How to unlock Aloalo Island in FFXIV

How to unlock Aloalo Island in FFXIV

How to unlock Aloalo Island in FFXIV

Aloalo Island is a dungeon variant in FFXIV, themed after the South Sea Islands. If you want to go on another dangerous island vacation, here’s how to unlock Aloalo Island.


Variant dungeons took us under the ruins of an extinct civilization in the remote mountainous area of ​​Hingashi, infested with evil spirits. Now it’s time to cross an area we haven’t been to before: the South Sea Islands and the horrors of uncontrolled growth.

Unlocking Aloalo Island – Requirements and Starting NPC

To unlock Aloalo Island, you need to complete 6.1 “The Satrap’s Duty.” You also need to unlock the dungeon options first. This can be done using the quest “Strange Work” from Osmon in Old Sharlayan (12, 13.4).


After all this, you need the Stranger from Paradise quest. The easiest way is from Etherite to Scholar’s Harbor and run to the Shallow Wasteland in front of the guild (12, 13.4). She will guide you on the right path.

Watch the video (or skip it, whichever you prefer. It’s up to you) and then Etherit to the “Great Work” in Tavnair. Go from Etherite along the right path, past the Scavenger. Talk to Pasasun at (10.4, 23.8). What follows is a long expositional title sequence. After this, teleport to Yedlihmad and run or fly along the dock. Go down to the right to the last pier and talk to Pasasun again at (24.5, 37.1). After your conversation with him, Aloalo Island will be officially unlocked.

Dungeon variants use their own duty search menu. Go to the Debt menu and select V&C Dungeon Finder. Select Matsia’s portrait and click “Register for Service”. Note that you can play dungeon variants solo, in a group, or randomly team up with others if you check “Enable Group Matching.” Complete the variant dungeon in any way convenient for you.

How to unlock Aloalo Island in FFXIV
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