Rumors of affairs and a strong family: about the personal life of Anatoly Tsoi

Anatoly Tsoi is known to the public as a talented musician, singer and showman. In March 2024, the celebrity participated in the show “ The Emperor’s Treasures ,” which premiered on the TNT channel. The public is interested not only in the events taking place on air, but also in what remains behind the scenes.

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First love


In an interview, the artist said that his first love was unhappy and did not lead to marriage and the birth of children. While studying at a music school, the guy met a girl who was a year older than him. Tsoi began to court her, but she ignored all his attempts to establish communication, as she had feelings for another young man. Anatoly secretly escorted his chosen one home: he walked along the other side of the street, and she didn’t even notice him. He also made romantic surprises and gave gifts, trying to maintain anonymity. All his actions did not produce positive results, but his feelings seemed stronger.

This went on for more than a year, and then the young man got tired of this situation. He decided that it was time to stop everything, and tried to disappear from his lover’s sight. But a week later, the concerned girl called him herself to find out where he had disappeared and if anything bad had happened to him. They met and had a heart-to-heart talk, then a romance began that lasted 3 years. Despite his young age, the guy made serious plans, dreamed of getting married and starting a family.

Anatoly Tsoi. Photo: YouTube

However, the parents were against their relationship and this girl becoming the wife of Anatoly Tsoi. And then the musician found out that his chosen one was corresponding by e-mail with her previous boyfriend, who at that time had reappeared in her life after leaving for another country. Tsoi regarded the behavior of his companion as treason and betrayal, although he did not have any other evidence other than letters. The couple broke up, and Anatoly experienced this mental pain for a long time and barely managed to cope with it.

After that, he returned to his hometown and began to be more selective about applicants for the role of life partner. They met that girl again a year later. It was noticeable in her eyes that her feelings still had not cooled down and she would like to return everything. However, the guy realized that he no longer felt any emotions towards her, so this meeting did not lead to anything.

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Dating Rumors


The musician was repeatedly credited with having an affair with Anna Sedokova , and it was also said that the singer gave birth to a son from him. But Anatoly persistently denied these rumors in an interview, noting that they are only friends. Tsoi said that they met in 2014 and during this time they spent time alone more than once and could have easily “crossed the line,” but it seemed more important to both of them to maintain their friendship, so they did not take such a step. The artist admits that building and maintaining this relationship was not easy, and even most of his friends for a long time could not believe that it did not even come to kisses, not to mention something more.

Anna Sedokova was credited with an affair with Anatoly Tsoi. Photo: @anatoliytsoy_official

Anatoly is proud that he has such a friend with whom he can share all his problems and experiences and ask for advice in a difficult situation. Later, other sources reported that the artist was in a romantic relationship with Stas Mikhailov’s stepdaughter , Eva Kanchelskis . The young people met on the set, then, surrounded by celebrities, they started talking about the love spark that ran between them. The singer’s friends said that he spent a lot of time with his new acquaintance, they met often and both felt comfortable in each other’s company. But Tsoi himself and his supposed chosen one did not confirm this love story and did not comment on this matter.

Strong marriage


In an interview, the musician repeatedly said that Anatoly Tsoi’s wife would not be a girl from the world of show business. His chosen one should adhere to the same views on marriage and family as he does, and home and children should remain a priority. For many years, the artist tried to maintain the image of a heartthrob and an enviable bachelor who was in search of a soul mate, and thereby only fueled interest in his own person among a large army of fans.

But in 2020, fans learned the sensational news that Anatoly hid the presence of a family and children from the public for 10 years. The media reported that the celebrity’s wife’s name is Olga Kim ; they were married even before the artist became a member of the popular group MBAND . The journalists also managed to find out that the singer’s family had three children, the eldest of whom was born in 2012.

There is no more detailed information about Anatoly Tsoi’s wife in the public domain: Olga Kim leads a non-public lifestyle and does not give interviews, and her social network account is open only to relatives and close friends. The singer himself still tries not to discuss in front of cameras the area that does not relate to work and creativity, and does not appear at social events with his wife and children.

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