“Kurt Seit and Alexandra”: how the Turkish series ended

“Kurt Seit and Alexandra”: how the Turkish series ended

The premiere of the Turkish series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra” took place in Turkey in March 2014. The melodrama told the audience about lovers who, despite the strength of their feelings, failed to unite their destinies. The drama of love is intertwined in the plot with a series of epoch-making historical events that changed the world forever.


How the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra” ended and a brief description of the 21st episode of the project is in the material Attiremag .

Brief story

The love story of two young people from wealthy families – Crimean Turk Kurt Seit ( Kıvanç Tatlıtug ) and Alexandra Verzhenskaya (Fara Zeynep Abdullah) – has become a real drama. The circumstances of the life of the main characters were such that they both had to survive the collapse of the empire, the war in Turkey, and emigration across the ocean. Despite the fact that the lovers were determined to create a full-fledged family, they failed to do this.

How the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra” ended

Between the young heirs of noble families, love arises at first sight. At the time of meeting Kurt Seit, Shura was only 16 years old. There was an age difference between the lovers, but they did not feel it. Their families learn about their children’s feelings. But Kurt has to go to war. He goes missing. Peter ( Birkan Sokullu ), Alexandra’s friend, informs her that her lover has died.

Still from the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra”. Photo: Kino-Theater

Shura experiences a nervous shock and falls ill. The illness is severe. At this moment, the girl suffers another blow – the death of her father. Peter dreams of marriage with Shura, but she is unable to promise him anything. Dzhelil (Uskhan Chakir), a friend of her chosen one, finds the wounded Kurt being treated and informs the girl about this.

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Alexandra meets her lover and this time decides to stay with him. Together the lovers went to Alushta. Seit’s father forbids him to appear at home with Shura. He wants to see a Muslim woman next to his heir. The lovers remain in the house with Tatyana (Eva Dedova) and Dzhelil.

There is unrest on the peninsula, there is a shootout. Each hero understands that his life can end at any moment. Tatyana gets sick. Together with Shura, she is sent to the mill, where it is more peaceful than in the Eminovs’ summer house. Seit’s estate is attacked by the rebels. Together with his brothers, he defends the house, but during a shootout the young man’s parents die. Osman (Barış Alpaykut), Kurt’s younger brother, learns that Peter has betrayed them. A squabble arises between them. The traitor shot the young man.

Still from the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra”. Photo: Kino-Theater

Seit takes Alexandra to Turkey. Young people arrive in Istanbul by boat. Shura finds out that her sister lives here, and her aunt is in the UK. Seit begins to smuggle weapons. He establishes contacts with the Turks. Alexandra does not want her loved one to be involved in illegal activities. She’s worried about him.

But after the girl sees Seit leaving the baroness’s house, she begins to be jealous of him. The characters sort things out. At the same time, Jelil is arrested at the hotel. He is being prepared for deportation to Russia. Kurt invites Shura to get married, she agrees. The main characters understand that they will be together all their lives, because the strength of their feelings is enormous.

But the wedding was disrupted due to Seit’s arrest. He is handcuffed and is also going to be sent back to his homeland. There he will face a death sentence. Alexandra finds her family and moves to another place. The girl starts working in a pharmacy and participates in charity. She finds sister Tina (Seda Güven). The episode of the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra” ended with the main character escaping from captivity.

Peter comes to Alexandra, he meets Seit and does not give him the opportunity to meet his beloved. The aunt lies to Kurt that her niece is already married to someone else. The Crimean Turk has a breakdown. He stays overnight with a strange woman. Alexandra finds out about this. The girl leaves her aunt’s house. An insurmountable rift appears between her and her beloved.


Peter and Seit quarrel. Kurt remains in Istanbul, here he buys a laundry. Peter plans to kill his former friend. Ahmet (Tolga Savaci) is arrested at the mosque, taken away and his family is not informed of his fate.

Kurt decides to break up with Alexandra. He wants to do this because he is afraid for her fate. The girl next to him is in danger. They meet for the last time. The episode of the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra” ended with the killer sent by Peter shooting at the couple and hitting Shura.

Captain Billy (Jem Bender) forces Peter to work for him. Seit and Alexandra meet a girl, Murvet ( Fahriye Evcen ), whose parents emigrated to Turkey from Bulgaria. She falls in love with Kurt. Watching the couple, the girl becomes jealous of the man.

At the request of Seit, Jelil participates in the transportation of weapons to Anatolia. Peter appears more and more often next to Alexandra. The couple communicates a lot. Kurt decides to marry Murvet, but her mother refuses him.

The son of a Parisian perfumer appears near Alexandra. They spend evenings together. Peter is infatuated with Alina ( Demet Ozdemir ). They spend the night together. Seit wins Murvet’s hand.

Shura appears at Seit’s wedding. But the man is adamant, the ritual is performed. Kurt and his wife stay at home with their mother. Soon the man goes to a military camp to work as an instructor.

Still from the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra”. Photo: Kino-Theater

As a result, Seit learns about the upcoming wedding of Peter and Alexandra. He’s furious. Alina blackmails Peter with their connection and plans to tell Shura everything. Kurt fights with Peter. Murvet finds out about this and is consumed by jealousy.

Alina kills capital Billy, who threatened Peter. The British military finds out about this and is looking for the girl. Kurt hides her and Dzhelil, who is still not feeling well due to his wounds. Shura and Peter get married.

Alexandra and Seit broke up forever. Murvet fears that Kurt will go after his beloved. But he stays with his wife. In the finale, Alina is captured by the British. At the end, Shura leaves Turkey.

Did you know that…

  • The plot of the film is borrowed from the novel of the same name by Nermin Bezmen. The writer dedicated her book to her grandfather Seit Eminov. He came from a wealthy Crimean family and made a military career. The man died before the birth of her granddaughter, but she knew about him from family legends.
  • Nermin, while searching for information for the work, managed to find witnesses to the events that took place. She dated Baroness Valentina Klodt von Jürgensburg, Alexandra’s sister.
  • Turkish and Russian filmmakers worked on the series. The main character was supposed to be played by Danila Kozlovsky , but due to busy schedules he was unable to take part in the filming.
  • The film was shot not only in Turkey, but also in St. Petersburg and Alushta. Unaccustomed to Russian frosts, Turkish artists performed winter scenes using thermal underwear under their costumes.
  • The ball scene, which took place in the Marble Palace, involved a crowd of 300 people and a real orchestra. Classical dance teachers worked with the artists.
  • Filming of the series “Kurt Seit and Alexandra” ended at the beginning of 2014.



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