Missiles | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Missiles | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

Missiles | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough

As you investigate Makarov’s intentions, the team learns that the stolen missiles were delivered via a launch pad in a bunker. The perfect opportunity to go there and try to derail the plan of the sinister antagonist of this Call of Duty Modern Warfare III .

Newly arrived in the countryside near the Atomgrad bunker of Urzikstan, consider different possibilities. First, use your scout drone to identify potential targets. Your primary objective being to find a guard with a red beret to steal his access card , pass your drone over the area to locate the entry point as well as three points of interest where our man could be. Don’t forget to use your drone to establish your enemies’ positions frequently.

Find the access card

Here are your options:

  • Enter through the eastern part of the main entrance, very close to the three points of interest but perhaps also more risky
  • Enter through the western part, more open but quieter, with only half a dozen scattered guards and more tall grass to hide (crouch).

If you choose the second option, progress along the path by ducking as soon as possible and reach an opening in the surrounding wall, in the leftmost area of ​​the complex. On the road, eliminate two pairs of enemies and yet another pair at the entrance to the compound when they separate for their rounds. A little further to your right, find two more men to kill before reaching the main road of the complex. Cross to the other side of the main entrance without being seen, kill the enemy stationed behind the building of interest and search the buildings for materials.

But the one that interests us is of course the furthest one, the most northeast of the complex, with a flag on its metal door. In it is a man in a red beret: he’s your man. You can eliminate him discreetly if you enter through the side door on the right side. Once on the ground, steal his access card and take shelter in the grass on the side of this building. From this point of view, you will be able to try to eliminate as many enemies as possible, knowing that a frontal attack can also be considered.

Once you are calmer, reach the entrance to the bunker located approximately in the center of the complex. Using the access card, you enter and descend the first tunnels with only a few enemies. To reach an area where you cannot progress, face soldiers in a closed room. This is Farah’s moment to help you, as she kills them and opens the door for you.

Equip yourself with what you find and break down the door on the right. Watch out for the first enemy just on the left who won’t miss you when entering. Work your way through the room, making sure to check every corner before moving forward, with Konni’s men hiding in the recesses for a total of just under 10 enemies here. Follow Farah and break down another door. Kill the enemies in the next room while watching out for snipers, then go up the stairs and take out the targets in the next rooms until you can let Farah open the next door.

Prevent the missile from taking off

Join the silo and when Farah invites you, help her try to control the missile, in vain. When she opens the next door, a 3 minute timer goes off. Kill 3 enemies behind then two others near the vehicle further away. Move forward in the corridor, kill two enemies on either side of the truck at the bottom then attack the armored man who comes rushing from the left with explosives and especially aim for the head. Then follow the corridor on the left until you return to the surface.

You are reaching your goal. In this area, around ten enemies must be eliminated, including a heavy target. As quickly as possible, put everyone on the ground and climb the stairs of the central building in front of you to enter a room where two other enemies are waiting for you. Finally, pull the lever (no enemy close to you is required) and follow the cutscene ending the mission.

The next mission will place you in the shoes of Laswell for an Infiltration mission . To know everything about Call of Duty Modern Warfare III , don’t forget that we have prepared a complete guide for you which centralizes everything you need to know about the game.


Missiles | Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Walkthrough
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