Shovel Knight Dig Release Date Announced
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Shovel Knight Dig Release Date Announced

Shovel Knight Dig Release Date Announced

Shovel Knight Dig Release Date Announced. Shovel Knight became a breakthrough success for developer Yacht Club Games when the 2D platformer was first released in 2014. The platform action game has received numerous awards since its launch, including “Best Indie Game” at the 2014 Game Awards, and has spawned several additions with new ways to play. game. In recent years, several spin-offs of the franchise have even appeared, such as last year’s Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. Now Yacht Club Games has officially announced the release date of the franchise’s newest spin-off, Shovel Knight Dig.

The trailer with the release date uploaded to the Yacht Club Games YouTube channel contains a funny introductory parody featuring popular YouTube creators Egoraptor and The Completionist, with the latter wearing the iconic Shovel Knight armor. The trailer shows off several gameplay segments before confirming the final release date of Shovel Knight Dig, which will take place in less than a month. Yacht Club has officially announced that Shovel Knight Dig will be released at the end of next month, on September 23, for Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Gameplay segments from the new Shovel Knight Dig trailer demonstrate a significant departure of the spin-off from the original, showing a more vertically oriented side-scrolling. In the stages, you will see Shovel Knight going down, chasing Drill Knight to recover his stolen loot. Co-developer Dig Nitrome previously called the vertical gameplay of games such as Downwell and Super Mario Bros. 2, the main source of inspiration for the Shovel Knight spin-off. It was also previously confirmed that Shovel Knight Dig is abandoning the traditional linear progression of the franchise in favor of the rogue-lite style of play.

The release of Shovel Knight Dig next month will take place after several years of spin-off development under the leadership of Nitrome. Shovel Knight Dig was first introduced in August 2019, just a few months before the release of the last two Shovel Knight add-ons in King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown. Although Shovel Knight Dig was scheduled to launch in 2021, Yacht Club and Nitrome announced last November that the game’s release would be postponed to 2022. The final release date of Shovel Knight Dig was announced two days after the three-year anniversary. disclosure of the game. Shovel Knight Dig Release Date Announced

The huge success of Shovel Knight has led to the character becoming a cult part of gaming culture, appearing in crossovers with several different games. The nominal Shovel Knight was featured as an auxiliary trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and this character could be played in games such as Rivals of Aether and Brawlhalla. In 2021, the Fall Guys platformer in the battle royale genre added the Shovel Knight costume to the game. Shovel Knight Dig looks like it will introduce a new version of the classic Shovel Knight formula when it comes out next month.

Shovel Knight Dig is scheduled to be released on September 23, 2022, for Apple Arcade, PC, and Switch.


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Shovel Knight Dig Release Date Announced
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