Powder magazine | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Powder magazine | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Powder magazine | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Small break in the events of the present in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III , then we go back 4 years to understand that Makarov had already been arrested by our TS141, a mission in which we will discover a real bloodbath. Gloomy atmosphere, you have been warned.

To try to understand why Makarov was able to escape alive when he had been captured 4 years earlier and the relationship with the traitor Shepherd, we must return to this period to experience a gigantic bath of blood in a crowded stadium. Leading Soap or Lieutenant MacTavish, you begin the Powder Magazine mission in central Verdansk.

WARNING: If you kill a civilian in this mission, you will lose and have to start again at the last checkpoint.

When you get out of the car, you immediately start a fight. Kill the first armed men and go up the stairs, killing three men on the way. In the corridor that follows, move forward taking a left and kill the three armed men who shoot at the fleeing crowd. Continue and don’t forget the men stationed near the blue kiosk before continuing towards a souvenir shop through which you can cut. The killing will pause at this point and you will have to confront some soldiers on the stairs leading to the second floor.

Once you reach the top, follow the corridor and enter the VIP area. The men present here should not be, kill them as soon as you can then leave the room to reach the garage. Help Price force the elevator door then rappel down to the garage. Take between the buses, avoid the crazy ambulance and shoot it before going to open its back door to trigger a cutscene: you have found Makarov.

For the rest, hit the man with R3 on PlayStation but do not shoot him to avoid failing the mission . You will face two waves of enemies as you progress through the parking lot, one halfway, the other arriving near a gate after crossing a narrow space. Once everyone is down, help Price raise the gate and get out.

Advance to the left and eliminate the dozen enemies present around the cars parked here then head towards your team’s helicopter to end the mission with a nauseating cutscene marking the return of a character that we would have liked to avoid.

The next mission will take place in the present on an island inhabited by soldiers and is called Oligarch . In order to know everything about the game and what it offers, remember to discover our complete guide which centralizes all the information.


Powder magazine | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough
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