Keti Topuria confirmed her third pregnancy

Keti Topuria confirmed her third pregnancy

Keti Topuria , lead singer of the A-Studio group , fueled rumors about her third pregnancy, reports . The 37-year-old singer appeared in public in a tight-fitting blue dress, complemented by a jacket in the same shade. Particular attention was drawn to the celebrity’s rounded belly, which was symbolically covered by the skirts of the jacket.

At the beginning of February, information appeared that Topuria was expecting her third child . Close couples told the press that Topuria and Dengov had long been planning a new addition to the family. The star’s pregnancy proceeds without complications, and the singer is already thinking about going on maternity leave. Katie continues her active creative work, but avoids participating in major concerts and events, planning to focus on her family and upcoming addition.

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Topuria married Lev Dengov in 2020, and a year later the couple had a son, Adam. The singer also has a daughter, Olivia, from her first marriage. Katie said that her daughter was initially skeptical of her stepfather, but over time Lev was able to win the girl’s trust.



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