Reactor | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Reactor | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Reactor | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Following the mission Precious Cargo in which the Konni group seized missile containers, you receive a report of suspicious activity at a nuclear power plant in Urzikstan. Task Force 141 must go there to investigate. And it will be in the shoes of a certain John Price that you will take command of this operation, once again in an open combat zone.


The opportunities being varied to succeed in this mission, we present to you a way of doing things that can certainly lead you to victory in this new mission of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III , Reactor .

You begin your mission in the air, while a quick landing near the power plant will give an indication of how your mission will progress. We chose to land where the character seemed to be going without affecting the trajectory.

Destroy Konni’s helicopters

To prevent Konni’s teams from leaving with nuclear material, you must destroy three helicopters from the Russian group. Regardless of how you proceed, the helicopters to be destroyed are indicated on your map with question marks, and visually with orange smoke bombs. Note that you can destroy the helicopters without necessarily eliminating all the guards

Helicopter heading south

If you have decided to land at the entrance to the complex, head south to quickly come across the first helicopter. Three armed men guard the helicopter. Try to distract them or eliminate them by stealth, but if a fight breaks out, reinforcements will arrive from all sides. Nothing insurmountable but whatever your point of attack, you will certainly have to get out in the open. Once everyone has been eliminated, throw explosives that you can obtain in the building on the west side of the helicopter and once the helicopter is destroyed, Agent Laswell validates your objective and orders you to continue. As soon as the helicopter is destroyed, reinforcements will land again, easily controlled.

Helicopter direction

The next helicopter closest to your previous position is to the northeast. You can access it from the heights and target enemies from this rather protected point. To do this, locate a fairly tall, circular concrete structure and take the vertical rope if you found the blocking handle in a building not far from here. Progress from roof to roof passing through the reactor heads and subdue the man on the roofs. From here, you will have a perfect view to overpower all enemies on the ground. Be careful, a helicopter may approach and drop men off at your level. Once you have cleaned up this area, destroy the helicopter there too to complete the objective. Help yourself with an explosive drone available on the roof in question or grenades to stay at a distance.

Helicopter direction

Finally, the last helicopter is towards the southwest of the complex. You may pass in front of a nuclear reactor, note its position for later. Moreover, it may be preferable to go through the interior of the buildings that you come across along the way, being careful of enemies, and to climb as high as possible to reach the helicopter from above. Once the target is destroyed, your objective updates.

Access the reactor room

As the Konni team is entering the reactor room to steal goods, head immediately towards the point marked on your map, in a building to the east of the area. Once in the correct hallway, press the red button to lock everything and allow you to enter the room. There, eliminate as many enemies as possible before toxic and chemical gas smokes the area. You will have to survive a few minutes by climbing as much as possible while eliminating your enemies, so as not to perish, until your team throws you a rope.

Reactor | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough
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