Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

Good news for all gamers who miss epic space operas: the developers of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human are working on a new large-scale game based on the Star Wars universe!

Star Wars: Eclipse is a new project from Quantic Dream , in which we will explore a galaxy far, far away during the time of the so-called High Republic, 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

Although the game was first announced back in 2021, it has been in the early stages of development for a long time and we have yet to learn the most important details. One thing is for sure: this will definitely be one of Quantic Dream’s most ambitious and expensive creations, as studio CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere actually confirmed in an interview with GamesCom :

“It’s a different game, unlike anything we’ve done before.”

So Star Wars fans definitely have reason to get hyped, especially with other franchise projects in development, and below we’ll reveal everything we know about Star Wars Eclipse so far.


Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

Although it was stated at the Game Awards 2021 that the game was in an early stage of development, already at the end of the same year information appeared that no more than three to four years remained before the release of Star Wars Eclipse, which is quite short for a project of this scale. In response to this, and taking into account rumors of problems within the studio, Quantic Dream announced that there were no and could not be any delays in the development of the game, but the reason for this was the absence of even an approximate release window.


Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

Not much can be said about this at the moment, but given Quantic Dream’s past projects, it would be logical to expect Star Wars Eclipse to appear on at least PC, PlayStation and Xbox, but which generation of consoles we are talking about depends greatly on the date exit. If the release takes place in the next couple of years, it will obviously be PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.


The only Star Wars Eclipse trailer at the moment, which was shown at the Game Awards 2021, does not contain gameplay footage, but in terms of the level of production it is as epic and cinematic as possible.

It features many familiar elements of the Star Wars universe, such as various planets, spaceships , speeders, droids, Jedi , and many extraterrestrial races such as the Mon Calamari, Anomids, and Neimoidians, among others. According to the project’s official website, the game will be set in the Outer Rim, so players will have “never before seen species and planets to discover.”


Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

Star Wars Eclipse is a completely original story that takes us to the “uncharted Outer Rim region of the High Republic era known as the Golden Age of the Jedi.” This means we’ll be going back hundreds of years to before the beginning of the Skywalker Saga, to a time when the Jedi and the Galactic Republic were at the height of their power.

The developers promise never-before-seen characters and stories, which, given the amount of varied content in the Star Wars franchise that has been released since 1977, sounds at least ambitious.

“This part of the Outer Rim is rife with opportunity and political tension that could change the face of the world.” – Quantic Dream states in its press release .

We can also expect that we may encounter completely new species of aliens .

Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game

This diversity will be a key aspect of the Star Wars Eclipse story, as it will allow us to see the galaxy through the eyes of an ensemble of charismatic playable characters, each with their own morals, personality, beliefs, and motivations that will directly influence each other and the story as a whole. Trying to “weave a tapestry from the threads of fate” is quite in the Quantic Dream style.

“Every decision you make can have dramatic consequences on your journey,” the developers add. “The previously stable way of life in the Outer Rim is under threat, and you must make choices that will determine the future path of the heroes.”


Star Wars: Eclipse promises to be Quantic Dream’s first foray into a new genre. The studio is known for games such as Detroit: Become Human , Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain , which are interactive cinematic experiences in which gameplay plays a secondary role to the main story, character development and a huge variety of storylines depending on the player’s decisions.

Star Wars: Eclipse is rumored to resemble a more traditional open-world action-adventure game, with the studio’s signature emphasis on story, choice, and consequence.

Quantic Dream says we’ll be able to make a lot of life-altering decisions through the rich, branching narrative, but what that will look like in conjunction with the gameplay itself remains to be seen.


Interestingly, Quantic Dream has actually opened an additional studio to develop Star Wars: Eclipse. The Paris headquarters will be responsible for the bulk of the script and story, while a new team in North America, staffed by former developers Square Enix Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Ubisoft Montreal, will handle action and world design.


Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know about the game
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