Precious cargo | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Precious cargo | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Precious cargo | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

After having exfiltrated Makarov from his sea prison in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III , you return to the side of the “good guys” with a first open mission putting you in the shoes of a well-known character from the license.

After the introductory mission Operation 627 , you now control a well-known character from the Modern Warfare game series , Farah Karim. In talks with a certain Dena to recover equipment, your exchange place is attacked by the Konni group, who isolates you, forcing you to fight, only equipped with a knife to begin with.

You will therefore have to exercise discretion if you wish to survive at the start. As this is an open combat zone, you have a map in the upper left corner of the screen (and in the dedicated menu), telling you where your next objective is.

Note: An open combat mission is a new type of mission in the Call of Duty license . Giving you more choice in your approach and equipment used, these missions feel like large, open areas. Of the 13 missions in the Solo campaign, 6 missions are of this type. Several dozen materials are at your disposal most of the time in orange chests and you will also need to find armor upgrades.

Access Shadow Company Weapons Shipment

You will first need to find a specific container. This container has a Shadow Company logo on its front, you should find it easily, it is located towards the south, right next to a blue dump truck in the wake of a container elevator. This container contains very useful equipment for the future with armor plates, general equipment, a parachute, a silent WSP Swarm submachine gun and an MTZ-556 assault rifle .

Recover GPS trackers on the boat

Now equipped, Farah must find GPS trackers present on the gigantic boat to the west of the area. There are several solutions for this, but overall, we recommend that whatever happens, you eliminate the few guards located between the containers and the boat and retrieve the blocking handle located at the foot of the boat, close to the barrels. This handle allows you to use vertical cables to pass through heights.

Once you have this handful in hand, look for other Shadow Company containers to satisfy your gear, and then you have several choices:

  • Go through the heights using the gigantic elevators moving the containers then parachute towards the boat
  • Take the vertical line at the foot of the boat to disembark on it, but no longer in the open

In any case, we will have to clear the deck of the boat. To do this, use your weapons and head towards the bottom of the boat to climb a small ladder and enter the interior quarters. There, you will find at the end of the main corridor, in the last room on the left, the GPS trackers you are looking for placed on a table.

Collect the manifest in the harbor tower

After finding these tracers, quietly leave the boat if possible by returning to land and avoiding being seen by the guards. A good way is to go through the area furthest from your mission starting point and, skimming the walls, head towards the control tower marked on your map. You won’t have to meet a lot of people at this level, but be careful. Once close to the tower, climb to the top of the structure, eliminate the guard making his rounds and locate the chimney where a ladder awaits you to go down.

Once in the control tower to collect the Dena Port Manifest, go down the stairs and take a right. Eliminate the few guards present as discreetly as possible and go to the room furthest to the left to return to the previous office and find the manifest on a desk.

Place GPS trackers on missile containers

Eliminate the few guards who appear or flee, for example by going up the stairs and the ladder to parachute towards one of the two containers on which you will have to place a GPS tracker:

  • The first container is on the south side of the docks near a container elevator. You will have to climb onto a first double-level container to find this blue container which is waiting for you. Be careful when going there to guards who are tracking you.
  • The second container is on the transport elevator closest to the boat on the northwest side. Climb up using the vertical rope and follow the footbridge to find the second blue container on which to place your GPS tracker.

The mission thus comes to an end, letting the Konni group leave with the missions contained in the containers. The next mission, Reactor , will ask you to prevent the theft of materials from a nuclear power plant at all costs. To know everything about Call of Duty Modern Warfare III , don’t forget that we have prepared a complete guide for you which centralizes everything you need to know about the game.


Precious cargo | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough
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