Scientists have created ultra-strong “electric” glue

Scientists have created ultra-strong “electric” glue

Scientists from the United States have developed a unique technique for gluing hard and soft materials using weak electrical pulses, which opens up new opportunities for creating hybrid materials in various fields, including robotics, energy storage and medical implants. The study, published in the scientific journal ACS Central Science , showed that electric current is capable of forming strong chemical bonds between soft and hard materials, making these bonds not only strong, but also stable even in aqueous environments.

“Electric” glue can connect dissimilar materials: tin, lead, copper, gelatin, fragments of vegetables and fruits, and even pieces of meat. A special feature of this method is the ability not only to connect different materials, but also to separate them from each other by passing current in the opposite direction. This opens up prospects for the reuse of materials and the creation of devices with variable structures.

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