Palworld: Best Electric Pals, Ranked
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Palworld: Best Electric Pals, Ranked

Palworld: Best Electric Pals, Ranked

In the Palworld, Pals are very important to befriend and use them in your favour. It is an art itself that you befriend useful pals and put the right pals for the right job whenever you need it.

You can use these pals for mining and crafting as well. You can put them to any work you want and use them for your defence as well. Among all of the pals, electric pals are always the best as they are very energetic and effective.

They are versatile and have an overall good ranking. These companions with extreme offensive powers will be discussed below and don’t worry, all of these pals are going to be ranked. So, buckle up to collect Best Ranked Electric Pals that too Ranked.

 Tier 1: The Electrifying Elite

If you are thinking of getting the top cream of electric pals with fantastic stats and powerful offences, this game-changing Tier is for you

  1. The Orserk:

Since childhood, if you are scared of thunderbolts, now is our chance to redeem your fear and control The Orserk, which has Thunderbolt’s signature move.

It not only deals with the damage received but also has an Electric Aura ability to boost up the offence of nearby allies against the opponents. His name surely lives up to its legendary name. Moreover, it has a badass look as well. So, grab it now in Palworld which is filled with Electric Pals.

  1. Grizzbolt:

This Pokemon Pikachu-faced Pal is not less than a formula 1 of Palworld. The Grizzbolt is a high-speed, ferocious pal and has high abilities to attack and give critical damage to opponents. It has the signature move of Lightning Dash ability that lets Grizzbolt attack the opponent in close range. Its powerful electric bolt attack makes it a very valuable asset against enemies.

  1. Relaxurus Lux:

So far, we have had Pals with close-range combat abilities. Still, this one is way ahead of them as it has an “Electric Field” ability that not only stuns the enemies within the electric field radius but also has reasonable attack abilities to pin down the enemies.

It has its signature move “Thunder” which is very much like Grizzbolt and The Orserk. It is very useful if you are surrounded by several enemies and you are outnumbered in a fight. Use the Electric Field ability to stun and shock them with your surprise counterattack.

Tier 2: The Shocking Supporters:

In Tier 1, they were protagonists of Palworld Electric Pals. Tier 1 will not be able to fight all alone so here Tier 2 steps in being Supporters. They are extremely well supported and provide backup to your main battery against enemies.

  1. Univolt:

Hopefully, you will be aware of the term “Kamikaze”. Univolt does a kind of Kamikaze attack on attack. This pal does unimaginable self-destruct as a last resort to flip over the favour of the game.

If you are surrounded by all of the enemies you find no way out and it is now evident that you are going to meet your fate. Univolt will step in for you while sacrificing himself. Additionally, it has an Electric Shock ability that paralyses the enemies as they approach to capture or kill.

  1. Rayhound:

If you are thinking of flanking enemies or ambush them with a surprise attack from heights. This rayhound pal is your favourite. This pal can double jump and reach the heights that no other pal can reach. It has a discharge attack that may stun the enemies nearby but its main ability to flank stands out among the supporters.

  1. Beakon:

Beakon is no less than a reconnaissance aircraft in the Palworld. This pal is like a bird and can scout the positioning of enemies. With its Electric Pulse, it can detect nearby enemies and help other pals make a strategy to counterattack or ambush the main battery of enemies. It has good speed and rate of climb and descent and it has a counterattack ability; Thunder Wave, that can make enemies slow down while allies can take advantage and attack them in the meantime.

Tier 3: The Sparking Sparks

If you are a casual player and do not have much skills to use high-tier pals. This is where you can count on it. Although they are not so effective in attacks, still these pals can make a difference for you. Sometimes, the weakest one can become the saviour of the empire.

  1. Jolthog:

Jolthog is an early-game pal and has basic electric-type moves. If you are a beginner, this Jolthog pal is your saviour of the day. It might have weak tactics but it is in balanced form.

  1. Sparkit:

Sparkit is no less than a mascot. It lacks in attacking or defence tactics but it is undeniably cute. With a very furious face style but it is a fun companion for beginners. It is a very serious fighter and does not give up till the end.


Remember, these all ranked pals are based on factors such as stats, moves and abilities. The best Electric Pals can vary concerning your skills and preference of fighting style. Try different pals and use them according to your play style.

Then choose wisely which suits you the most and that is how you can find Best Electric Pals in Palworld. Palworld is all about befriending new pals and collecting the rare ones so one day they can be with you in hard times.

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Palworld: Best Electric Pals, Ranked
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