More than 10 years together: the love story of actor Viktor Dobronravov

More than 10 years together: the love story of actor Viktor Dobronravov

Viktor Dobronravov is the son of Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov , who is considered one of the country’s favorite performers. At one time, my father created a strong family by marrying a girl, Irina, a kindergarten teacher, whom he had known since childhood. The eldest son followed his example and also chose his school love as his wife and was right. The artist is confident that his personal life is a success.

Who is she, the wife of Viktor Dobronravov, their love story and family life.



Victor admitted that, despite the public nature of his profession, he always felt awkward communicating with girls. Therefore, in choosing a life partner, he was guided by the example of his parents. I met Alexandra Torgushnikova at school. The girl was 4 years younger than her friend. It all started with friendship, and then romantic feelings captured the teenagers.

But the graduates did not rush things. Both decided to make their dream of a profession come true. Victor went to enter the Shchukin School, Sasha became a student at the Humanitarian Institute of Theater and Cinema. The girl also chose a creative profession. She became a photographer and cameraman. Over time, heartfelt affection manifested itself with greater force, and the age difference began to be felt less than in childhood. An affair began between the young people.

Family life


The couple decided to get married in 2010. They got married on March 23. And already in December the couple had their first daughter, Varvara. In May 2016, Vasilisa was born.

Today Alexandra works in the same theater as her husband. She does video and photography. The artist believes that their family relationship developed thanks to many years of friendship. Viktor Dobronravov’s wife is a real support for him and the closest person. He is grateful to her that she never reproaches him for failures that happen at work.

So, in 2014, when the exchange rate collapsed, there was a lull in cinema, and the actor stopped acting. They saved performances at the Theater. Evgenia Vakhtangova . But the artist only had enough money for the most necessary needs: paying for utilities, gasoline, communications, and nanny services. Viktor Dobronravov’s wife supported her husband at that time; she did not put pressure on him and did not demand to reconsider his attitude towards the profession. The family coped with the difficulties that arose. The period of calm passed, and Victor again became in demand on television.

Dobronravov believes that family is the basis of everything; his children absorb the relationships of parents like a sponge. It is important for girls to see their mom and dad happy and loving. In the future, this will help them assert themselves in life and, in turn, build a strong family.

Victor’s parents also help with raising the girls. But Fyodor Dobronravov believes that he should only spoil his granddaughters. The artist lavishes them with toys and candies, which displeases his son and daughter-in-law. But Varvara and Vasilisa are crazy about their grandfather and have already become accustomed to the idea that he is famous throughout the country.

Viktor Dobronravov’s wife helps with family matters. She became a photographer to photograph the father and son when they both grew beards. Now the house of Dobronravov Jr. is full. He lives with his family in his own apartment in Moscow. The couple has a car and a dacha. But the artist tries to raise his daughters with the feeling that money is not easy to come by. Both are growing up as creative personalities. They sing, dance and skate.

Victor loves to travel with his family, but every time he returns home with a feeling of joy. He is comfortable living in his native country, and he has already passed the age when the American dream beckoned into the distance. In his plans, Dobronravov Jr. always relies on the words of his mother: “ Son, you can do better .” The artist learned to set goals and achieve them. And Viktor Dobronravov’s wife remains his reliable support.

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