“Koteyka”: how the first and second seasons of the series ended

“Koteyka”: how the first and second seasons of the series ended

The Russian melodrama with a detective plot “Koteyka” has become the kindest project on Russian television in 2021. The audience loved the film so much that the creators decided to continue filming and release the 2nd season.

How the series “Koteyka” ended and a brief description of the 8 episodes of the film is in the material of attiremag.

Brief story

Veterinarian Katerina Blagova ( Maria Mashkova ) skillfully diagnoses animals, saving them from death. But sometimes the ailments of four-legged friends help solve crimes that are committed against their owners.

A still from the TV series “Koteyka”. Photo: Mail.ru

In this case, the main character is helped by Major Igor Gorshkov ( Dmitry Miller ), whom she met through the first case. Together they helped an elderly lady whose tenant was trying to poison her. And in other episodes, the main characters managed to investigate the case of the scientist Pishchukhin (Boris Estrin), who died too unexpectedly. The characters managed to make a bet, in the end of which both would have a romantic date.

How did the 1st season of the series “Koteyka” end?

Gorshkov and Katerina are investigating a series of murders in the park. Katya assumes that this is done by a person who has a dog. He is afraid of blood, so he strangles his victims. Blogger Vasya ( Konstantin Shelyagin ), who lives with Arina Vladilenovna ( Valentina Neymorovets ), released an incriminating video against the veterinarian, thereby angering the owner. The old lady is going to kick him out of the house. The filming of an episode of the series “Koteyka” ends with the blogger wanting to apologize to Katerina.

Gorshkov detains the suspect, who turns out to be a thief. He sometimes attacked people for the purpose of robbery. The guy talks about how one girl was protected by a man with a dog. The detective finds Ivanov (Vladislav Dunaev). At home they find his mother tied up (Tatyana Makrushina), who does not know where her son is now. Before leaving the house, he told her everything.

In the park, Ivanov attacks Katerina. But blogger Vasya helps her. The criminal breaks his nose in the struggle and loses consciousness from the sight of blood. The veterinarian considers this symptom to be confirmation of Ivanov’s guilt. The man cannot stand the sight of blood, so he chose strangulation as his method. He is detained and confessed after Katya threatens to euthanize his dog. As a result, Arina Vladilenovna makes peace with Vasya and leaves him to live with her.

How did the 2nd season of the series “Koteyka” end?

Another crime occurred in the city area where Katya Blagova’s ( Anna Taratorkina ) veterinary clinic is located. For unknown reasons, Professor Pishchukhin died suddenly. But the investigation believes that this happened because of the scientist’s hobby. In his apartment he kept a terrarium with poisonous frogs. Major Gorshkov believes that the tragic event occurred due to a careless accident, but Katerina is sure that he was killed. Everyone insists on their own version. The filming of an episode of the series “Koteyka” ends with the characters making a bet on a date.

A still from the TV series “Koteyka”. Photo: Mail.ru

During the investigation, detectives find Grisha (Grigory Volkov). Pretending to be a master, he came to an elderly woman’s apartment to take photographs of other windows from her. Agapova’s husband Anatoly ( Vadim Kolganov ) is there , cheating on his wife with his mistress. The wife wants to obtain evidence of the other half’s infidelity. This will give her a chance to sue for property during a divorce.

The investigation has the opportunity to summon Agapov to the police station. In the finale, he is informed that Askarov (Yuri Skulyabin) recognized him, and he is exposed. In the end, Gorshkov and Katerina remain together.

Did you know that…

  • The series “Koteyka” was first shown in February 2021. In the 1st season, the main character was played by Maria Mashkova, and in the second – Anna Taratorkina.
  • Dmitry Miller described his character as a positive hero who has a sense of humor.
  • Work on the project was carried out in Ufa, the capital of Bashkiria. Filmmakers spent a long time looking for a suitable apartment in a “professorial” style for filming. We had to publish an announcement in the local media to get the townspeople to get involved.
  • It was difficult to work on the city streets, as repairs and noise on the roads interfered.
  • The film was produced by Energy Film LLC.
  • Filming of the 1st season of the series “Koteyka” ended in 2020.


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