How To Fix Starfield Unlock Command Not Working

How To Fix Starfield Unlock Command Not Working

How To Fix Starfield Unlock Command Not Working, Sometimes you get stuck in some gaming command. Therefore, the simplified guide gives you the answer to play and carry on with gaming without having to delete it from your device. If you are wondering how to fix the Starfield unlock command, this page gives you the answer.

After having a compatible device with updated drivers, make sure you have checked the settings. The Starfield unlock command is amazing in giving you access to the doors. So here is how you can get the aces if the unlock command is malfunctioning.

But first, let’s see why the unlock command fails to work seamlessly.

Why Unlock Command Is Not Working?

Sometimes the unlock command does not work. There can be many reasons such as your PC hanging and freezing.

However, apart from your PC the command may not work sometimes if you have selected the command console and choose the wrong item due to inaccuracy. Selecting the item in the game will prevent the command from working.

If there are different items in close proximity, the command would have difficulty in identifying the door.

Fix the Unlock Command in Starfield

You will see a few different options in the game if you carefully navigate. For instance, zooming in on the door, and checking for the latest updates are more.

So here I’m listing down the two most tested solutions that you should try to unlock the command in the Starfield.

1.       Zoom to read item ID

Firstly, zoom in to read the ID on the door to unlock it. To do this;

  • Open the command console in the game by pressing the Grave (`) key or the Tilde (~) key.
  • Now click on the door that you want to unlock in Starfield.
  • If it is not the right item ID, as in most cases, scroll the mouse a little till you select the item ID that reads “Door.”
  • Finally, type the ‘unlock’ command and press ‘Enter. The [Inaccessible] prompt will change immediately.

2.      Check for Updates

The next thing you should do is to check for any updates if they are pending. The updates in the game are highly important for its uninterrupted gameplay. Make sure to update the old files and remove bugs from the games. For updating follow these steps;

  • Log into Steam and go to Library > Download
  • Now if you see any update available, opt for it
  • If there is no update available, make sure to launch the game. It may rigger update in the game automatically
  • However, if nothing works, try to re-launch Stream and look for the Downloads tab

If Still Nothing Works

If you are still unable to get the game working for its Unlock command, post your problem with a screenshot (preferably) on Starfield forums. It should give you the latest and testified answer by the helpful gaming community.

This article has been included with the top methods to unlock the command. However, keep in mind that each update brings in new ways to keep the game simplified.

How To Fix Starfield Unlock Command Not Working
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