Oksana Samoilova showed what they did in a beauty salon

Oksana Samoilova

“Horror for mommy hearts”: Oksana Samoilova showed what they did in a beauty salon with her daughters

Oksana Samoilova allows her daughters a lot. The famous blogger often demonstrates her ideal life online: a loving husband, obedient children, a big house, cars for several million and numerous trips. Oksana loves to share moments from her personal life and even talks about the methods of raising children.

And the latter causes the most negativity on the network. The fact is that Samoilova allows her daughters to do almost everything: dress up in “adult” images and even do beauty procedures ( read also: Oksana Samoilova dressed her 6-year-old daughter in an “adult” dress – fans sharply condemned the star ).

The blogger recorded a short video in which she showed six-year-old Maya in a white crop top, palazzo trousers and a straw bag. Oksana decided to share where she and her sister, nine-year-old Leah, will go with the star mother.

“Today, the curses of the Yazhmothers await me. Horror for mother’s hearts. But I promised my children a year ago: if they finish school well, we will do it. There is no way to go further. They remind me every day. Therefore, let’s go, ”explained Oksana. 

A couple of hours later, a new video appeared on the network, and on it the children of Samoilova appeared after the transformation at the hairdresser. It turned out that the girls had grown colored strands. Lee is red, and Maye is pink ( read also: Parents are horrified: Oksana Samoilova showed what her 9-year-old daughter was going for her birthday ).

“We have grown hair for children! I really like it, very beautiful! Of course, I resisted, but then I thought – we’ll scold me for a month and take it off. But happiness will be full of pants, ”said Oksana.

This situation caused a mixed reaction on the network. Some agreed with Oksana, but there were also those who expressed dissatisfaction with the attitude of the star mother. Many felt that the girls were too small for such procedures.

“I don’t understand what kind of building up at their age can be? They are too small for this”, “Children still have thin hair, strands can break them off now”, “Now it allows you to build up, and then what?” – asked the followers of the star.
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