How to Find Food and Water in Ark Survival Evolved

How to Find Food and Water in Ark Survival Evolved

How to Find Food and Water in Ark Survival Evolved

It’s quite hard to survive in RTS competitive games. The realistic gameplay and the story give the player a tough challenge to make moves and use strategic skills to survive. Therefore, many gamers are questioning how to find food and water in Ark Survival Evolved.

In Ark Survival Evolve, the biggest challenge is to maintain energy and find food and water resources. And if you don’t wisely look for the food resources you might end up becoming a victim of someone else.

If you have been a fan of Ark Survival, you know how cruel and harsh the game environment has been showcased. If you are unable to cope with the situation, you will become history.

To help you play the game like a pro, I’ll share with you some clever tips on how you can find food and water in Ark Survival Evolved! Let’s begin.

How to Find Food and Water in Ark Survival Evolved- 3 Ways

1. Find Berries in Bushes

Eating fruits and berries is easy in real life as well as in games. You don’t have to hunt but have to have a keen sight.

You can find berries in the bushes anywhere. However, be very careful of finding the right berry for you to eat and survive. 

For example, Narcoberries and stimberries can be dangerous and can cause side effects if you consume them. 

If you eat Narcoberries, it will put you to sleep and drowsiness whereas if you eat Stimberry, it will dehydrate you! You will then need a lot of water to drink if you eat Stimberry,

In the game, each bush has a unique type of berries on it which means you have several different types of berries to consume. The abundance of berries on the bush will give you enough of it. But you need to be careful on consuming them due to their Certain Properties.

Since berries are small in size you will need to eat a lot of them to be full and energetic.

But that does not mean these berries are of no use. You can save Narcoberries and stimberries for dinosaurs when there is a need.

2. Prepare for Meat (Hunt)

In the ARK Survival Evolve game, you cannot just survive by eating berries and fruits. You will need energy and proteins from meat. Therefore you have to hunt. Craft multiple sharp spears so that you can hunt dinosaurs without getting hurt.

First of all, make sure you are careful and go slow. Hunt the small smaller dinosaurs. Since dinosaurs are larger animals you have to be quite wise to hunt them. Look for Dodo dinosaurs and run away if they fight back.

Ark Survival Evolved is a strategic game where you learn interesting survival instincts such as campfire, spear crafting etc.

You can also hunt small herbivores for food.

After hunting, cooking is also a part of eating the food in the game. Cook the meat using Thatch or Wood and use it as the flame.

3. Search for Water

Searching for water is the most crucial factor when you are looking for food. In the Ark Survival Evolved game you will find water quite easily in view of meat hunting and food. But, to search for water you have to walk more and search for the watery areas such as lakes and streams.

Once you reach the water spot, press the “Use button” on your controller or on your keyboard. By pressing, you will fill a water container/bucket so that you can drink afterwards.


How to Find Food and Water in Ark Survival Evolved
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