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Lord Of The Rings of Power will feature scenes of nudity and violence

Lord Of The Rings of Power will feature scenes of nudity and violence

Lord Of The Rings: In an interview with Vanity Fair, showrunner Patrick McKay commented that The Rings of Power – the Amazon Prime Video series derived from The Lord of the Rings – will have scenes of nudity and violence. Although the attraction based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories is aimed at a young audience (with a PG-13 rating), he commented that the production felt the need to insert more adult content into the streaming adaptation.

“[The goal] is to put on a show for everyone, even if pre-teens have to cover their eyes at certain times. This tone is present in the source material and is sometimes too scary or intense for some age groups. Although the title brings more political themes, it will also be moving and optimistic. It’s about friendship and brotherhood, with downtrodden beings overcoming the darkness,” he highlighted. Rings of Power

Several details of the project, such as plot, characters, and contents, are still kept under wraps. During the recordings, some leaks pointed out by the website TheOneRing.net indicated that the series could contain sex scenes, due to the hiring of an intimacy coordinator – a professional responsible for establishing protocols for actresses and actors to feel safe and comfortable in recording scenes. that involve nudity.Rings of Power

However, the outlet stated that such a role was required to film nude sequences, not sex. “The nudity is punctual and not sexualized, contrary to previous concerns. This artistic choice is intended to adapt the material, and should be used to depict the transformation of elves into orcs.” Rings of Power

The site also highlighted that if this rumor is true, the scenes have the potential to become the darkest and most ambitious of all adaptations of Tolkien’s work.

The Rings of Power recently gained its first official image. The title will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on September 2nd.


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Lord Of The Rings of Power will feature scenes of nudity and violence
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