“One whole”: how the series ended

“One whole”: how the series ended

On March 8, the 4-episode Russian melodrama “ One Whole ” started on Domashny . According to the plot of the project, the well-being of Svetlana and Anton was destroyed by the news that the son was not her husband’s own. The terrifying truth shocked the mother, who turned out to be faithful to her chosen one. The family broke up, and the woman and child decided to move.

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Brief story

Tour guide Svetlana Zhukova ( Ksenia Romenkova ) has been trying to treat idiopathic infertility for more than 10 years. Two IVF attempts were unsuccessful. Husband Anton (Alexander Makarshin) is unhappy that there is no heir in the family. However, the couple still managed to become parents.

Still from the series “One Whole.” Photo: ” Kino-Theater

After 13 years of marriage, the couple celebrated a lace wedding. Anton’s boss Zhanna ( Karina Mishulina ) appointed Zhukov as her deputy. Family well-being was shaken after son Denis (Korney Yaroslavtsev) accidentally fell. The boy required a blood transfusion. The father was not suitable as a donor, but Anton found out from the doctors that his son was not his own. The husband suspected his wife of infidelity. Zhukov threatened divorce and found solace in the arms of Zhanna.

How did the series “One Whole” end?

Each hero turned out to be a victim of a secret that was once hidden by the midwife who delivered Svetlana.

Episode 1

Svetlana came to her husband’s work to clarify the situation. But in the end I found Anton with someone else. The mother’s friend Aunt Lida told Svetlana the truth that her baby had died. And in order not to injure the woman, the midwife switched the children’s places, giving the abandoned boy to the Zhukov family.

The main character talked to her husband, but Anton turned out to be adamant and did not believe the story that his wife told. The man drove Svetlana and the child out of the apartment.

In the finale of this storyline, the series “One Whole” ended with Svetlana being robbed in Moscow. The woman and her child turned to father Igor Shuvalov (Yuri Korenev) for help.

Episode 2

The parent received his daughter and grandson in his apartment. However, Igor’s friend Yana ( Ekaterina Vulichenko ) is concerned about the appearance of the “old brat’s” relatives. The woman wanted to marry Shuvalov and in the future take over the living space. Therefore, Igor’s mistress made efforts to ensure that her daughter and child did not stay long in her father’s apartment.

Svetlana got a job as a cleaner in a store, where she met Kirill ( Sergei Mukhin ). The administrator framed the woman. The main character was again left without work. Lost in thought, Svetlana went into a coffee shop, where she got into conversation with the owner Margarita ( Vera Novikova ).

Still from the series “One Whole.” Photo: ” Kino-Theater

In the conversation it turned out that Svetlana was an excellent coffee cook. Margarita invited a new barista friend to the establishment. The women decided to run an advertisement. With a new employee, Margarita’s business went uphill. The owner of the coffee shop invited the main character to become a business partner.

After a scandal with her father, provoked by Yana, Svetlana and her child were left homeless. Kirill offered to live in his rented apartment.

Later, Sveta’s father found out the truth. The man kicked out his mistress. Igor came to his daughter’s work to apologize. The parent also allowed the heiress and grandson to register on the square meters.

At the end of the episode, someone made a mess in the coffee shop. And Sveta lost the keys to the establishment.

Episode 3

Thanks to Kirill, who was jogging at night, the police discovered the criminal. As it turned out, Yana staged a pogrom in Margarita and Svetlana’s coffee shop. The police department also learned that Kirill had a criminal record for fraud. The man said that his business friend Romanovsky set him up.

After a confidential conversation, Kirill volunteered to help the women with renovations in the cafe. Margarita decided to take out a loan, but she was refused. Another reason for the main character’s worries was her father’s stroke. The illness helped bring relatives closer together.

Meanwhile, Kirill turned to his former partner Romanovsky for his own share in the company. However, it was not possible to return the money in an amicable way.

But in the relationship between Anton and Zhanna, not everything turned out to be smooth. The man wanted a child, but the businesswoman refused to have children and said that after five years the heir would be carried by a surrogate mother. In addition, the new passion was overly keen on cleaning karma, aura and esoteric practices.

To help his daughter restore the cafe, the father gave a concert in the park and was left without work in the restaurant. As a result, Igor Shuvalov agreed to come to the coffee shop several times a week and organize musical evenings. In the finale of the series, a romantic date was planned between the father of the main character and Margarita.

This episode of the series “One Whole” ended with Anton and Svetlana meeting in divorce court. The ex offered not to divorce on the condition that his wife take a DNA test. Zhukova was offended by Anton’s mistrust. The woman decided to build a new relationship with Kirill.

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Episode 4

At the beginning of the series, it became clear that the main characters would be together. Rapprochement cannot be avoided. Svetlana brought Denis to Kirill’s work and noticed a woman she knew, but did not remember where she saw this person.

A midwife came to Svetlana and told her about the visit of Denis’s own father. Lida did not hide the truth about her son. It turned out that the boy’s biological parent was Kirill.

A conversation took place between the main characters. Kirill said that his fiancée Olga was left alone when he was arrested. But the ex admitted that her son died. The father was persistent and decided to talk to the midwife. So Kirill reached Lida and found out the truth.

Still from the series “One Whole.” Photo: ” Kino-Theater

Kirill also shared that he suggested that Olga copy files from Romanovsky’s computer and find evidence against his former business partner, and then once again ask for her own share of the business back. Money was needed to provide the heir with a decent life. In the end, the woman agreed to help.

However, Svetlana and Kirill failed to reach an agreement. The adoptive mother stated that she would not give up the child. Igor wanted to buy another home in order to take his loved ones away from his grandson’s biological father. For the sake of his family, Shuvalov sold his guitar to provide his heirs with everything they needed.

Kirill tried to talk to Svetlana, but the frightened mother was adamant. Romanovsky came to Zhukova and decided to kill Kirill. The former partner suggested that the main character call Denis’s father to the indicated place, where an accident would happen to Kirill. Romanovsky also threatened that his son would suffer if he refused.

The daughter turned to her father for help, who advised him to warn Kirill. As a result, Romanovsky was detained.

The series “One Whole” ended with Kirill leaving his son to his mother. Svetlana allowed Denis’s biological father to see the heir. In the end, Svetlana made peace with Kirill.

In the finale, Anton stayed with Zhanna, who planned to go to Bali. The woman sold the company, and Zhukov lost his job. Margarita and Igor went on vacation to a sanatorium. The couple decided to get married.

Did you know that…

  • Filming of the project started in August 2023.
  • For actor Sergei Mukhin, the plot of the project is a story about the challenges that fate has thrown.
  • Ksenia Romenkova described the main character as a gentle and vulnerable woman who quickly pulled herself together and learned to be brave here and now.
  • After it became known how the series “One Whole” ended, fans of Russian melodramas were outraged by the hackneyed plot. Meanwhile, the audience was pleased with the acting performances of the leading roles.



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