will allow you to go to the boss arena much faster.

After that, enter the Temple and defeated Godskin Noble. He will drop 50,000 runes as well as the GodSKin Stitcher weapon and the Noble Presence Ash of War.

How Do You Unlock The Lift By Temple Of Eiglay?

Behind the main entrance to the temple, there is a tiny chamber with an elevator. When you first interact with it, you will see that it does not work. Return to the area’s place of grace to activate the elevator in the Temple of Eiglay. A pressure plate lift may be found to the left of it.

You can stand on it and it will lift you up. Continue right after reaching the second level until you reach a lengthy flight of steps leading down. Jump on the railing and slide down about halfway through. When you jump down, there will be an open lava pit to your left, so proceed with caution.

Follow the path to your right as you weave through the pit and cross the bridge that is straight in front of you. Proceed ahead and descend down the cliff into a slender pathway. Continue along the route until you get to a tower on your left.

To safely traverse the lava and leap into the first window along the tower wall, use the platforms. A Sombre Smithing Stone may be obtained by leaping into the lava and going through the stone archway that lies beyond the tower. This area has an abductor, but you can avoid it by running.

 Then just walk through the door in front of you to arrive at the pathway’s terminus. There is a lift that you may now activate and utilize within the building after climbing a flight of stairs that leads you into another structure.

Temple Of Eiglay
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