Initiatives for psychological and emotional support are very important for elderly people. Elderly people who are left without relatives and friends require special care and support. As part of a charity event from March 8 to March 15, at Vasilchuki Chaihona No. 1 restaurants, you can order the Pavlova dessert with delicate mascarpone, fresh berries, and mango sauce, and 20% of the proceeds from the sale of each dessert will be sent to the program’s charity fund “Not alone at home”, which provides assistance to grandparents who live in boarding schools and boarding houses. All funds raised will go to the treatment, support, and life support of the elderly. INITIATIVES FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT


Support for women diagnosed with breast cancer: special project Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

As part of the campaign dedicated to International Women’s Day, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is organizing a special project together with the Dalshe Charitable Foundation. Every year, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha conducts charitable projects with the involvement of various partners in order to direct attention to helping foundations. In March, visitors to the shopping center Outlet Village Belaya Dacha will receive gift souvenirs — scented candles with an unusual design in individual packaging and a manual on breast cancer prevention. To receive a unique gift, you need to make a donation, and all the funds raised will be transferred to the “Further” fund for programs to support women diagnosed with breast cancer. INITIATIVES FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT

“Give a voice to the forest”: a competition for scoring the works of classics

The World Wildlife Fund and LitRes have launched the Give a Voice to the Forest competition for the best voice acting of classic short stories with descriptions of nature. The purpose of the competition is to give both professional and novice readers the opportunity to showcase their talent and draw public attention to environmental issues. As part of the project, each participant will offer their own interpretation of the voice acting of the works. And the winners, announced in April, will be able to record texts for the project of the Vlesukhorosho.rf Foundation and help raise funds for the conservation of Russia’s primeval forests. Applications for the competition are accepted from January 25 to March 21, 2023 – one author can voice one work from the list.

“Friendship is supported”: charity campaign of the “Best Friends” Foundation

The Best Friends Charitable Foundation launches the Friendship is Support campaign, which aims to draw public attention to the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as to involve new volunteers and participants in their programs. Through the campaign, more people connect and make friends. “These are just people who need help and a little more attention, sensitivity and human warmth. Only we ourselves form a society around ourselves, which means that what it will be depends on each of us, ”said Galina Smirnova, manager of the friendship program. 


For 25 years, the regional public organization of people with disabilities “Perspektiva” has been helping children and adults to reach their potential and realize themselves: get an education, find a job, become self-confident, go in for sports. The company also works with business representatives, schools, universities, and cultural institutions. Business professionals can share their experiences of hiring professionals with disabilities, conduct office accessibility audits, and help companies make a space or space comfortable for everyone. And employment programs allow companies to find new, talented and motivated employees. “The mission of our organization is to achieve the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of life, from education and employment to sports and cultural programs,” shared Denis Roza. INITIATIVES FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT

Learning to Help When Violence Happens

The Don’t Touch My Skin team supports the Sisters Center for Survivors of Sexualized Abuse. Together they created the DTMS X SISTERS brochure, which brings together tips and instructions for those who don’t want to be left out when violence is happening nearby. The specialists of the Sisters Center simply and clearly wrote how to help in such situations. Personal boundaries are the most important value that needs to be protected and strengthened. Absolutely all proceeds from the sales of the brochure will be transferred to the Sisters Center.

“SuperParents”: a social project of the “Gift to an Angel” charitable foundation

The Gift to an Angel Foundation calls for help not only from children but also from their parents, who often need psychological support. On the foundation’s website, you can get acquainted with the stories of SuperParents, find out how they cope and help parents of special children get psychological advice: make a donation or buy project merchandise. “Parents of special children know what it’s like to live in constant stress, anxiety, and lack of time. All these experiences and the constant struggle for the future are very exhausting. And if any parent is a hero, then the parent of a child with a disability is a Superhero!” says Evgenia Serikova, head of the Gift to an Angel foundation. 

Healing Art: Charity Coloring Books at Omelchenko Gallery

On March 23, Omelchenko Gallery will host a presentation of a charity coloring book created in collaboration with contemporary artists, including Alina Glazun, Alexander Zaitsev, Alexander Tito, Gleb Solntsev and many others. “Art in any of its forms often carries a humanitarian and spiritual mission! Art gives hope and encourages a reasonable person to think … ”- shared V. Askov, A. Voskresensky, sponsors of the project. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each copy will be donated to the Lifestyle Charitable Foundation and used to help children and adults with disabilities. The Lifestyle Foundation has been developing systematic charity in Russia for 13 years, helping people with disabilities and developing social and educational projects.  INITIATIVES FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT



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